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Hey guys! I'm rounding-up the top ten games coming out of E3 this year! Check it out! - caseyhaney
After being played so excellently by Morgan Freeman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Lucius Fox makes his debut in the Arkhamverse with next week's Batman: Arkham Knight. Hit the jump to see Lucius' character image in full. - staypuffed
Sad news today for those looking forward to their Arkham Knight Batmobile Editon. Emails are been sent out as we read this apologising for the sudden bad news of the highly anticipated game. Hit the Jump for full details - Matfin93
One week out from the release of its insanely anticipated trilogy closer, Rocksteady has unveiled one last batch of spectacular shots from Batman: Arkham Knight. Hit the jump to check out new looks at the Dark Knight, Two-Face, the GCPD and, of course, the Batmobile in action... - staypuffed
One more week, folks! After debuting new footage at E3 yesterday, Rocksteady have released another character image, this time of Bruce Wayne's loyal trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth. With so few days left until Arkham Knight's release, there may not be many of these images left... - staypuffed
The greatest video game for the first Playstation, possibly (arguably) even of all-time, is getting an HD remake for the PS4 (first). Check out the first trailer and prepare to relive the magic of one of the best RPG video games ever! - MarkJulian
When aliens send classic video game characters to attack Earth, it's up to an elite team of gamers - played by Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage - to save the world from certain destruction. There are lots of cameos in this cool new TV spot... - JoshWilding has partnered up with our sister site, to give away three editions of their most anticipated game of 2015: the new, and final instalment of Rocksteady Studios' incredibly popular series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Click on for details on how you can win a copy... - TH3KILLA77
Sony's E3 press conference just came to a close and now they've officially unveiled a very impressive gameplay demo from Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End featuring Nathan Drake and Sully getting into some trouble and finding themselves in a wild car chase! Come check it out! - KingPatel
An amazing new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was show during Sony's E3 panel this evening, and you can check it out right here! In this (presumably final) preview, The Joker returns, but most definitely not in the way you're probably expecting. Check it out... - JoshWilding
Another trailer was shown for Star Wars: Battlefront during Sony's E3 presentation, and this one takes us to Jakku years before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Wait a minute, is that the Super Star Destroyer from the movie?! Hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
Eight days, ladies and gentlemen - eight days until we can 'Be The Batman'. We've seen promotional images for Robin, Nightwing, Poison Ivy and more, and now Rocksteady have released a new look at Barbara Gordon's ever-reliable Oracle in Batman: Arkham Knight. - staypuffed
For a long time, developer BioWare has been quiet about Mass Effect 4, but no longer! Announced today at the EA E3 conference is the next installment in the popular sci-fi franchise: Mass Effect: Andromeda! Come check out the first details and trailer! - DrDoom
A near six minute long gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront has been released today as part of E3, and it's simply out of this world. Set on Hoth, we see the battle from the POV of both the Rebellion and Empire, while a last minute cameo is simply...amazing! Check it out. - JoshWilding
This winter, gamers will be able to witness Lara Croft begin the journey to becoming the Tomb Raider and discover the legend within, in Rise of the Tomb Raider. An amazing new gameplay trailer has now been released, and yeah, this could just be a legit Uncharted beater... - JoshWilding
Mad Max: Fury Road is no doubt one of the greatest action movies of all-time, and you'll be able to return to that world later this year with the Mad Max video game. In this action-packed new trailer, we meet Scabrous Scrotus, the third son of the movie's Immortan Joe... - JoshWilding
The Metal Gear Saga is coming full circle this year with the release of MGSV. Get ready for the final game with the release of not only the final trailer for Metal Gear V, but also the final trailer by Hideo Kojima. - Snooper
Pinky, the Double-Barrel Shotgun, incredibly fast multiplayer, SnapMap, and id Tech 6! All of that and more will feature in the new DOOM game from Bethesda, Wand you can watch the first gameplay trailer (and more) right here. Needless to say, it looks all sorts of awesome... - JoshWilding
There's only 10 days until 'The End Begins' for Batman, his allies and his adversaries, as Rocksteady bring their acclaimed Arkham series to a close. Check out a new look at one of the Dark Knight's most famous villains, the Penguin, after the jump! - staypuffed
With just under 2 weeks until Batman: Arkham Knight is released, get hype for the final installment in the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy after the jump. - DemonHunter
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