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Two new screenshots from Batman Arkham Knight have been released. Check out Batman's new upgrade(the holographic communicator) as well as Batman and Jim Gordon shaking hands on the rooftops of Gotham. Along with the photos are some new details!
According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Doug Liman is in final negotiations to direct Splinter Cell." The film will be based on the Ubisoft video games and star The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy.
Courtesy of REBOOT Croatia Magazine, an interview with Dax Dinn (marketing manager for Rocksteady Studios) has provided us with new information on the upcoming Arkham game. Hit the jump to see the full interview or read the summary!
Thanks to GameInformer, we now have information on the design of Penguin, Two-Face, and Riddler in Batman: Arkham Knight. You can check out the full article below or read the summary!
ASSASSIN'S CREED V Screenshots abd possible Title have been leaked, and here they are!
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Archie Comics have sent me preview pages for titles shipping this week. Come sample their wares. All titles are in stores now.
Rocksteady's next instalment of the Arkham was exciting revealed a few weeks ago; since then, there's been plenty of screenshots and details. Hit the jump to check out an amazing shot of the Caped Crusader with the new Batmobile!
The speculation of shared gaming universe among DC characters has always felt like a dream and nothing more, right? Well, new reports say otherwise. Hit the jump for more!
Watch the debut teaser trailer for Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. See how the Ansatsuken fighting style began and how Ken and Ryu inherited the lore from their sensei, Gouken. The series is set to debut on the digital platform, Machinma.
While it's quite annoying, many people have many theories on who our mystery antagonist is in the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight. After reading and considering many theories from fellow members of this site, I've finally come up with my own.
What would you rather have? A connected video games? Or movies? Which is the better choice?
In my first editorial, here is my theory who the Arkham Knight may possibly be!
Eight gorgeous new Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots have surfaced featuring Bats, the Batmobile, Commissioner Gordon, Oracle (Barbara Gordon), the Riddler and the Penguin. Check out these next-gen graphics.
After hearing many different theories online, I've come up with my own idea as to who's under the mask of that mysterious character. Be forewarned, there are heavy SPOILERS from Arkham City past this point.
GameInformer has released some small details for the next Batman game entitled, Batman: Arkham Knight. Hit the jump to see the full article or read the summary provided.
MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE is getting some new variant costumes for classic characters as well as the official introduction of Guardians of the Galaxy to the game soon!
DC Comics' MMO Game, Infinite Crisis, has been in the closed beta stage for well over a year. But with the release of open beta they've released a new trailer, stating that everyone fights for something - whether it be thrills, peace, chaos, hope, and more. So, what do you fight for?
A breakdown of all the villains we can expect to see in the final chapter of the legendary Arkham Saga...
Ebonrook's thoughts on the Ten things he wants to see in the upcoming game Arkham Knight.
Thanks to GameInformer, we now have an idea of who the new Rocksteady character is in the next Batman game. Who is Arkham Knight? Find out here about his appearance as well as GameInformer's list of theories to who this character really is.
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