Bryan Singer, Nicholas Hoult And More Discuss X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - "It's An Inbetwequel"

Bryan Singer, Nicholas Hoult And More Discuss X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - "It's An Inbetwequel"

Bryan Singer and more discuss X-Men: DOFP in this new interview from the Jack the Giant Slayer premiere. We also have official confirmation of John Ottman's involvement.

Bryan Singer, along with Nicholas Hoult have been making the rounds for their new film Jack the Giant Slayer, and with that, the director and star have been getting several questions regarding the new X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. In this latest video interview , Singer, Nicholas "Hank McCoy" Hoult and John Ottman (who confirms his involvement in the film as editor) discuss topics such as CG, the question if the film is either a sequel or a prequel and more. Check out the video (via the folks over at ClevverMovies) below!

Singer: "Certain things we'll use SimulCam for, which enables us to project certain objects into the space, maybe certain motion-capture technologies, I'm not necessarily going to have CG characters in X-Men, but we'll be using that technology.

"It's not totally different, it relates to the movies but it relates to both X-Men: First Class and the other X-Men pictures. So it is it's own thing in a way, it's not a sequel, it's not a prequel it's a "inbetwequel"."

X-Men: Days Of Future Past stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Anna Paquin and Shawn Ashmore. The film is set to hit theaters July 18th, 2014.

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LEEE777 - 2/28/2013, 12:32 PM
I hope all this time travel WIPES out past movies!!!

(Fox's twisted x-verse history)

Get the X-movies closer to what the comic book we all know and love are...

Yeah Singer... I doubt it.

Come on CABLE! : P
RexDartEskimoSpy - 2/28/2013, 12:32 PM
My goal for the day is to work "inbetwequel" into a real-world conversation. Wish me luck!
jimoakley666 - 2/28/2013, 12:47 PM
The presenters forced grin id freaking me the [frick] out. It's like she's got wind or something.

Really looking forward to the movie though. Very very interesting.
marvel72 - 2/28/2013, 12:49 PM
this movie has got so much potential but we are talking about fox here,they've made more bad comic book movies then good ones.
DanteSparda - 2/28/2013, 12:53 PM
dellamorte1872 - 2/28/2013, 12:56 PM
if they dont do MUTANT MASSACRE they should do a lil FALL of the MUTANTS that was a cool 80s series
Rhino4508 - 2/28/2013, 1:12 PM
Isn't Sebastian Shaw actually Mr. Sinister?
MrYurMomm - 2/28/2013, 1:13 PM
I barely saw First Class last night, it was the best of the X-Men franchise, but was on par with the first Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America. Nowhere near Kick-ass, Iron-Man, The Dark Kinght (my only favorite Nolan Batman film) Hellboy (both films) or The Avengers, by any means. I am hopeful that Singer can bring that epicness of the first two X-Men, minus the campy leather suits, to Days of Future Past. I really wanna like this film, so i'm reserving my judgement until the film comes out and I see it twice. My college professor always reminded us, whenever we see a movie, the first time watch it for entertainment, the second time watch it for analyzing the underlying themes and structure of the movie, so it's no biased, and to absorb it as a whole.
Rhino4508 - 2/28/2013, 1:15 PM
Nvm I just googled it. I guess I just thought he was because of the way first class ended, with Shaw being bleach white and a red line in the middle of his forehead from having the coin pushed through it. Not to mention his interest in mutant genetics.
Tony93 - 2/28/2013, 1:18 PM
I have a feeling this may be the best x men film..
he better make this work.. it can be the one that fixes everything
superotherside - 2/28/2013, 1:26 PM
How about a reboot with Marvel Studios?
Rhino4508 - 2/28/2013, 1:27 PM

yeah I googled it but thank you!
AC1 - 2/28/2013, 1:30 PM
I honestly don't know what to make of this movie. I'm not excited for it, but I'm not against it - I'm indifferent, because I just have no idea what to think. The word 'cluster[frick]' springs to mind.
marvel72 - 2/28/2013, 1:37 PM
@ jCameron

"X-men 2 better than most of the solo movies of the MCU"

(YAWN!) yeah we know how you feel you say it every x-men article.
BruceLeroy - 2/28/2013, 1:39 PM
The X-Men will never reach their full potential under Fox. As long as Fox continues to butcher everything involving the X-Men, nothing will change.
MrYurMomm - 2/28/2013, 1:40 PM

How about you stop stating that your opinions are fact? Opinions are subjective to each individual. Stop trying to act superior and please be courteous to the fellow CBM community. You sound like one of those people that claim that iPhone's are the best and that Blackberry's and Android are shit. Still, those are also subjective. Like for example, many people didn't like Cloverfield due to is shaky handycam nature of filming, yet I and many other people enjoyed the hell out of the film, albeit, a bit fewer than those that disliked it, yet still there are those that do like it.

Keep an open mind and do not stay on one side of the tracks, so to speak. I recommend that you take my advice into consideration, as you receive alot of hate. I myself have projected this hate towards you in the past, and am truly sorry, as I am tuning over a new leaf. I hope you can forgive me for my past actions. I cannot change the past, but for damn sure, I can change the future. As previously stated, please heed my advice, as I do not wish to see any CBM individual to receive such negative comments and personal insults towards them. It puts a bad rep for these fanboys. Be the better man, and act mature. Act your age, not your shoe size. Show the CBM community what it means to be a mature respectable individual.

Have a great day!
DukeAcureds - 2/28/2013, 1:50 PM
Inbetweequel. Diggit.
MrYurMomm - 2/28/2013, 2:01 PM

I personally have a MyTouch 4G, yet I want the new Nokia phones that have just been announced, the 105 or the 301, preferably the 301 as my back-up/emergency phone, should anything happen to the android based one. But once that income tax return hits the bank, its a Nexus 4 for me buddy. Nexus FTW!
DukeAcureds - 2/28/2013, 2:16 PM
MrYurMomm@ I dig what you're saying (about turning over a new leaf and such). Fanboys in general, usually complain a lot, because we are hard to please. There is so much that we want and it makes us fat and irritable little bastards. But, recently, we have been pleased a lot. Okay, so whether or not the recent cbms have all been perfect movies is, like you say, a matter of opinion. But most of them are extremely pleasing in many geeky ways. I mean, we got The Avengers, for fvcks sake! And Green Lantern (shitty though it was)! And okay, so the ending of TDKR rubed everyone the wrong way, but it's still a pretty pleasing trilogy, despite it's failings.
Since X-Men, fanboys have been getting more and more of the things we always dreamed of. I feel as though, recently, we have reached a place where we should be quite satisfied with the things that have come out, in comics, film, TV and video games. Geeks have been waited on hand and foot by eager-to-please corporations who realise that we are indeed wise keepers of mythological power and not just hermited virgins. They have ealised that if they gave us what we wanted then they would also be giving everybody what they didn't know they wanted and they would make a lot of money.
So I feel as though we should all be just a little less grumpy, now. Especially in a post-Avengers world. I'm not being a Marvelite or a Whedonite or whatever, but Avengers was a milestone, in our culture. I can't believe we've made it that far. X-Men - Days of Future Past is another fanboy wet dream come to life and Man of Steel is obviously gonna be awesome.
In the past we have all ben grumpy, demanding, troll-like cvnts, because we've had to be. If we weren't, then we wouldn't have manipulated events to the point where we got Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy or the MCU or even (to stay slightly on topic) Days of Future Past.
Without fat, ginger bastards like Harry Knowles, bitching and moaning, we might not even have the really shitty movies like Ghost Rider and The Spirit (which I, like many geeky fvckers, secretly love).
So, yeah, I've noticed a lot of us are conciously or unconciously making the effort to chill the fvck out and be a little bit happier.
There has been a great spiritual evolution in geeks, fanboys, fangirls and lovers of cbms all over cyberspace, recently. Life is good. Right?
Deadpool727 - 2/28/2013, 2:21 PM
Yeah yeah, just bring back these two:

Deadpool727 - 2/28/2013, 2:26 PM

You. I like you.
Luminus - 2/28/2013, 2:33 PM
Can we have Angel actually do something, this time? Yes?
DukeAcureds - 2/28/2013, 2:41 PM
Deadpool@ You. You.
FirstAvenger - 2/28/2013, 2:45 PM
Inbetweequel? What the heck is that?!?
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 2/28/2013, 2:52 PM
inbetweenquel???? oh c'mon, hollywood. lmbo
Jollem - 2/28/2013, 2:53 PM
it's better than "threequel"
Giznad - 2/28/2013, 3:08 PM
I'm a little worried about Jack the Giant Slayer underperforming a tad. It just worries me a little. Not if Michael Biehn was Cable, though. :)
DrDoom - 2/28/2013, 3:09 PM

I don't get it either. This movie will likely be as mediocre as the rest of the X-Men movies. In fact, it's very possible it'll collapse under its own weight.
TheSuperguy - 2/28/2013, 3:17 PM
*cough* X4!!*cough**cough*
shamo - 2/28/2013, 3:33 PM
this movie has alot of buzz considering it won't be out till next year. if Wolverine is as epic as its supposed to be this will be the highest grossing CBM of 2014.
shamo - 2/28/2013, 3:34 PM
@Mrmartin, X:MFC (which Singer produced and wrote the story for) was the most critically acclaimed CBM of the year.
MrYurMomm - 2/28/2013, 3:43 PM

Great response and also amazing valid points! I absolutely agree that way about the fan-bases complaints turning the comic book movie industry around, but as you said, in a post Avengers and Nolan's Batman trilogy world, we all do seriously need to chill out. Bravo sir, bravo. You have earned my respect to the up most level. Have an upvote.

DukeAcureds - 2/28/2013, 3:54 PM
Cheers@ MrYurMomm, that's awesome.
xMichaelxScottx - 2/28/2013, 4:11 PM
He better not screw this up! There hasn't been one X-men movie that I absolutely loved. The best one got a "Eh, it was good but...." Yeah so this one better be great because something tells me Wolverine isn't going to be Super great like others keep hoping for. First Class was such a let down.
murl1956 - 2/28/2013, 4:26 PM
I generally enjoyed all of the X-Movies to some extent, but I'll never forgive Singer for not making Wolverine short, squat and mean(er).
Franshu - 2/28/2013, 5:41 PM
Sir... you have now earned my absolute respect. Bravo.
mctrinket - 2/28/2013, 10:36 PM
Singer sucks in so many ways. This flick will be a mess.
CharacterAssassin - 2/28/2013, 11:06 PM
This movie is gonna end up smack dab inbetween suck and fest.
pepe - 3/1/2013, 4:00 AM
Singer is going to get Inbetwequeled with my fists...
Azazel1 - 3/1/2013, 5:42 AM
Before all the haters go off about how bad Fox is, how great Marvel studios is and how bad a director Singer is-

Keep in mind that X men 2 was a better movie than Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Ironman 2 in other words, MOST of the MCU.

First Class was perhaps not as good but as X-2 but I would take it any day over Captain America...
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