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After rumors suggesting that HBO may be doing a Watchmen show involving Zack Snyder, fans rejoiced at the idea of a Watchmen show on HBO. Now we have confirmation that a Watchmen show on HBO is in talks and real. Click to check it out. - LEVITIKUZ
Zack Snyder's first superhero film Watchmen may not have made the biggest dent at the box office, but despite that, a new report is now suggesting that Snyder may be actively looking to revive his Watchmen much sooner than later and on HBO no less! Come check it out! - KingPatel
Here's my thoughts on one of the summer's newest and best series, MR. ROBOT. Be aware: spoilers ahead. - dannramm113
Since Comic Con is now over, the question everyone ask is "Who won Comic Con?". Not only I'm answering this question, but I think my answer is going to surprise you. - AvatarTarSauce
Many fans are wary of the upcoming DC event film, 'BATMAN v SUPERMAN', especially because of director Zack Snyder's shaky history. Hit the jump to see why we should be excited rather than anxious for the big BATMAN/SUPERMAN face-off. - LordCommander
Technically she already played a DC character in Watchmen of course, but that wasn't a part of the new DC Cinematic Universe. Gugino says she'd "do any movie with Zack Snyder", and is anxious to play another superhero... she just has to figure out which one! Click on for more... - RorMachine
Watchmen and The Avengers - two well-loved CBMs that couldn't be more different. One was a commercial smash hit, the other a darker, cult favorite. Now, one YouTuber has brought both properties together, with pretty interesting results! Check it out! - Minty
Some marvelous concept art created by conceptual illustrator Adam Brockbank for Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 and Zack Snyder's Watchmen. Hit the jump to check them out. - nailbiter111
Set to Emily Browning's (Sucker Punch) version of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This", the following supercut takes the slow motion scenes from Zack Snyder's movies - 300 and Watchmen for example - and the results are surprisingly beautiful when viewed like this. Check it out! - JoshWilding
Joel Silver last week revealed that Terry Gilliam's version of Watchmen would have featured some major changes to the source material, later criticising Zack Snyder for being a "slave" to the comic book. Well, the Batman Vs. Superman director has now struck back... - JoshWilding
Joel Silver (Producer of V for Vendetta among many others) has spoken about his alternate take on Alan Moore's Watchmen, and also says a few things about Moore and the movie's director Zack Snyder. Read on for more. - Emjeed
Conceptual illustrator Roger Robinson, worked very briefly on BottleRocket's video game adaptation of Zack Snyder's Watchmen. They ended up walking away from the project, and all we are left with is some cool art of The Comedian and Rorschach. Check it out! - nailbiter111
After a request from MexicanSuperman and being my 10th article I finally got around to some of my personal favorite posters, Watchmen! Ignoring if the film is liked or not, what do I like about those posters? How are they overall? You can find more if you click here! - TheArchivist
Warner Brothers have released a lot of posters for the Zack Snyder-directed film Watchmen, back in 2008/2009 when they were promoting the big screen adaptation of the critically acclaimed graphic novel. Now, four cool poster designs have appeared online, so check them out... - WolvieCBM
CBM's own Brent Sprecher interviews Profiles in History's Brian Chanes about the Warner Bros. collection of comic book movie costumes and props and why 007's most iconic gun isn't what it appears to be! - bsprecher
You may or may not remember Goode's reponse to a question about the fanboy backlash he received when he was cast as Ozymandias in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, but we're here to remind you! We also have Goode's feelings on the matter now.. - RorMachine
Taking its ques from Liam Neeson's Taken films the Cult of Smack sketch show imagines how DC Comic's attempt to wrangle Alan Moore for Before Watchmen went down. - MarkJulian
If you are like me, you cannot get enough Watchmen, and this is definitely more Watchmen. Warner Home Entertainment will be releasing Watchmen in a new collector's edition blu-ray set on.... - bayouboyz
His buff, he's blue, and you'll see more of him than you'll want too. - ToDandy
At last - for good or for bad - DC's Watchmen miniseries have begun to hit stores with Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen #1. Now MTV Geek is taking a behind the scenes look at the entire project in this video. - EdGross
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