EDITORIAL: Arkham City Secured and Ready for Lockdown! What's next?

EDITORIAL: Arkham City Secured and Ready for Lockdown! What's next?

The Dark Knight cheated death, saved the city and managed to stop Hugo Strange and The Joker,shutting down the super prison and even getting home in time for breakfast, but what can we expect from a 3rd Batman game by Rocksteady Studios?

Arkham City is no doubt the best and most complete Superhero game of all time, it was probably the best game of 2011(Skyrim fans might disagree) and it left a lot of doors wide open for a sequel, until then we will have the chance to play a new dlc: Harley's Revenge, a story driven expansion to an already wonderful game, but it's not likely this will influence the outcome of a sequel too much.

What would the game be called?
I have 3 options here: the first would be Batman - Gotham City, after Arkham Asylum was shut down they moved all the inmates to Arkham city and the logical explanation would be to expand the open world even more in Gotham and probably Bludhaven as it was mentioned countless times in the game. The second name will more likely have to do with the secret room, in Arkham Asylum there was a secret room in the warden's office with plans for Arkham City, in Arkham City we had Scarecrow's boat with the secret entrance and the password use to open it could make for a good title : Gotham - City of Terror. The 3rd and last name has to do with Azrael saying that Batman has opened the gates of hell and from "(Batman)The Ashes of Arkham" a much bigger threat will emerge, this name is very likely because developers should want to keep both "Batman" and "Arkham" in all their batgames to keep a sense of continuity.

New faces that we expect to see?

After 2 great games, and even seeing Bruce Wayne in action at the begining of the second, Rocksteady owes it to the fans to bring Alfred into the game, even if it's only at the begining, also after seeing Gordon in both games

his daughter would deserve at least a cameo for all her trouble. Justice League members could make cameos or be referenced.

How would events go down?
Arkahm Asylum gave us a pretty big sandbox to play around with, Arkham City gave us even more, so it is most likely that we will have a massive Open World , Rocksteady might make the city a little smaller due to attacks or earthquakes so that players won't have to deal with a GTA 4 size city, this will make the need of the Batmobile or Batpod more likely, but fans shouldn't expect the games' story or free roam to go for more than one day, this was RSs recipe of a good narrative and it's most likely they will keep it at a 8-10 hours story and reintroduce the side missions and riddles so that players could spend days in the game but it will still be the same night.

New villains that will make appearances:
Scarecrow is a candidate for the main villain after, the letter in the boat makes it clear he wants to make Gotham a city of terror with his fear toxin and we now he's alive after seeing his mask in Arkham City.
Killer Croc will most likely appear after his cameo in Arkham City
Red Hood - When playing the Joker's Carnival Challenge map with Robin, you can hear Joker say : "Robin? didn't I kill you already? oh well..." this makes an appearance from Jason Todd very likely.
Hush - we saw him leave Arkham City looking just like Bruce Wayne, so
Deathstroke - he was only present in Arkham City Lockdown for mobile phones, but as a fan favourite he would have his place in the game.

Who could return from the Arkham City villains?

Joker is not likely to return unless the devs find a really good way to reintroduce him,
Hugo Strange - well he is clearly dead, but he didn't go down without making Batman's life hard, Protocol 11 will no doubt serve a purpose in the sequel.
Mr. Freeze is grateful for Batman's help but could still appear, both as a villain and an ally.
Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy,Bane(probably as a main villain after the most likely succes of The Dark Knight Rises), Calendar Man, Black Mask (cameo and challenge map appearance), Harley Quinn, Ra's al Ghul, Mad Hatter, Riddler all have reasons to return and have their shot against the Bat.

Playable Characters?(with improved combat and new gadgets)
Batman - no mistery here
Catwoman - it was fun playing as her in Arkham City, it's very possible she could make a return, even if only for Challenge Maps.
Robin - players will finally play with him (except Riddler's Challenges of course) in the Harley Quinn dlc, and he could get more that a cameo in the next game.
Nightwing - as I mentioned earlier, Bludhaven is a possibility, so that could give Dick Grayson a purpose in a sequel.
Azrael? - this is also a good a guess as any, he followed Batman all over Arkham City, he is a match for Batman in a every way and could be a great addition to the franchise. More Characters could also finally make multiplayer a possibility.

The theme and atmosphere of the game:
While gliding trough Arkham City you could hear inmates saying al sorts of interesting things, for example "Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, what's next? all-out war in Gotham? maybe it's just a small hint, but when Azrael says that Batman has opened the Gates of Hell, it could be taken literally, because there is no other place to hold all the super villains, and this will mean chaos to Gotham City.

These are my toughts on what to expect from a 3rd installment of Rocksteady Studios star franchise, an expanded gaming experience with a great story, a wonderful incarnation of the popular superhero and countless hours of gameplay after the main story is completed.
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calin88 - 4/26/2012, 1:12 PM
Thank you for the comments,
@yossarian - I've felt the same way about Catwoman first time playing, but I've finished the game 6 or 7 times and I only got used to playing with her the 4th time around. feel the same about a Riddler, he could have been a greater challenge, and Joker was main villain for 2 games, maybe they would have wanted a change, still hope he would return somehow
gamecreatorjj - 4/26/2012, 1:55 PM
the only part i drisagree with is the characters, i doubt we will see any JLA members, maybe superman, maybe, if rocksteady wanted to make a superman: apacolypse or something

deathstroke as a fan favorite SHOULD have a role, not would

TDKR has nothing to do with this game, as it will be out around 2014-2016, bane will not be a main villain

just because jason was mentioned, by joker, in a DLC challenge map, doesn't mean he is even alive in this universe

and don't go with things you saw in the game, in AA we saw scarecrow, bane, and croc get titan, it was mentioned for scare crow, and was bane's mission, the real point is that secret room

in summary, the only real speculation on my part, is that riddler will have a much bigger part, and scarecrow will be the main villain, and if we get a big cameo it will be from superman or clayface
SmellofDuty - 4/26/2012, 2:06 PM
@Gamecreatorjj You said "The only part I disagree with is" and went on to name five things.
@Calin88 Good write up! I'll probably be happy with anything Rocksteady puts out man! Btw did they ever debunk the Ninja Turtles game?
calin88 - 4/26/2012, 2:26 PM
@gamecreatorjj Forgot to mention Clayface, he fell into the Lazarus pit and that means he will have a role, little or big, after I've finished the game I hoped Clayface would become The Joker, considering it was his last "role" before falling into a pool of chemicals, but that might be too much.
@SmellofDuty last I heard TMNT was supposed to be their next game, but I hope they focus on bringing Batman back sooner, I don;t expect a game every year like Assassin's Creed, but one every two years like Uncharted is more likely, so with AA in 2009 and AC in 2011 I expect the 3rd one in late 2013, I hope they don't take so long as 2014-2016 like gamecreatorjj said
EdgyOutsider - 4/26/2012, 3:35 PM
Apparently no one remembers that Ra's al Ghul died in Arkham City just seconds after Hugo Strange.I personally think that they should end the Arkham games with Arkham Asylum.
calin88 - 4/26/2012, 4:19 PM
Ra's did day.He's body falls right into that sharp object above an entrance, but when you return after you defeat Joker he's body is gone, most likely taken by the League of Assassins to wake him up at some point with the Lazarus pit
Tajin88 - 4/26/2012, 4:41 PM
Was this Game good? Yes. Could it be better? Hell yeah!
The Ending was disappointing, they could end it with Batman handing over the cure to the Joker. That way, they could have shown, they cant exist without eachother. As soon as you seen the end credits, you have said "Thats it?" At least I did.

Also Bane was crap in both games, they should have gone with the real Bane from the Knightfalls story and the story of AC is like the one from Batman Begins. Ras al Ghul is the man behind the plan and Hugo Strange is doing his dirty work like Scarcrow did in BB.

Other than that, everything else was good.
antonio - 4/26/2012, 6:18 PM
Very good article! I don't see the need to use the Batmobile in part 3 because you already have the insanely fun glide/dive bomb mechanic and I don't like the idea of other JL members in this series(hints would be much better).

@GhostRiderfan1 if you go to the same place where he "died" you can see that his body has vanished and the sword is stuck to the ground.
justified1 - 4/27/2012, 10:45 AM
This game was great.

Riddler was fun but i too found his ending a little anticlimactic.

Batmobile or the batplane may be fun if they can do it right. Like James bond Blood Stone: the combat was cool but the driving sucked!

Can't wait for Game of the Year edition.
Rhino4508 - 4/28/2012, 10:18 AM

Ra's is a lame main villain choice for the third in my opinion. I would much rather see a Scarecrow based game. Scarecrow is one of my favorite characters. However, as a 'main' villain it might be difficult to orchestrate. So my vote for the main villain is either Red Hood or Hush. Both are great choices for a manipulative mastermind type villain.
Rhino4508 - 4/28/2012, 10:23 AM

I COMPLETELY agree with you on Bane. I hate the new Hulk sized idiot version of Bane. Knightfall's Bane was a criminal mastermind who beat Batman physically and mentally. He studied him to the point of knowing his identity. And now he's a filler villain. Just a start up fight. Such a sad fall for such an interesting character. Buuut I think Nolan has done him Justice in TDKR!!!
sbdc1939 - 4/29/2012, 12:44 AM
why does everyone think protocol 11 is more than making the tower explode when strange was double crossed by ra's al guhl. i mean it could be something but i doubt it will make it into the next game... joker has to come back in some shape or form.. these games are based on him messing with batman joker is main antagnonist of the arkham series and changing that would make it a less intersting game.
sbdc1939 - 4/29/2012, 12:45 AM
and two face needs more face time i loved their portrayal of him..
bobsamuel1993 - 4/29/2012, 8:19 PM
I noticed that nobody every thought of the idea of MORE then one main villian. Scarecrow and Riddler both had several shots at batman, and both failed. Unlike the others, there more of solo, intelligent minded villians, like Mr.Freeze. I could definitely see them teaming up together to combine their minds. In the end though, Riddler would double cross Scarecrow because he believes he must be "superior". Penguin has a pretty big grudge against Batman now after the handing he got in AC. But like Two-Face, hes a mobsters. Not brains, but money and greed. He wouldn't team up with anyone. Id like to see the gang war continue though. I wish they fleshed that out more, but I like how Penguins guys got split up between Joker and Two-Face.

Out of all these villians though, I really really want them to finally bring in The Ventriloquist. There gonna need another mobster to fill in the open spot, and thats what Scarface literally is!!!

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