Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout

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KadenD - 9/16/2009, 9:23 PM
Great poster! I'm looking forward to watch the whole movie. I think it would be a worth watching film. It appears all that time Kate Beckinsale spent honing her acting chops for serious dramas like Van Helsing and Underworld may have been in vain, as the Whiteout movie she's billed in is getting a hiding at the hands of the critics. The Whiteout movie, or just simply, Whiteout, has nothing to do with the office supply, but rather takes place in Antarctica where a serial killer is on the loose. Most films opening this weekend are getting a lot of stick – no one likes Tim Burton's 9 movie, or Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself, either. Maybe after the Whiteout movie gets a quick movie, perhaps Hollywood can try coming up with something good for a change.

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