VIDEO GAMES: New GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE-EARTH Trailer Featuring Thorin Oakenshield And The Great Goblin

VIDEO GAMES: New GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE-EARTH Trailer Featuring Thorin Oakenshield And The Great Goblin

A new video for the upcoming Warner Bros. Interactive game based upon Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit characters reveals that Thorin and The Great Goblin are going to be available via DLC for the game.

In Guardians of Middle-earth, gamers team up as the most powerful heroes from the greatest fantasy epic of all time, bringing up to 10 players together in a competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Featuring tie-ins to the upcoming film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the game allows players to develop and master more than 20 iconic characters. Play as Gandalf, Gollum, Legolas, Sauron and more, forming memorable and unlikely alliances with and against friends. Gamers will have the ability to connect with other players via an in-game voice communication system, as well as access to a comprehensive online stat and leader board system where they can track friends’ victories and defeats, and more. Available December 2012 at select retail stores and via download for Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network; rated T for Teen.

Guardians of Middle-earth is now available for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360.

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DukeAcureds - 12/20/2012, 11:23 AM
I didn't know these guys were the Gaurdians of Middle Earth. I read all the Tolkien books (JRR not Chris) and I don't remember Gollum being a Guardian of Middle Earth. I think it's just 'cause they think it's a cool name that will sel video games. Prof. T. would tut.
Bread - 12/20/2012, 12:33 PM
lol I thought it said Guardians of the Galaxy
OrsonRandall - 12/20/2012, 12:53 PM
I just started playing War in the North its not as bad as I expected.
Seejay - 12/20/2012, 1:07 PM
Talking about The Hobbit, hoping to see Aragon in the second or third part.
LucasMend - 12/20/2012, 1:38 PM
^^ That would shit the movie. Aragorn has nothing to do with the story, neither does Legolas (idk why the [frick] PJ is adding him on it).
Seejay - 12/20/2012, 1:50 PM

I know, read the book. Aragon is one of the Numenor. Born in 2931, making him 88 when the Lord of the Rings starts. He would be about 30 during the events of The Hobbit.

Otherwise agree with you, but when your at it with cameos, and since Jackson is including Silmarillion, why not..
LucasMend - 12/20/2012, 1:54 PM
^^ It would be too weird, I think one of the things affected the hobbit the most was the unnecessary appearance of galadriel and saruman for example, and legolas will be just as bad, and Aragorn would be just too awful.
Darth258 - 12/20/2012, 4:58 PM
Tried the Demo yesterday, i really don't like this kind of games :-/ Too bad because i'm a huge LotR fan.
The charecter and menu looks great but once i started the game i really didn't get into it.
Loved the design they gave to the Witchking of Angmar in this.
Darth258 - 12/20/2012, 4:59 PM
The opening video of the game was also outstanding.
StoneHex104 - 12/20/2012, 5:15 PM
Legolas does have a part in the story, since his father is Thranduil the king of the wood elves of Mirkwood... and if you haven't read the book and don't know about him (Thranduil) then your argument is invalid.
LucasMend - 12/20/2012, 9:28 PM
^^ Legolas was not featured in the hobbit book,unless he was in some appendix, so just because he is the son of Thranduil he has to be there? I think PJ just wants to bring people from LOTR for the sake of public. The scenes Legolas going to appear in are scenes he was never featured originally in the book, bilbo vs spiders in dark forest for example.

And I think that even if the white council was in the appendix, it's still not necessary for the hobbit story, as the movie has to focus on stuff that happens around the dwarves and bilbo's stories. That's why in THE HOBBIT (book) itself tolkien only mentioned the necromancer. So the movie using it takes the focus out of the main story.

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