VIDEO GAMES: Hideo Kojima Confirms Metal Gear Solid 5 Plans!

VIDEO GAMES: Hideo Kojima Confirms <i>Metal Gear Solid 5</i> Plans!

The creator and director of Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has finally announced that he is planning to return for another chapter in the mega-popular video game saga. Hit the jump to check it out...

Even though we don't have any details, it seems that it's finally confirmed: Hideo Kojima is back for another installment of the Metal Gear Solid franchise! And no, it's NOT Metal Gear Solid: Rising, that is coming out next year featuring Raiden. Official PlayStation Magazine UK has all the new details inside the latest issue about the new game, which will be availble on November 29.

"As part of our world exclusive chat and photo shoot, he also gives his open and frank opinions on Metal Gear Solid Rising – the first PlayStation MGS he’s neither written nor directed – and openly discusses his plans for Metal Gear Solid 5 and Project Ogre for the first time."

Found via Game Informer.

Now, if you are a fan of these games, this could only be a great news. And if you played the last game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots with 'Old Snake' then you know what happened at the end. I think there is a lot of options on the table and one of them is definitely showing us more of the story with Snake. So, what do you think?

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RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 11/17/2011, 9:14 PM
MGS 4 was amazing. I'm interested to see where they can take the franchise after that game.
Reasonnnn - 11/17/2011, 9:15 PM
I hope they go back to the past with Snake just like what they did with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
HULK2099 - 11/17/2011, 9:32 PM
DioFoRio - 11/17/2011, 9:37 PM
the games are the movies holmes
DioFoRio - 11/17/2011, 9:38 PM
I hope they clone a new snake
MrMayhem - 11/17/2011, 9:40 PM
SiriusC - 11/17/2011, 9:43 PM
I honestly wished this wouldn't happen. Wasn't MGS4 supposed to be the grand finale? I loved it & thought it was perfect. The series started getting out of hand with so many side stories & loop holes. Much like Lost. And unlike Lost, this wrapped up nicely. Keep it that way. As much as I love MGS & as close as it is to my heart... move on.
MikeZ - 11/17/2011, 10:36 PM
Interesting. Either this is Solid Snake's real last mission, or the FOXDIE virus won't kill him at all.
Jib7z - 11/17/2011, 10:58 PM
Holy God...Raiden still has a story to be told, also there is a lot of time between 2 and 4.
vaderthefett - 11/17/2011, 11:20 PM
a movie adapatation would ruin it. but if mgs5 has snake is cloned again. that would be dope. they can go places with that!
VictorHugo - 11/18/2011, 2:07 AM
the only "Metal Gear" i played was on the MSX computer in 1988.
thedon786 - 11/18/2011, 2:20 AM
RaMMaR - 11/18/2011, 2:30 AM
My thumbsticks quiver in an...

VanCityKid - 11/18/2011, 2:42 AM
Let Snake live out in peace, he's been through enough and MGS4 was the perfect send off for such a legendary character....also they can't go back to Big Boss/Naked Snake cuz his story came full circle in Peacewalker.
VanCityKid - 11/18/2011, 2:45 AM
@Jib7z yeah that's what MGS:Rising is for, to cover Raidens story in between Sons of
Liberty and Guns of the Patriots
breakUbatman - 11/18/2011, 4:13 AM

They should only make a movie of this if they pull a Darth Vader and dub Snake's voice
spiderclone - 11/18/2011, 4:29 AM
i want a ps3 version of metal gear and metal gear 2 solid snake, he could make them into the same game. i really wanna see snake and grey fox hand to hand combat in a mine field.
cjkalel - 11/18/2011, 5:45 AM
Can't wait
OptimusBurgundyMaximus - 11/18/2011, 7:48 AM
oh ffs the only reason to own a ps3
IceClimber - 11/18/2011, 7:52 AM
Aww yeahh!!! Hopefully its a big boss game. Snakes story is over and it ended perfectly
MatchesMalone1989 - 11/18/2011, 8:02 AM
GrayFox1025 - 11/18/2011, 8:02 AM
Snake's last mission was MGS 4, a great ending to the franchise and some long over due rest for snake. RIP Solid Snake (Yes he DOES die at the end of MGS4)

What would be a sick game would be one telling the story of either Liquid Snake and or Ocelot and retelling the whole story from their perspectives, would be interesting to see
Metallicat213 - 11/18/2011, 8:17 AM
Tell the story of The Boss and her Cobra Unit during WW2 and how she became the Mother of the US Special Forces. Also how she came to mentor Naked Snake and their relationship. I'd love to kick ass with The Boss. MGS5 will be awesome regardless.
DioFoRio - 11/18/2011, 9:39 AM
the first MGS was the best in terms of realistic characters...shit started getting wonkey with bee men and transvestite vampires...he should have kept it in the realm of probability. If you want to see a good MGS GI JOE Resolute
odie00 - 11/18/2011, 11:31 AM
i thought kojima was done making the metal gear solid games after 4 but that the games were gonna continue being made, but he wasnt going to be involved with them? hmm well apparently that was just a rumor i heard, glad he'll still be making them. yeah im curious as to where they take the game. that new one with radien coming out looks ok i guess, i wasnt a fan of his anyways he kind of sucked in 2 but was better in 4, (think because he was a cyborg lol)
alucard365 - 11/18/2011, 11:40 AM
SNAKE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Doctorwho22 - 11/18/2011, 11:49 AM
[frick]ing love this game, and if they do this right, im smelling game of the year....i just hope they dont screw up.
Jer3miah - 11/18/2011, 1:06 PM
I knew he couldn't let go of his baby.
headlopper - 11/18/2011, 2:02 PM
Colonel Volgen FTW.

SoulAllFlush - 11/18/2011, 2:15 PM
MGS 4 was not a patch on the first game or Snake Eater. It barely qualifies as a game, it was more like an interactive FMV.

That aside, I have no interest in playing anymore Metal Gear games. Snake is dead, and that is that.
headlopper - 11/18/2011, 6:40 PM
RobGrizzly - 11/18/2011, 8:07 PM
I want Snake young again! Raiden, Big Boss, Old Snake- we haven't played with the true Solid Snake since MGS1.

I would love a next-gen remake of the original Metal Gear. Or a Spinoff with Meryl and her squad.
Austin70000 - 7/8/2012, 10:37 AM
I was thinking that they should do a different thing.

They should take snake's DNA, like they did with Big Boss, and continue with the 'Genome Soldier' projects, and make snake a "son" of sorts, whith snake's DNa and the 'perfect soldier genes.

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