Ubisoft has announced some details about the next installment in the Assassin's Creed video game franchise in a recent conference call with investors. Will it buck trend and star Connor and when can fans expect it to be released? Find out after the jump.

In a third-quarter earnings conference call with investors, Ubisoft Chief Executive Yves Guillemot announced that fans of Assassin's Creed can expect the next installment in the franchise to hit store shelves sometime around April 2014. Per the norm, it will feature a new time period and a new hero. Guillemot stated that the new game will take quite a "different shift" from previous entries and that a new development team will be working on the game.

Fans of Assassin's Creed III can enjoy a new DLC scheduled to drop Feb. 19 which will be the first in a three-part series titled "The Tyranny of King Washington". Look for more news on Assassin's Creed IV and the upcoming film from FOX which has Michael Fassbender attached to star.

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ForeverPowerful - 2/8/2013, 7:58 AM
Sweet, can't wait. Gonna miss Conner though.
Rhinoman - 2/8/2013, 7:58 AM
I think you have a small error. Fassbender is supoosed to star in Assasins Creed and Hardy in Splinter Cell :)
Durranto - 2/8/2013, 7:59 AM
Tom Hardy to star? I though he was doing Splinter Cell and Michael Fassbender was doing Assassins Creed??
CaptainAmerica31 - 2/8/2013, 7:59 AM
Yessss, if they leap forward then it has to be 1800s perhaps civil war? In new York? It would be bigger
MarkJulian - 2/8/2013, 7:59 AM
ATrueHero1987 - 2/8/2013, 8:02 AM
I've been trying to play Assassin's Creed since it first came out in 2007. My first time ever playing an Assassin's Creed game was when the 3rd one came out!lol, Hopefully I will get this one on the first day.
PC04 - 2/8/2013, 8:04 AM
It'd be pretty cool to see an Assassin's Creed set closer to modern times. It'd be especially interesting to see how Ubisoft could differentiate Assassin's Creed from Splinter Cell, in a modern era.
SaxoWolf - 2/8/2013, 8:04 AM
Azrael725 - 2/8/2013, 8:06 AM
Who's it gonna be about? Desmond's story is over. Maybe they'll take the Watchdogs formula and apply it to AC4. the possibilities are endless for AC4!
TerminatorMode - 2/8/2013, 8:07 AM
Good to know they're not just going the easy-ezio way and making connor the hero of the next game. good character but I got a little tired of seeing ezio, especially by the time revelations came out.

I hope they make desmond an actually likeable character in the next installment. I mean, it's completely because of the emphasis on his ancestors which is the point of the AC games, but still he is just so bland.
superman7 - 2/8/2013, 8:07 AM
I kind of wish that they would do something along the lines of the assassination of Alexander the Great that they alluded to in AC2. You could free run through Egypt, Babylon, and maybe somewhere in Macedonia or India. IT'D BE SWEET!
TerminatorMode - 2/8/2013, 8:09 AM
Or if desmond is truly dead they make the next modern day hero/heroine a much more interesting character.
TheFascinatingMan - 2/8/2013, 8:12 AM
It'll be on PS4
JerseyJoker - 2/8/2013, 8:15 AM
So much comic book information ....
HavocPrime - 2/8/2013, 8:15 AM
They no longer need the Animus since the solar flare has been stopped, unless there is some valid reason as to why they need to do it again.

A modern day Assassin would be cool to play, the sections where you were Desmond in AC3 were quite good to play.
DCjohnny - 2/8/2013, 8:44 AM
hated assassin creed 1 ... never played 2, 3, brotherhood or revelation , so don't care... ubisoft should give us prince of persia ... the last 2 games were pathetic
Deadpool727 - 2/8/2013, 8:58 AM

Or how about...Assassin's Creed set in Persia! Loads more accuracy to history than PoP and they've even got the a statue in ACII, but it's quite interesting
Gimmemorathat19 - 2/8/2013, 8:59 AM
Has anyone seen the art of a AC4 based in either japan of china? i think that would be a really cool idea. still to early to go all the way back to the first civilization yet
IgnurRant - 2/8/2013, 9:09 AM
Dang. I kinda wanted to see a Connor trilogy. Have a sequel where Connor aids in the French Revolutiom and then have Old Connor fight AGAINST the Americans in the War of 1812.
angus666 - 2/8/2013, 9:17 AM
Victorian England or the 1920s in Chicago and NYC would be cool.
unknownfacts - 2/8/2013, 10:36 AM
What they really need to do is add more missions and leave out the multi-player.Multi-player is at it's best when used in first person shooters rather then semi-stealth take down game.
CaptainAmerica31 - 2/8/2013, 10:36 AM
Ugh you wanna talk about assassinations?? The best story arc they could ever possibly adopt is the assassination of Julius Caesars. It makes so much sense becasue the men who assassinate him( assassins) would be Brutus and you, the assassin, would convince them to do it an at the end Brutus becomes an assassin like all six guys in AC3. You gather the group of assassins( Brutus, Cassius) and convince them to kill Caesar Becuase he's a Templar and will destroy rome if he is a king. And you can assassinate Caesar also because there was a big group of people who shank him.
Deadpool727 - 2/8/2013, 11:16 AM
Persepolis, Ancient Persia. King Darius I could be your ally in a high place or something :D
AC1 - 2/8/2013, 12:40 PM
The end of AC3 was a bigger anti-climax than The Dark Knight Rises... apart from that it was probably the strongest entry in the series.
AC1 - 2/8/2013, 12:42 PM
@Everyone mentioning AC1 as putting them off the other games; AC2 was a complete revamp of the gameplay, focusing more on the action/adventure/free-running/combat elements and isn't as repetitive as the first.
AC1 - 2/8/2013, 12:45 PM
IDEA!!! Was thinking about Victorian England, thought it'd be cool to climb Big Ben and Parliament, then I had another idea - Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot! It could be that the Templars are taking over the British government, and you either play as Fawkes or one of his assassins, and help him with the plot - of course it'd probably end slightly after the failure of the plot.
Niuhll - 2/8/2013, 1:27 PM
@Acira Guy Fawkes was a few Hundred years before the Victorian Age. But you do have Jack the Ripper and the myth of 'Spring Heeled Jack' to work with, plus the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution and the Crimean War to fall against. Fantastic time to place to the game, and it keeps the story linear in it's time frame between games.
Niuhll - 2/8/2013, 1:32 PM
Somebody said earlier that the war in AC3 was dwarfed and I agree completely, the only time it worked was when you had to climb the hill and even then, it was down to the number of people on screen that was impressive and not what they did.

I have mixed feelings about the Frontier as well, as much as i enjoyed it, i felt it was too big a part of the game and would have loved more New York and Boston etc.
SmellofDuty - 2/8/2013, 1:40 PM
A Desmond game seems like the likely route, even though I would enjoy a early 1900's game.
Maximus101 - 2/8/2013, 3:25 PM
Desmond's story is not over yet, he released what's her name and then just collapsed. We don't even know if he is dead or alive so I hope they do one more to officially close Desmond's story. Assassin creed is amazing and the only video game series I have actually kept, every other game I just trade in hen I am one with it,

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