Stan Lee A Playable Character in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Video Game

Stan Lee A Playable Character in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Video Game

Excelsior! Comic book legend Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men will now be a playable character in The Amazing Spider-Man video game.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an upcoming action adventure game. Based on upcoming movie/film and Marvel Comics the game set to be released at the same time with the movie. Devolved by, Beenox and published by, Activision. - Wikipedia

Addict of Fiction's attended the London Super Comic Convention where he was able to chat with Stan "The Man" Lee. When Custard asked Stan if he'll be a playable video game character in the future, he got this surprising response.

So what is Stan's abilities going to be in the game? I'd give him the power of teleportation as a nod to his extensive list of cameos. Outside of that I don't know which type of powers would be fitting for him. What do you think?

Go beyond the movie to experience what it’s like to BE Spider-Man like never before. Set shortly after the events of Columbia Pictures’ new film, The Amazing Spider-Man throws New York City’s brand new hero back into free-roaming, web-slinging action, as he protects the Big Apple from a deluge of unimaginable threats. Experience the new Web Rush mechanic as Spidey twists his way through the NYC skyline with unprecedented speed and grace. The game’s original story also explores beautiful indoor environments, as you’ll encounter everything from skirmishes with everyday street thugs to pulse-pounding confrontations with Spider-Man’s most lethal foes.

RELEASE DATE: June 26th, 2012.

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TheGambitFreak - 2/28/2012, 12:47 AM
I was already sold when Free Roam was announced, now I am pre-ordering this!!!

[frick]ing E(xcelsior)!
bbarber2323 - 2/28/2012, 12:49 AM
bbarber2323 - 2/28/2012, 12:51 AM
That dude with the rainbow hair needs to NEVER interview anyone again btw...
AraxisHT - 2/28/2012, 12:52 AM
Probably just a skin.

Instant sale anyways.
zerakis81 - 2/28/2012, 12:57 AM
Stan The man Lee is going to be a character in the next spiderman game???And he doesn't play Video Games????

TheGambitFreak - 2/28/2012, 12:59 AM
Other costumes I'd like to get....

1. Bombastic Bagman
2. Ben Reilly/Scarlett Spider
3. Classic
3. First appearance
4. Future Foundation
5. Armored Spider-Man
6. Movie version of his first costume ((i.e. sunglasses, beanie, etc.)
7. Peter Parker
8. Stealth Suit Spider-Man
9. Iron Spider
10. Electrically Insulated Spider-Man suit (Why the hell not?)
11. The Fantastic 4 Spider-Man suit (the one with the black and blue mixed)
12. Mary Jane/ Gwen Stacy
13. Uncle Ben/Aunt May
14 Harry Osborn?
15. Norman
17. Thug
18. The full list of villain set to appear within the game (Rhino, Lizard and hopefully Shocker, The Spot and of course the ever so redundant, countless robots).

But, then again, this is Beenox, and while they will give us many alternate costumes, I'm sure they'll rehash 2099, Noir, Cosmic, etc.
tripttwe - 2/28/2012, 1:00 AM
God, can we keep Stan alive forever? He's truly the Greatest. Now if they could only get the symbiote costume accurate...
Luigi - 2/28/2012, 1:00 AM
I suddenly want this
TheGambitFreak - 2/28/2012, 1:00 AM
DarthTesla - 2/28/2012, 1:03 AM
He should be a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3.
GLprime2814 - 2/28/2012, 1:44 AM
HavocPrime - 2/28/2012, 1:49 AM
Lols awesome, this will be as fun as playing as Savage Banner in the Ultimate Destruction Hulk game awhile back.
GUNSMITH - 2/28/2012, 3:26 AM
Jolt17 - 2/28/2012, 3:34 AM

Anyway...that's awesome.
HULK2099 - 2/28/2012, 3:48 AM
Sweet ! I'm gonna go in with him !
Illcommunicatione - 2/28/2012, 4:32 AM
that should be fun...

you can sit there with a phone and book various appointments; eye test, hip replacement ops.

happy days.
Mrcool210 - 2/28/2012, 4:46 AM
SWEEEET, 1st day buy, (Still have to wait till the movie comes out to play it though :( )
Shaman - 2/28/2012, 4:57 AM
WIN!!! Yeah, i'm pre-ordering this too!!! Unless of course they announce the release of the GOTY edition of Arkham City. Then, spidey and stan will have to sit this one out.
rbfn04 - 2/28/2012, 5:03 AM
wish we could have a classic spidey skin to put over that atrocious movie costume.

cool to be able to play with Stan
MOVIELORD101 - 2/28/2012, 5:31 AM
My reaction matches this guy's reaction to the death of SOPA:
dahamma - 2/28/2012, 5:34 AM
dahamma - 2/28/2012, 5:35 AM
@rbfn04 Truer words have never been spoken!
MB007 - 2/28/2012, 6:47 AM
Sweet!!!! :-D
So pre-ordering this!! :-)
thespiderman209 - 2/28/2012, 7:00 AM
isnt april a couple of months later.....
Odin - 2/28/2012, 7:10 AM
Jesus, at this rate Stan is going to out live all of us.
NextHero08 - 2/28/2012, 7:35 AM
yea, Stan is cool and all but what I wanna know if there's gonna be a tutorial and if Bruce Campbell and will return to teach the spideys in training a thing or two.
valeriesghost - 2/28/2012, 7:36 AM
i feel kinda bad for Rainbow Bright there. Looked like he got to talk to one of his hero's and kinda choked.
LucasMend - 2/28/2012, 7:42 AM
Deadshot - 2/28/2012, 8:24 AM
I'd rather play as him than Spider-man anyday, powers or not.
ISleepNow - 2/28/2012, 8:54 AM
I'd rather play Steve Ditko
Fogs - 2/28/2012, 9:46 AM
He's gonna have the Beyonder abilities. I mean, all of them.
Fogs - 2/28/2012, 9:47 AM
Gusto is so pissed his left eye dropped a little

comicbookjerk - 2/28/2012, 11:00 AM
This game sucked as soon as i seen the giant robot :/
theslenderman - 2/28/2012, 12:15 PM
My life is now complete.
HulkbusterNYC - 2/28/2012, 4:38 PM
@Captaindusty that would be [frick]in awesome!

Gotta love Stan Lee.. True genius!
felixxx - 2/28/2012, 7:19 PM
haha, that is cool.
ibravosp5 - 3/3/2012, 9:21 AM
Stan The man. Well i remember a comicbook (forgot the name) but it was before Peter was even spiderman and it showed him saying his favorite comicbook hero was captain america and Stan lee dressed in a spidey costume and fought some thugs at the beginning.
webheaded - 3/3/2012, 2:20 PM
I will get this game. I will watch this movie. And I WILL enjoy them.

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