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A new featurette for the upcoming silver screen adaptation of the hit video game franchise, Need for Speed has been released. So Hit the Jump and Check out Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, alongside Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger) as they go through the stunts!
Glu Mobile has unveiled the launch trailer for their mobile game based on the upcoming Robocop remake, which is now available for free on all iOS platforms. Hit the jump to check out this epic game trailer.
We never did find out exactly what happened to Ellen Ripley's daughter, but it now appears that her story will be told in SEGA's upcoming Alien: Isolation, a video game which is set to hit Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2014. Hit the jump for the trailer and more!
DC leads animation and video games, shouldn't Marvel think about bouncing back?
Expired licensing takes away games rights from Activision. Take the jump to read more.
You likely saw the news from earlier today that revealed Mr. Freeze as being included in upcoming DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. More information has just been brought to light including the possible title for said DLC. Find out within.
The teasers leading up to the New Year's announcement from the Batman: Arkham Origins camp were for a new DLC focusing on Mr. Freeze, not a new game. At least it's a story DLC and not a challenge map!
The first official poster for Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist gives us our first proper look at Ken Masters (Christian Howard) and Ryu (Mike Moh). The live-action web series is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2014.
Warner Bros. Games continues to tease a major announcement concerning the popular Arkham franchise. Read on for the latest image and post your guesses/speculation in the comments section.
I have posibly figured out(thanks to an admin on the Batman Arkham facebook page)the possible Batman Arkham Anoucement
While fans of the Tomb Raider video game franchise patiently wait for a big screen reboot, filmmaker Trevor Addie has debuted his take on a live-action version and it's very impressive indeed! Hit the jump to check it out.
Alan Wake is in my opinion one of the most underrated video games in history. Hit the jump and check out my video review to find out why!
It is a hobby of mine to create theoretical design documents for video games I'd like to see made. This is my idea for a next-gen (current-gen?) video game based on Friday the 13th.
A new DLC pack for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game is now available, featuring heroes and villains of Thor: The Dark World. There's also a new Super Pack with more characters. Check it out!
That Legend of Zelda fan short I posted about here a few weeks back? Well it's completed! Follow the jump to check it out!
The Batman: Arkham series is teasing a big announcement on New Year's Eve. Will the next installment in the Batman video game series be revealed? Will Rocksteady Studios be at the helm?
Meinert Hansen, a Senior Concept Artist at Steambot Studios has posted more of his early designs for the Batwing in the new video game, Batman: Arkham Origins. Also, come see some character designs for two villains, Black Mask and Anarky.
Nintendo's recently released teaser trailer for the currently titled HYRULE WARRIORS, looks to show off the combat-focused gameplay for the iconic wielder of the Master Sword's latest outing. Check out the trailer after the jump!
Conceptual illustrator Scott Patton ("Thor"), worked on the live-action BioShock movie when Gore Verbinski ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl") was attached to direct. Hit the jump to see his character designs for Big Daddy.
TellTale Games have FINALLY brought back the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead video game series. Does a playable Clementine live up to the hype or does this little girl's adventure fall flat on it's face? Check out my take...
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