INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Marketing Begins With The 'Battle Arena'

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Marketing Begins With The 'Battle Arena'

NetherRealm will pit two characters from Injustice Gods Among Us in a fight, with fans voting on the outcome each week, with celebrities such as Kevin Smith and Kevin Conroy giving their take on each! Who wins in a Batman vs. Bane fight?

NetherRealm Studios have officially launched the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena featuring weekly battles where you can cast your vote on who wins each particular match and get entered to win sweet prizes! One could only hope that our picks lead to new gameplay footage and character reveals. The site also features interviews with celebrities casting their picks. Below, you can see Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Tara Strong, Wayne Brady & Kevin Conroy pick their winners in Bane vs Batman and Wonder Woman vs Harley Quinn. Simply click on the big image below to be headed to the site, and check out the celebrity interviews below.

Also recently revealed, Arrow star Stephen Amell WILL BE PLAYABLE in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and you can get your first look below.

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HavocPrime - 2/5/2013, 10:33 AM
This game is looking mighty fine, I'm sure Kevin Smith's title of King of Nerds that was given to him will be debatabed by some here.
MutantEquality - 2/5/2013, 10:38 AM
Bring it on
BatsFan - 2/5/2013, 10:41 AM
I've just read the 4 issue of the tie-in today and the last panel/page is just sick WOW...
UltimaRex - 2/5/2013, 10:58 AM
Doomsday is playable.

PsyGuy - 2/5/2013, 11:01 AM
Thanks for the tip, TheAlexLynch!
Well worth it!
SupLezz - 2/5/2013, 11:19 AM
Wow I hope Stephen Amell will voice his version of GA!! Also Kevin Conroy looks terrible :/ What happened to this guy? Is he sick or something?
FightAs0ne - 2/5/2013, 11:24 AM
Thanks Alex. Oh and has anyone read the Injustice mini series of comics?
LP4 - 2/5/2013, 11:26 AM
Look I love K.C and all but I don't get how he can possibly think the WONDER WOMAN vs. Harley Quinn fight is harder to decide than the Batman vs. Bane fight. LMAO

Wonder Woman is a GODDESS. Harley is just an average level street punk, simply a side-kick to the Joker. I don't see how- Goddess with Superman-level strength versus average street-level punk is actually harder to decide than Batman vs. Bane. I think Batman vs. Bane is way tougher to decide. I mean you have to consider Bane's immense brutal strength AND intellect. His strength already outweighs Batman's. And Bane is a tactician so that seems tougher to decide
BatsFan - 2/5/2013, 11:30 AM

I did, it's good and the 2 last issues have a lot of choking elements. Like I said the last panel/page is just sick the 4 issue that hit today.
LP4 - 2/5/2013, 11:30 AM
What I would love to see is Deathstroke vs. Bane in Injustice. They both seem to be the best 2 in the game IMHO

theboywonder - 2/5/2013, 11:32 AM
Playable Amell?? I'm in
FightAs0ne - 2/5/2013, 12:15 PM
@BatsFan Hell yeah that was sick to actually see! Damn these are pretty good and I don't mind the art either.
FightAs0ne - 2/5/2013, 12:16 PM
I love covers like this
lntrn8 - 2/5/2013, 12:32 PM
"Battle Arena"? . . . then you gotta have this guy! >>>

hobohaymaker13 - 2/5/2013, 4:57 PM
Got the GA skin! Yay.
Minato - 2/5/2013, 6:55 PM
Almost all the original character designs are horrendous but they made up for it with a wealth of alternate costumes.
mgeoff88 - 2/5/2013, 10:03 PM
Got the Arrow skin! Thanks for the heads up, Alex!
R888 - 2/6/2013, 2:43 AM
O_O wow the Injustice the gods among us comics are amazing. One cliffhanger after another. This is one hell of a way to promote a game! Everyone who getting the game read the comic its really amazing and shock moments.
R888 - 2/6/2013, 2:45 AM
Doomsday :) yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Loving the bane footage as well that back breaker O_O

Certtz - 2/6/2013, 7:27 AM
Got the Arrow skin and theme as well! Thanks Lynch!

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