My short/simple thoughts on Tron:Legacy.

Tron is a great movie! Some scenes were fully epic, the Daft Punk fight scene especially. Michael Sheen is going to be considered one of the great actors of this era, Jeff Bridges already is, Olivia Wilde was great (she's so hot that she could have just stood in one place silently the whole time and I'd still say she was great), Beau Garrett was way hot in the Gem costume.

The effects were awesome, especially Bridges as Clu, if you did not know to look for it you would not be able to see the CGI. Daft punks music fit perfectly.

The story was an amalgam of other stories that was put together seamlessly and worked very well even for someone like myself who has never seen the original movie.

I did not understand some parts of the story like Zeuss and part of the ending, but the rest of the movie was so well done that these issues are probably my fault. Was Zeuss in the original?

I was kind of disappointed about there not being anything after the credits, there was certainly a small part of story left to tell. Maybe they want the possibility of a sequel to be more ambiguous, or maybe the things i thought were left to tell were related to the parts I did not understand.


The "immersion" movie experience was not worth the extra $7, maybe Cinemark's XD really isn't comparable to IMAX, but so far I have to say that I don't understand the draw.

Also, I am still not a fan of 3d, however I think that having to wear my prescription glasses may have something to do with this. There were parts in the beginning where I could see some depth that was kind of cool, but the audience was gasping in awe. Based on the little bit of extra dimension that I can see I do not think the sacrifice in color from the glasses is worth it, a movie like Tron looks like it would be much more enjoyable with the ability to see the contrast between the light and dark colors.
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ROMACK - 12/18/2010, 7:37 AM
Harrison@ I don't think it is your prescription glasses.... it is the lackluster 3D. I agree with most points of your review, but I do believe I am thru paying for 3D. I thought it woud really enhance this movie but alas....No. It made many scenes blurry and degraded the crisp CGI in my opinion.
As far as the movie was concerned Micheal Sheen gets the Runaway Performance award for this one. His over the top performance was awesome! My only problem with this movie was the almost total insignifigance of the TRON character. Oh sure you see his turn at the end which leaves an opening for a sequel but otherwise the movie should have been called FLYNN LEGACY.
I mean that is what it was all about. Handing the reigns of this franchise over to Garret Hedlund. Who, by the way, also did a great job along side of Jeff Bridges. The "You're kinda messin' with my whole 'Zen' thing here Sam." was awesome
HarrisonBergeron - 12/18/2010, 8:24 AM
Tron was what I wanted to see after the credits, I didn't understand what had to happen to Flynn for Clu to "die" or what that meant for the grid, i would have liked to have seen something with Tron and the post-Flynn/Clu Grid after the credits.

I thought it was odd that we never saw Tron's face, from what i gathered from the flashbacks everything to do with Clu was after the first movie, right? So, why did we only see Tron's face in the flashbacks?
ROMACK - 12/18/2010, 8:48 AM
I'll bet the writers don't even know what happened yet. That way they can make it up as they go along in a second movie. That could be really good for fans or really bad. I predict that the next installment MAY be as convoluted and hard to understand as the ending of Legacy.
HarrisonBergeron - 12/18/2010, 1:07 PM
My other issue is with Zuse. Why exactly did he turn out to be bad? What was the deal with him not trusting userS?

That seemed like it had to be a reference to the old movie or something from this movie, and as near as I can tell he was not in the old movie. Weren't the Flynn's the only users to have used the grid? Was this maybe setting up for more story to be told, like users we did not know about? I thought for sure Cillian Murphy would show up later in the movie, maybe we will find out in the sequel that he was aware of the Grid?
StrangerX - 12/20/2010, 6:34 AM
The 3D in TRON was def lacking. Was hoping for something much better than what it was. I was so hyped up for some great 3D action and really there wasn't much. In Fact movies like Saw 3D and Resident Evil Afterlife had better 3D effects. Besides that the story was decent. I actually wished TRON had a bigger part.
HarrisonBergeron - 12/21/2010, 10:08 PM
I think I am going to go see ti again in 2d. The rain is killing me, i could go for some more Tron brand excitement.
Timerider84 - 1/24/2011, 11:05 AM
I enjoyed it, it was good for a continuing story that is 28 years old. The reason you didn't see Tron, except in flashbacks was because of cost. They wanted to keep the cost down and gave Tron a full helmet instead. I'm up for a third film definitely, if it's a good story, not just because. There's a lot they can do with a 3rd film. Bring back Dillinger, the MCP can be Kevin Flynn, being controlled by Dillinger Jr. through the computer, his slave, if you will. Think Shakespeare here.

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