A New Double Dragon Fan Film Possibly Better Than The Scott Wolf Original?!

A New Double Dragon Fan Film Possibly Better Than The Scott Wolf Original?!

Ok, so we already know the track record of most (if not all) video game movies & 1994's Double Dragon led the charge in a steady onslaught of awesome games turned crappy movies. It seemed simple enough: create a basic martial arts revenge film, name a couple of dudes after the characters found in the game, and allow a handful of events similar to the game to unfold. Doesn't seem that hard at all, especially since the game was more reality based than most (other than the post-apocalyptic world thing). Hell, all that was left was to get two bad-ass martial artists and you've got Double Dragon!

Unfortunately for whatever reason, the film became overpopulated with horrible slap-stick, ridiculous wardrobe, unnecessary characters, one of the worst stories ever written, and if that wasn't enough, Scott Wolf cast as Billy Lee?!

Well as always (or most of the time), its up to the fans to rectify the problems with their favorite video game properties and this Double Dragon Fan Film does not disappoint. Although it's clear that this is a low-budget independent, these aspiring film makers go out of their way to depict the most accurate Double Dragon to date, but then again, that's my opinion. What's yours?
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