Tanit Phoenix's Wonder Woman Audition tape

Tanit Phoenix's <i>Wonder Woman</i> Audition tape

Phoenix is the rumored front runner to play Diana Prince David E Kelley's upcoming tv show. Now her audition tape has found it's way online. Check it out..

Phoenix has been confirmed to be actively pursuing the role, but it's only rumor for now that she is actually being considered for it. Watch the below audition tape in which she appears to be rehearsing a scene in which Wonder Woman is critiquing doll likenesses of herself wearing both her old and new costumes! See if you think she has what it takes..

Well, could you see the lovely Miss Phoenix as Wonder Woman based on this?

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Ethic - 2/16/2011, 3:01 PM
She's phenomenal looking but this is dodge.
And that dialogue, sweet jesus..
This show sounds like crap from what we know,
Guess time will prove that right or wrong.
Exiles - 2/16/2011, 3:06 PM
she looks the part but thats about it
Angelus - 2/16/2011, 3:18 PM
What everyone above said!
tazmaniak - 2/16/2011, 3:19 PM
Diana sounds like an idiot.
Dynamo - 2/16/2011, 3:24 PM
...from Warrior princess to marketing meetings? Are you [frick]ing kidding me?
BruceWayneNewton - 2/16/2011, 3:26 PM
Grif needs to post one of his videos about this. This show will be horrible
ManofSteel23 - 2/16/2011, 3:26 PM
hmmm she looks to girly ,she doesnt look tough like wonder woman should be,she looks like she would break a nail and start crying about it...although from the sounds of it this show will suck
phoe1 - 2/16/2011, 3:32 PM
what the hell????
i thought this show was going to be a bit like xena, not saying that show was all gold, but JEEEEESUS this sounds like total ballbag.

HAQ - 2/16/2011, 3:34 PM
WTF??? I'd [frick] her though, she's sweet:D.
Bryanferryfan - 2/16/2011, 3:34 PM
she has the look but not the physicality or the presence it takes to pull off the character. Lucy Lawless was the right type. She was physical and beautiful and dammit she could act! This chick can't act! I'm an actor and I know decent acting when I see it and this ain't it. NEXT!
HelaGood - 2/16/2011, 3:35 PM
looks good, but not the right presence for WW. i want to see more of a Xena take as well. not some suit.
LucasMend - 2/16/2011, 3:35 PM
your breasts are fine in my opinion Tanit.
What the hell was that video lol gotta agree with @grif this time.
Highball - 2/16/2011, 3:35 PM
She's a beautiful lady, she looks the part, but I don't see the wonder woman in her.
Seph - 2/16/2011, 3:38 PM
cmon she just doesant give the vibe that WW should have... and marketing? really?
theaven - 2/16/2011, 3:39 PM
I Think she looks good, however I wonder If David E Kelly is making an show baised on the Luna Brother's Ultra and slaping the WW name for wide appeall?
Frogman - 2/16/2011, 3:39 PM
Give us a movie! Taylor Cole or Tanit Phoenix or Odette Yustman in the lead!

Dialogue is pretty poor, script writers fail atm.
loganoneil - 2/16/2011, 3:48 PM
She sounds like something off 'The OC', NOT Wonder Woman! This woman is fun to look at, but she is NOT Diana (not by a LONG SHOT!)
DukeAcureds - 2/16/2011, 3:53 PM
She gave it a shot. She didn't do bad. Next.
I guess just looking like the character isn't enough.
CrashTest - 2/16/2011, 3:58 PM
robdel - 2/16/2011, 4:12 PM
Hehe she said breasts.
davidcub - 2/16/2011, 4:14 PM
It doesn't matter that she isn't "Diana" since this show isn't about "our" Diana! The cast, director, none of it matters. David E. Kelly is ruining it. GOD
Shredder - 2/16/2011, 4:17 PM

Easy on the eyes, but not feeling Diana at all.

Which will likely be the case for the whole show to be perfectly honest. Considering the premise and all.
spectre88 - 2/16/2011, 4:18 PM
Sweetheart there is nothing wrong with your breast. I think they're great!
Dynamo - 2/16/2011, 4:26 PM
"Big tits save lives"


they actually paid someone to write this shit?
DocMartin09 - 2/16/2011, 4:47 PM
Agree with everyone, looks are where it ends.
davidcub - 2/16/2011, 4:50 PM
ARE YOU [frick]ING KIDDING ME? Even if Phoenix could actually act, who the hell wants to hear this shit? So instead of trying to teach mankind a better way to live and being a strong role model for women, we get a Diana who gets insecure when someone says something about her breasts or from looking at a doll?!? Damn you David E. Kelley! And of course a big [frick] you to everyone at DC who licks Kelley's balls! How can you guys do this? Just change the name of the show. Call it "Interchangeable Woman" You know they are just using the name in hopes of attracting viewers. Hmmmmm Let's see. The unaired pilot from the 60's? Fail. Cathy Lee Crosby WW? Fail. Lynda Carter as the ORIGINAL WW? Epic win. You would think they'd have learned from the past. Of course, I do realize there is no proof that this is the actual script but from what we have heard, I still pretty much feel the same way. LOL
marvel72 - 2/16/2011, 5:00 PM
she's nice to look at & would probably do for a tv version.

but my choice would be taylor cole.
SkaarJones - 2/16/2011, 5:17 PM
She can moisten my casting couch and then she's out. No bueno. I got something for that headache though. Head-On! Apply directly to the kisser!
HarrisonBergeron - 2/16/2011, 5:19 PM
I can't believe they would butcher the character like this. She looks like she would do fine as Diana, but the writing makes it sounds like they have her playing Booster Gold meets Oliver Queen. Diana would never start a company to profit off of action figures of herself.
CapsUnknownSidekick - 2/16/2011, 5:28 PM
Wow, I'm no expert on the character; but that dialogue sounds pretty offensive if you ask me.
Ryden - 2/16/2011, 5:39 PM
@CapsUnknownSidekick- What's offensive about it? I wouldn't say it's offensive, it's just bad. Expect this show to fail worse than Smallvile, and that's failing by a good quantity.
soaponapope - 2/16/2011, 6:09 PM
wow. all i'm going to say is: i can see why she didn't get the part.

also, that script.... wow...
Jer3miah - 2/16/2011, 6:25 PM
So this is how some auditions go... Hmm, not bad. Dialog is butts, but she looks great. Her performance is... okay. Not enough to carry a series, I don't think, but I wouldn't mind.
Kalel315 - 2/16/2011, 9:30 PM
Everyone in here complains too much...
Moreci333 - 2/16/2011, 10:33 PM
I agree with u Kalel315.
moneybanks - 2/17/2011, 1:29 AM

This dialogue is terrible...

She needs to stand up and do twirl...why you ask?..well my reasons are two fold..

1: So we can see what she's like doing the WW twirl..cos thats got to be convincing
2: So we can see the goods...i mean rack and back..
superman7 - 2/17/2011, 3:11 AM
I'm pretty sure that wonder woman is the exact opposite of insecure. That whole dialogue about being self aware of her own breasts is everything wonder woman isn't. It sucks that she can't really act, b/c she really does look the part.

But really, i think the lines have a lot to do with her presentation.

ashamed, she sure is might perty. Was i the only guy who forgot what her face looked like by the end of the video?
JustinMSalvato - 2/17/2011, 7:57 AM
Nice boobs.
GodzillaKart - 2/17/2011, 11:08 AM
She would have been great in the role, but the show is going to suck regardless.
Bartman87 - 2/17/2011, 11:33 PM
If they have this type of dialogue in the series it is so going to bomb. Do people not get the whole idea of Wonder Woman? she is confident and holds up to her male counterparts. I understand that she may not be as popular as other characters in the DC universe but to make her into the Ally McBeal of superheroes is just a horrible idea.
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