Wonder Woman Villains Who Deserve Film Treatment. My Top 10. By ARESWW3

Wonder Woman Villains Who Deserve Film Treatment. My Top 10. By ARESWW3

I´ve been reading a lot of people saying that WW doesn´t have a good rogues gallery. With the justice League movie coming up and many people hoping for spin-offs, the C.W. WW Tv show, as well as the exciting Man Of steel Trailer arriving I decided to have a look at Wonder Woman´s rogues gallery and see which ones would translate well to Film, TV or animation. Enjoy.
I hope this list proves them wrong.

I´ve been reading a lot of people saying that WW doesn´t have a good rogues gallery. This really doesn´t make sense to me, I think her gallery is actually quite up there. Not as good as Batman or Daredevils, but whose is? She is definitely on pah with Superman and Green Lantern, for instance, who don´t have many great ones, but the ones that are good are some of the best in comic book history.
Even some of my favorite characters like the Hulk, don´t have nearly as many potentially iconic villains as WW. I think whats happened is people judge her by her silliest ones, or, ones that come out of the silver age, but even Batman´s silver age foes were a joke. I think she needs an animated series to establish some of her Rogues to the world, because honestly she´s got some real cool and really different ones as well.

1. Alkyone


This chick scares me. She reminds me of what the evil chick in Misery would be like if she had super powers. She´s a psychological match for WW, and she´s very strong, with cool magical weapons. Most of all being her magic Bow and Arrow, with arrow tips made of the tears of Medusa. She´s also a skilled warrior and general, but most of all she´s a sick puppy obsessed with Hyppolita, Queen of the Amazons, with a predilliction for infanticide, who believes in her cause, that the only way to return Paradise Island back to its former harmony, is to rid it of the dragon child Diana princess of Themyscira.

Best Medium: Film and animated series

2. Dr. Psycho


A psychiatrist, with telepathic powers used for deadly hypnotic suggestions. I think he´s really a fantastic foil for WW, and presents a deadly threat to her allies and friends.

Best Medium: I´d say to start with in an animated series, so people take him seriously, cause he´s actually quite a nasty piece of work, who is quite different from any other mainstream or well known super villain.

3. Ares


Ares is one of the most unfortunately underused villains of Wonder Woman. He has the real potential to be a sick archnemisis, and such cool powers. The man could take on the Justice League with ease, but they just don´t get it. He forces WW to see the paradox of her mission for peace when she herself is a warrior. He is both physical threat and psychological. He´s her true foil. A force of nature, who delights in death, finds salvation in destruction and lives only to create anarchy. He´s also very pertinent to the world we live in now with all the conflict he could exploit and so many angles could be taken, he could really become quite a dark distressing figure if used properly but alas DC just don´t get it. I hope at some point they do a dark edgy WW graphic novel with Ares as the main villain, but with an edgier more modern take on the character than Perez´s brilliant work in the 80s.

Best Medium: Main villain of WW film, dark graphic novel

4. Cheetah


Another trully outstanding villain, who hasn´t been given her due. Known as WW archenemy, I´m not sure she deserves the mantle, I´m yet to be convinced. But what Greg Rucka recently did with the character has really developed her as a force to be reckoned with. Barbera Minerva an archeologist in search for immortality is granted her wish, but is cursed by the spirit who gave it to her to hunger for flesh. She becomes a slave to the curse and the need for flesh, constantly bonded by her unquenchable thirst. I think again the mark of good villain, like The Joker, is how many ways you can interpret the character and give them a fresh life; Geoff Johns proved recently just how adaptable Cheetah is. So while I don´t agree Cheetah should be WW arch villain, that spot should be taken by my top 3 on the list, I do however think Cheetah is an excellent villain and one of WW best.

Best Medium: WW animated series, Animated film sequel

5. Genocide


She´s basically WW doomsday or Bane. She is more than a physical match for WW, and is possessed by Ares with a lust for death and destruction, exactly the forces WW has been sent to oppose.

Best Medium: Another Graphic Novel, maybe as a back up to Ares, or is set up by Ares in an earlier Graphic Novel. The final chapter in a series of darker WW films.

6. Dr. Poison


What a great villain to update. Possibly for a Wonder woman Earth One comic. I mean first of all just look at her. It is such a distinctive look and poison such a twisted method of harming victims, but again unfortunately underused. I personally would turn her into a preop transexual serial killer with a predilliction for using unknowing test subjects in experiments to trial deadly toxins. As it stands not her very skin and body has absorbed the deadly poisons she experiments with making her a living breathing toxin.

Best Medium: Animated show, darker graphic novel.

7. Circe


I haven´t much to say about Circe. Most people know her, an evil sorceress who has no time what so ever for Mans World, and looks down on mortals as weak and there to be subjegated. Again a great villain. Kind of WW Ras Al Ghul, or has that potential.

Best Medium: Animated, possibly somewhere in a film as well.

8. The Hellions


Now these are my personal favorites, unfortunately they´ve only had one appearance in Gail Simones run. They are the children of Ares. Brother Spider, Brother Goat, Brother Scorpian, Brother Rat and Brother Adder are the 5 half sibling children of Ares. They walk around in prep school clothes, using mannered and articulate speech to sarcastically denounce violence and civil unrest while infact being the instigators of it. Using subtle suggestions and manipulation to cause it, hiding behind their innocent and polite demeanor.

There powers are explained thus: The Crow Children act by talking, though it's clearly not normal social interaction - their words have an impossibly convincing effect when it comes to seeding hatred, resentment, envy, defiance and the like. Victims will even experience mild hallucination as a result of dissonance, for instance perceiving a trusted ally as demonically deformed to try to reconcile the words of the Crow Children about that person with reality.

Just cool

Best Medium: I think safest bet would be a Graphic Novel and animated series.

9. Veronica Cale


I thank the heavens that Elizebeth Hurly was never seen by the general public as Veronica Cale in the cancelled WW TV show. It was actually the worst thing about the show, the woman can´t act. I must admit, I myself always thought of Veronica Cale as a Lex Luthor rip off, and in many ways she is, but she´s nonetheless compelling in her own right, a Dallas born business tycoon and genius who´s worked for everything she has and feels WW has stolen her glory, but now spends her time plotting with some of Wonder Womans most dangerous foes often concocting diabolic plans to undermine her. It is unfortunate she´s a bit like Lex, but I think her personal style is just different enough to make her a pretty cool and relatable villain. Plus she has this extra sexual charisma, twisting everyone around her finger with a Femme Fetalle/Southern Bell kind of swag.

Best Medium: Film and animated series.

10. Medusa and the Gorgons

We all know her, the chic that turns people to Stone, but Medusa in WW is always joined by her equally twisted sisters Euryale and Stheno. They seek vengence on Athena and therefore her greatest champion WW, for banishing them to languish in Tarterus, and Medusa for separating her from her one love Poseidon. WW and Medusa have some class A smack downs, in which WW has frequently had to fight blind folded, even once pouring acid into her eye to prevent Medusa transforming her to Stone. I know its an old concept, but WW writers especially Greg Rucka have made her their own.

Best Medium: Absolutely perfect for a TV show, action packed smack down.

Any way, hope you enjoyed and I hope I don´t sound too preachy, but it just astonishes me people say WW´s rogues are so weak. OK she has her Egg Fu´s and Minister Blizzard´s, but superman and batman have their Colnel Future´s and Crazy Quilt´s between them. To have at least 10 is pretty good going, it´s better than Iron Man or even Green Lantern I believe. As I said some are highly original as well. Anyway let me know your thoughts and any I´ve missed out.
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aresww3 - 12/13/2012, 1:04 PM
Knightofsteel - Yeah thats true, before new 52 the themyscirians are an advanced but peaceful civilization.
6of13 - 12/13/2012, 1:21 PM
Nice write-up. Good choices...Thumbs up from me

I would like to see Thermiscyrae not only cloaked/hidden by magic and technology but temporally i.e hidden in time where time on the island passes by a slower rate than in the rest of the world.
jjk2814 - 12/13/2012, 1:29 PM
I'd take any of these villains in a movie any day. I personally believe Wonder Woman deserves a movie. I have always loved Greek/Roman Mythology so I've loved the New 52 Wonder Woman comic. Take that to film and I would love it, maybe its too big of a risk though. I don't know. Hell, their making another one of those Percy Jackson movies, so they seem to have an audience that would follow the basic mythology into any franchise.

Here's what bugs me though, every comic book movie HAS to be a major multi-hundred million dollar budget blockbuster. I don't see why. Wonder Woman could be a superhero movie that is fully portrayed to be our "reality." The old gods have taken human forms and are causing trouble. In the end of course you want a big payoff with a fully armoured Ares making a mess of D.C. or something, pour your budget into the finale, and just make a neat, cheaper movie.

I'd take story over spectacle any day just to finally see these characters on film.
aresww3 - 12/13/2012, 3:31 PM

That time things not a bad idea, might have to steal that for the WW screenplay I´m working on ;) serious though good idea.


I like the New 52 general story, but I don´t like how Azz messed with WW origin. But yeah I think having a more subtle story, where Ares minions have some how taken human form and infiltrated all areas of commerse gov and military ready to pluge the world into war would be very cool.
Alphadog - 12/13/2012, 3:37 PM
The reason why the gods and the amazonians can't have advanced tecnology is because they have now knowlodge of the outside world or of their science. So they wouldn't have modern day tissue for clothes or have electricity.
Luminus - 12/13/2012, 3:45 PM
Wow, what a terrible rogues gallery. Genocide is the only one who looks interesting. No wonder they have trouble making a movie with her. Your movie is only as good as your villain.
FirstAvenger - 12/13/2012, 4:37 PM
^ I agree.
DrDoom - 12/13/2012, 5:29 PM
Like Levitikuz, I thought the animated Wonder Woman movie was great. Use it as a template, but it also was very limited in how much of Wonder Woman's universe was shown. Greek mythology is one of the richest universes in fiction, and her best analog to Marvel is probably Thor, where she comes from an unknown, magical world full of incredibly powerful beings. Really hope she gets the film she deserves.
aresww3 - 12/13/2012, 6:03 PM
davidpds - I know but originally and in my favorite runs the Amazons were not actually barbarians they were highly advanced, and considering the DC universe is a world where an invulnerable man can practically only be stopped by a piece of green rock, I think applying logic isn´t really worth it, it´s fantasy. In any case different cultures have had similar mathmatical and scientific revolutions completely independent of each other all you need is great minds-

Luminus - whats so bad about them? I´m genuinely interested. Its hard to just do such brief descriptions so maybe I didn´t do them justice, I think if you read certain runs of WW they´re written really well. But hey!!

Levitikuz - Ah my sworn enemy, its been to long since we´ve not seen eye to eye, we need to start some controversy again, we may have to get Sotojuiceman to get our engines reving again.
about the island I also think thats a problem. Its hard to say how to deal with it. I thought it could be part of another dimension at first, but thinking about that that limits certain narrative possibilities, like tension between the world and this highly advanced but peaceful nation that props up. I think the best thing is some highly advanced cloaking system and a really good script that allows people to just accept it as a reality. I think also the Gods should come in later, they have long abandoned earth for Mount Olympus, since no one continues to praise them, only the prisoners of Paradise Island remain like Ares, circe and Medusa etc etc Maybe Tarterus can be an underground prison just off Paradise Island, where all the dangerous gods have been held and the amazons were their tasked by the gods to prevent their escape to the world.

Thanks for all your comments.
Luminus - 12/13/2012, 6:59 PM
@aresww3: Wonder Woman just doesn't have a good rogues gallery. Aside from the one I mentioned, they all look bland and uninteresting. Ares just looks like a Gladiator (X-Men) wanna-be, and I can't stand him.
aresww3 - 12/13/2012, 10:36 PM
@ luminus - thats cool, but Ares did have that costume way before Gladiator in the X-Men. But I guess you don´t like´em. who do you reckon has good rogues galleries outside the obvious xmen batman daredevil spiderman?
jjk2814 - 12/13/2012, 10:39 PM
Aresww3...Levitikuz...you guys are sworn enemies...say whaaat??? But I like you both...don't be fightin'
jjk2814 - 12/13/2012, 10:44 PM
I do support the idea of a less technologically advanced Amazonian race because it could set them aside from say, The Asgardians. I always see them as a race of pure warriors of a bygone era that have perfected their art of war to point that no matter what technology is thrown at them, they can fight it. May not always win, but are not to be trifled with.

And I in regard to The New 52, I have nothing but respect to somehow who has an investment in Wonder Woman's history and origin. I, myself, didn't have much of a problem with Azzarello's interpretation. I sorta saw it as a modification more than an outright change. But I would bow to anyone's opinion if it is more educated than mine in the ways of Wonder Woman
aresww3 - 12/14/2012, 9:37 AM
jj2841 - Yeah but thats really not how Marston (creator WW) wrote it, and he came way before Thor. I don´t like this continual association between Thor and WW, they´re completely different.. I like them both, but just cause one has Greek Mythology and the other Norse doesn´t make them similar, he´s a demigod, she isn´t. The Amazons are also a very different society, often at odds and in conflict with the Gods. They are not Gods themselves. Diana is Athena´s gift to her greatest Earthly patron Hyppolyta that is why she has powers, not because she is a demigod herself. Also I think the fact that all woman society could be technologically advanced is very cool and progressive rather than making them backward in comparison to Mans World, and thats what WW mythology is all about. The reason they only use swords and backward weapons is because they´re a peaceful society, they don´t build weapons technology, but they do have other benign technology, like medical etc.
gmoney0505 - 12/14/2012, 2:53 PM
Never actually read a WW comic, but you gave some good description of her villains for me. She deserves at least an animated series for at least the girls of the world.

If they can make a movie that has the feel of the Wonder Woman animated film, then I am all for it. The movie caught me off guard at the beginning with the war between Ares and Hyppolyta. With Hyppolyta doing the unthinkable at the very beginning just made the movie so great. It had great voice casting and a very good story to it.

aresww3 - 12/14/2012, 3:02 PM
Knightofsteel - really looking forward to that sketch man.

gmoney - I think the animated movie was excellent and just shows the potential WW has for her own movie or even animated series. But I should say this isn´t just a WW problem wheres Flash. He was really successful in the animated show, they should have at least done a Flash cartoon or film or animated film. But I don´t know what DC are trying to do, it looks to me like they´re are trying to bankrupt their company. They must realise there will come a time when people just get fed up of Batman and Superman. Man Of Steel may wake them up, cause I think its going to be a superb movie, but it may also make them complacent, thinking they can still just rely on Superman and Batman. It won´t work and Marvel are making all their b c and d teir characters into comicbook rockstars, by giving them movies.
aresww3 - 12/16/2012, 10:05 AM
knightofsteel - love that genocide origin, really cool.
Nightvoice - 2/9/2013, 2:19 PM
More so than any other comic book hero (excepting possibly Howard the Duck), Wonder Woman has incredible potential to suck if it's not done right. A take similar to Thor would work. No matter how you present her, it's going to hairlip somebody; if she's too feminine, you'll rile the feminists. If she's too hetero, you'll anger the lesbians. Etc. If I were a studio, I'd walk away from this one unless Nolan is signed up for it.

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