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Batman and the original Robin, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing crack some skulls in this new, dual play video from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. Be the Batman on 06.23.15. - MarkJulian
Fans have been loving the recent line of action figures based on Batman: Arkham Knight, and following on from the first series' success, four more have been announced. Take a look at the Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon figures after the jump! - staypuffed
While we wait for the upcoming Assassin's Creed film starring Michael Fassbender, the next game in it's yearly series has been announced that will take place in Industrial Revolution England with the Queen, fish and chips, and all that good stuff. Click to check it out. - LEVITIKUZ
We're set to see a good amount of the Dark Knight's allies in Rocksteady's final Batman: Arkham game, including the fan-favourite Nightwing. Check out a great new image of Dick Grayson suited up in his black and blue duds after the jump. - staypuffed
In the first instalment of their new 'Arkham Insider' series, Rocksteady takes us inside their studios and breaks down the most recent gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, where they discuss the new Dual Play mechanic, narrative elements and more. - staypuffed
It's the Power Rangers' infamous Green Ranger vs Street Fighter's Ryu in the latest new episode of Bat in the Sun's Super Power Beat Down. It's hadouken vs Dragon dagger as Jason David Frank reprises his Green Ranger role. Who do you think would win in a no-holds barred throw down? - MarkJulian
In anticipation of the Kombat Pack release on May 5th, NetherRealm Studios has released the character trailer for horror movie icon, Jason Voorhees. Check out the reveal trailer after the jump! - DAGuess
Following on from this week's reveal of Batman: Arkham Knight's Dual Play mechanic (which will allow players to switch between characters during combat), three stunning shots from the game have been released, featuring the Dynamic Duo, Catwoman and some of Batman's new tech. - staypuffed
Been wondering about the production status for the movie adaptation of the smash-hit video game series Assassin's Creed? Well look no further! Fassbender in a recent interview mentions when filming begins, the long writing process the movie has gone through and that the rumors of Desmond Miles being a main character might not be accurate. Continue on for more - TheAmbassador
Rocksteady has now unveiled a long list of downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Knight, which will be available via the game's Season Pass. Take a look after the jump, including new missions for Batman and his allies, Batmobile tracks, and our first look at the playable Batgirl! - staypuffed
It already announced that Avengers: Age of Ultron villain would be invading the Marvel Gaming Universe today, but now you can get your first look at his invasion (and it starts with Marvel Contest of Champions). Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
A look at what director Kevin Tancharoen may have brought to the screen with his vision of a Mortal Kombat movie. - Batmantis
It looks like the "Kombat Kids" are taking center stage in the new web series from Warner Bros. Along with a few familiar and new faces. - Batmantis
EA and Dice has just revealed the in game footage for Star Wars Battlefront. Take a look after the jump! - DemonHunter
We've seen plenty of the fatalities from Mortal Kombat X already, but this has to be the most gruesomely hilarious one to feature in the series to date. Click on to see Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny & Sonia) utilizes her nightstick and camera phone to jaw dropping shattering effect... - RorMachine
I don’t really want a movie like this to get made -- if you’ve played Bioshock Infinite, you know it stands perfectly well on its own. But I made a Bioshock fan-cast earlier on, so I guess I kinda feel obligated to post this, so ... here you go. - CombatWombat
Homeland star Rupert Friend is looking a lot like his pixelated counterpart in this brand new poster for Hitman: Agent 47, but does he really need that many guns? We'll let you be the judge! Hit the jump to check out this latest preview of the fun looking action flick... - JoshWilding
The latest Mortal Kombat game from NetherRealm Studios will be with us in just one week, and this official launch trailer features a mixture of gruesomely awesome gameplay and cut-scene footage, all set to System Of A Down's "Chop Suey". Check it out, but be warned as it's very violent... - RorMachine
Want to play Batman: Arkham Knight but don't have a next gen console? Perhaps Sony's Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle for Rocksteady's highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight is for you. Hit the jump for more details on the bundle. - SuperheroFan96
The Mortal Kombat series has never shied away from bloody violence, but this 7-minute compilation of the most sickeningly inventive fatalities and X-Ray moves from the latest instalment takes things to a whole new level. Click on to take a look, but this is definitely NSFW... - RorMachine
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