EDGE OF TOMORROW Director Doug Liman Discusses His Take On SPLINTER CELL

EDGE OF TOMORROW Director Doug Liman Discusses His Take On SPLINTER CELL

Tom Hardy (who will play Sam Fisher) recently revealed that he's unsure what's happening with Splinter Cell as it undergoes a rewrite, but Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman clears that up and hints that the lead character won't have his iconic Multi-Vision goggles...

Talking to IGN Movies, Doug Liman has revealed that his take on Splinter Cell will focus on a slightly younger Sam Fisher, and that he's planning on taking the character back to basics in the big screen adaptation of the video game franchise. As of right now, the Edge of Tomorrow director and star Tom Hardy are actually working together on developing the script. "I’m working on the script with Tom Hardy. I think we have a great take on how to make an awesome film out of that." We won't be picking up with the Sam Fisher seen in the current video games though, as it sounds as if this will be more of an origin story for the Tom Clancy creation. "Everything about Splinter Cell will be younger. It’s a chance to come up with a new franchise that is fresher and newer and younger, and Tom Hardy is such an incredible actor." However, this new take WILL include the iconic Multi-Vision goggles (pictured above), right? Well... "Some of the tropes of the game will for sure be in the film, but also the fun of that is when you lose them. To strip that stuff away and really make the character have to operate without it." What do you guys think of these comments? Splinter Cell is still expected to be released next year, while Edge of Tomorrow is out next week. You can read my Tom Cruise approved review by clicking here!
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QuestiontheAnswer - 6/1/2014, 5:33 AM
No goggles? Why Hollywood?
charlie2094 - 6/1/2014, 5:36 AM
Ubisoft themselves are working on it, so I trust them with whatever decisions they make. Think both this and Assassins' Creed will turn out well

Sure the Googles will be there, he didn't say they wouldn't, likely just won't have them for the entire film, be moments when he has to go without.
Fabius - 6/1/2014, 5:42 AM
Another videogames ...movie. ok doug is a good director. Tom is interesting actor.
This VGames is pretty entertaining .action. adventure. So they must be faithfull with this genre.
Pasto - 6/1/2014, 5:50 AM
So Splinter Cell is getting a film before Halo...

thanos83 - 6/1/2014, 5:54 AM
All this franchise really is ,is a metal gear rip off,id rather see sold snake on film before this
OpticBlastWins - 6/1/2014, 5:58 AM
Id prefer an older/more veteran sam but there is plenty of story here to make a franchise
Bl00dwerK - 6/1/2014, 6:03 AM
Makes sense to start at the beginning...
MexicanSexyman - 6/1/2014, 6:17 AM
@TheJournalist, Halo is trash anyways.
Enphlieuwince - 6/1/2014, 6:19 AM
George Clooney would've made a fantastic 'Sam Fisher'.
RetroFit - 6/1/2014, 6:30 AM
Hardy says he doesn't know what's going on and Liman says they're working together on the script. Sounds like development trouble to me.
grif - 6/1/2014, 6:48 AM
so all that shit about hardy retiring after making a few more movies was shit huh? no one cares about halo. that shits dead and buried. also. hey! jack ryan was a near flop. lets make it again and call it splinter cell!
d4c - 6/1/2014, 6:54 AM
The goggles are what make the franchise instantly recognisable. If you take them out its going to be another game to hollywood movie flop. At least it wont be as bad as "this is war"? I hope...
ALegendaryPanda - 6/1/2014, 7:03 AM
Halo is awesome, [frick] you guys lol. Anyways, I'm looking forward to this movie, Assassin's Creed and Warcraft. I like that we're FINALLY gonna get some quality video game movies, hopefully.
ComixBookGuy - 6/1/2014, 7:03 AM
Tom Cruise approves your butt-kissing review?! Wow what a shocker.
MrFridayNights - 6/1/2014, 7:04 AM
Uncharted deserves a movie
JoJo1982 - 6/1/2014, 7:10 AM
Doug Liam for X-Men Apocalypse
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 7:11 AM
I'm not sure they know what they are doing with this movie.

I get the origin take, but the origin shouldn't be something that should take the bulk of the movie. The thing that was so rich about Sam Fisher is the character your presented with, not the story behind who he is, cause honestly you can do the movie without going over the origin and it could be a big hit.

It is like exposition is too little to be used. Not even that, I wonder if Liman or Hardy or the producers themselves even played the game.
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 7:18 AM
Uncharted is a movie technically. Have you heard the developers talk about Uncharted? They treat it like it is the next summer blockbuster of movies.

Mass Effect would be tricky, reason I say tricky is that the game is built on choices when a game is made by choices, that means the movies are going to have to go neutral with Shepard, depending on what they do, some of the choices they make might not be the best choice.

Halo is another tricky one which is why Doom failed as well, how do you make a character who talks only 5 times, a likable action hero where everyone else has more dialogue? Halo 4 tries to give Master Chief more dialogue, but still?
DaVinci31 - 6/1/2014, 7:24 AM
With Edge of Tomorrow sitting at a nice 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, it's hard not to look forward to this.
Invictor - 6/1/2014, 7:24 AM

Sony always treats their exclusive games like films, but then, they could all be movies, and good ones at that. Take Heavy Rain and The Last of Us for example.
Facade - 6/1/2014, 7:26 AM
I've only played Blacklist but it was so good I'm excited by this, even though most video game movies blow.
d4c - 6/1/2014, 7:27 AM
The games are based on a seasoned veteran so any origin story should be limited to the first 10 minutes of the film or maybe even as flashbacks during the film.
csdot - 6/1/2014, 7:30 AM
It actually is entirely logical. A Halo film would have a substantially higher price tag, which is probably the main reason there hasn't been one yet.
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 7:32 AM
@Berserk- Avi Arad is behind the movies, so I have little to no hope.
Ineedrevelation - 6/1/2014, 7:53 AM
I have to agree with the comment above. Metal Gear certainly deserves a movie before this.

It could be a trilogy with Solid Snake in the 90's, Big Boss in the 60's to 70's and back Solid in the future with Cyber Raiden. That would be excellent.

Invictor - 6/1/2014, 7:55 AM

What?! He is? I so didn't know about that. That's some shit.
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 8:06 AM
@Berserk- Yes he is.

He is also producer on Metal Gear Solid, so like I said, do not get your hopes up. notice after that announcement with the director there is nothing going on since then....no news....no updates....nothing...

MatTaylorX - 6/1/2014, 8:24 AM
Edge of Tomorrow was great fun. I'm excited for this!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 6/1/2014, 8:36 AM
Still hate Hardy as Sam Fisher.
yonny616 - 6/1/2014, 8:38 AM
Ubisoft themsevles are working on this so I think it'll be fine.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 6/1/2014, 8:40 AM
Wtf? Did he just say no to the goggles? That is like Captain America having no shield. [frick] this.
antman8o8 - 6/1/2014, 8:57 AM
HOLLYWOOD. yet again [frick]ing up something that WE made happen. Goggles or no go.
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 9:13 AM
Guys, this is an origin story it is not going to be goofy and give us the goggles the first moment he starts to be shown on screen, it is going to show the steps he took to go to that level.

Meaning, he will have the goggles at some point towards the end of the second act or the middle of the second act.
thewolfx - 6/1/2014, 9:24 AM
Who gives a [frick] about poormans mgs

They should of been had a metal gear solid movie as snake is a wayyyyyyyyyyy n imean wayyy better character then fisher

thewolfx - 6/1/2014, 9:26 AM
If this guy made mgs he wouldnt give snake his headband cus hes a [foo foo]


Defend this bs all you wabt just know your playin for the losing team

Mgs > splintercell
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 9:30 AM
@thewolfx- Defend it? Lol. I'm being fair and not delusional or blind-sided.

I'm not defending Splinter Cell, I have a mixed feeling about it.

A MGS movie, would be complicated, I mean shit we have MGS games with 2 hours with just cutscenes before you can actually play and when you do it is only for 5 minutes.

Seriously, anyone who thinks a MGS movie is easy to make is delusional
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 10:11 AM

Yea good luck to any director who can condense all this info.
thewolfx - 6/1/2014, 10:12 AM

Yes mgs is very complicated but im sure if kojima partners up with a competent director they cut out all the fat and make a solid movie

See what i did there
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 10:18 AM

Yea sure, if you cut out all that fat, the movie will be confusing, since the fat is what makes that movie. This is why Kojima has lied throughout the years or probably DID have a movie to announce, but the initial producers knew it would be confusing for audiences to properly follow along. The above cutscenes prove that, it is very complicated once everything begins to make sense, since it is over 30 minutes of explaining everything so we won't get confused.

So again, how? How is it possible to make a MGS movie without disrespecting what came before? This is a tough movie to make, very, it is easier said then done.
MrSotoMan - 6/1/2014, 10:19 AM
My god, even the CODEC scenes are ridiculously long. CODEC SCENES!
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