MK vs DC revisited

MK vs DC revisited

It was the first attempt at such a major cross-over and the fighting was actually pretty cool...but maybe they could have improved it.

Mortal Kombat has been around for a while and it has a certain fan base that its built same thing for the DC comic book universe. People said this swayed way too far from the Mortal Kombat roots and if you think about it that was true but the game had solid fighting mechanics actual in game videos that fans of Mortal Kombat had asked for for a long time. The roster was solid each character was unique. Thats the thing about alot of the older Mortal Kombats the ones before MK vs DC at least alot of the characters had similar moves and specials.

The fatalities were pretty cool to but they screwed up some of them like the one that Joker had with the gun but then they edited it to show only the Jokers face. They could have done one thing though it probably would have reduced the interest of alot of the younger fans but it could've worked. What if MK vs DC had only villains from the DC universe maybe then they could have had alot more brutal fatalities. They could've even tied that to the story like what if Lex Luthor was trying to travel to other dimensions and stuff and he gathered all the villains and told them that they would invade that dimension or something like that.

Also the endings were awesome i don't know what anyone else thought of them but i thought it was cool when they were like Sonya becomes a green Lantern or Sub Zero adopts Batmans look and personality and like Captain Marvel gets new powers . That could've been furthered as DLC and I think it would have been pretty cool to see that stuff happen. In conclusion it was a pretty good versus game it got Mortal Kombat new fans and same thing for DC but it could've been better if the licensing problems were solved.
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InSpace - 8/26/2010, 5:53 PM
Really the only thing I hated was that all of the Characters (well most of them anyways) were unlocked at the start. I miss the days when you had to buy the charecters with the points you gained during the story (i.e MvC2,MK Deception), and when you had to do special stuff to unlock them .Nowadays there all unlocked from the beginning .I see why because most people complain about getting these characters and use cheat codes to unlock them. But I miss the Challenge of getting them.


I also hated that there wasnt many Fighters ,although the promise of DLC was very exiting they never worked on it.
Ed Boon said that Kung Lao and Doomsday were going to be include in DLC but he scrapped it in favor of working at the New MK, which now with all the new pics and video I'm not complaining but I still wish I could've played as more people.
BatmanDTW - 8/27/2010, 10:30 PM
why the hell would you want to play as ONLY the villians on the DC side? how lame.

the gameplay and characters were fine. all they needed was more gameplay modes, unlockable costumes and characters, and maybe some dlc. problem solved.
Roscoe182 - 8/31/2010, 2:45 AM
"It was the first attempt at such a major cross-over"

really was it man i musta been dreaming when i was playin Marvel vs Capcom in 1998
Tobuttica - 9/2/2010, 12:53 AM
Capcom isn't as mainstream as DC, that's why that wasn't considered a major crossover. Although, I spend many a quarters busting ass in MvC and MvC2. Stayed at a hotel two weeks ago and they had MvC2 in their game room. Had to get my initials up in that bitch so people will remember. Only used 1 quarter too.

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