Bryan Singer Updates X-Men: First Class; Hellfire Club Villains & Silver Age Setting

Bryan Singer Updates <i>X-Men: First Class</i>; Hellfire Club Villains & Silver Age Setting

Producer Bryan Singer drops major details for the Matthew Vaughn-directed X-Men: First Class explaining the film's silver age setting, and much more. Check it Out!

Bryan Singer, who not only directed the first two 'X-Men' films from the trilogy, was also was offered the director's chair for FOX's latest installment X-Men: First Class. Now only serving as producer, Singer unfortunately had to turn it down due to his commitment to Jack the Giant Killer. And now with Matthew Vaughn tapped as director of the mutant-flick with an ensemble cast & filming set for next month, Singer now gives a great length update with Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News on the upcoming prequel.

"The film takes place in the 1960's. John F Kennedy is the President of the United States. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are on TV doing marches. There is a spirit of a hopeful future that was prevalent in that time. We will see how Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr met - and how they dreamt of a future with Mutant & Human kind.

They're going to be in their late twenties. Xavier will not be in his wheelchair to begin the film - but we will see how he wound up in a wheelchair. We're going to see Professor X when he still had hair. We'll see McAvoy and Fassbender's Magneto formulate what it is they are attempting by creating the X-MEN.

Now Bryan wanted us to know this is not the conventional "First Class" comic, but rather a new beginning for "X-Men". Set in the 60s - Vaughn is technologically inspired by James Bond's tech of the time. The costumes will be far more comic bookish than we've seen before, and while Scott and Jean aren't here,Cyclops' brother Alex Summers aka Havoc will be

With January Jones and Kevin Bacon playing Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw, as speculated, we'll be getting the "Hellfire Club". AICN commented that the "Hellfire Club" has always felt like something that it would be wrong to modernize, as it felt as though it were something specific to the swinging Hefner era of the 60s... and Bryan said"that's exactly why they're making use of the HELLFIRE CLUB... the dress and the costumes associated with that glorious period of the X-MEN... belong in the 60s."

"filming will begin with Xavier at Oxford University in the 60s. And Bryan is excited that the film is going to have a much more international feel than the prior X-MEN movies. They'll be shooting in England & the United States - and they'll be representing other locales around the globe as well, but would only tell me that Russia (aka The Soviet Union... CCCP) will be amongst them. He doesn't want to show all the cards just yet. But the International flavor will give the film a more James Bond vibe... I get the idea that this is going to be something quite special."

The First Class roster so far includes James McAvoy (Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), January Jones (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Beast),Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), Lucas Till (Havok), and Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw), Edi Gathegi(Darwin), Jason Flemyng (Azazel), Rose Byrne (Dr. Moira MacTaggert), Zoe Kravitz (Angel), and Oliver Platt (the man in black).

And the X-Men forces into theaters Jun 3, next year.

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JoshWilding - 8/20/2010, 5:52 PM
Honestly? It sounds shit. The fact it'll be set in the 1960's and will be a "silver age" CBM is interesting and I imagine they'll be in something very close to the classic yellow and black costumes. Regardless, it seems that this is indeed a prequel to Singer's movies rather than a fresh start which is awful news. I would have happily gone along with the 1960's setting had it been a reboot but this whole concept sounds like a complete insult to the comic book...who the [frick] at Fox thought it would be a good idea to ignore the source material and make all this crap up!?

This film might have a good cast but the characters arent in the least bit interesting. Havok? Darwin? Raven? Angel Salvadore? Who the [frick] wants to see an X-Men: First Class with a team like that!? I could live without Angel and Iceman if I had to, but no Scott and probably no Jean? Unbelievable. I should have known Bryan Singer's involvement would result in a movie that takes a big 'ol dump all over the comic books. I'd forgiven it up until this point because of the great direction but I should have expected an idiotic story like this from the woman who wrote a [frick]ing jetpack into the end of Kick-Ass.

Nice find anyway DCMF! :)
Protonite - 8/20/2010, 5:58 PM
Anything Singer's involved in, has great potential to be absolute crap.
TANKGIRL - 8/20/2010, 5:59 PM
nice find DCMF

the only thing that could safe x-men x-reboot

JoshW couldn't agree more you red my mind
Dynamo - 8/20/2010, 6:00 PM
Typical, Cyclops gets the shaft yet again. Great one Fox...
Curmudgeon - 8/20/2010, 6:03 PM
Thanks. That was a much needed infodump for this film. :)

I like the thought that we'll be getting retro costumes.

And while I'm sure that LEEE has either already or is about to come in to bash the film for not having the original five, I have to say... I kind of like that the possibilities are wide open for the filmverse.
KALel3412 - 8/20/2010, 6:05 PM
another singer/fox/marvel failure
JoshWilding - 8/20/2010, 6:09 PM
I'm not a violent man and by no means some fanboy who's obsessed with everything being EXACTLY like the comic books. Sometimes things need to be changed. Sometimes it's better when they are. However, reading this (and assuming it's down to Singer, the same man who ignored the comic books in his past X-Men movies and almost killed off the Superman movie franchise) makes me hope that the man dies. I dont care whether this gets dozens of 5* reviews and is wonderfully directed. It's such an insult to the comic books and characters I care about, it sickens me.
P862010 - 8/20/2010, 6:15 PM
umm guys who the hell would cyclops be in the 1960's if marsden was like 26 when he was cast in x men 1 which took place in the 90's
Gearstation - 8/20/2010, 6:16 PM
I wonder, if this film is a success, could it lead to even more period piece superhero movies? Watchmen remained being set in the 80's and it worked. Imagine a Superman or Batman movie based in the 30's! Phone booths and fedoras, tommy-guns and pin striped suited gangsters! Or even a Spider-Man 2099! Or Hulk set during atomic testing in the 60's. Maybe someday the studios will take chances like these.
P862010 - 8/20/2010, 6:22 PM
well it is in the 60's not 80's

they obviously have a set vision and story that does not need an abundant of mutants
JoshWilding - 8/20/2010, 6:29 PM
Just how many ways does this movie [frick] with the previous film, and comic book, continuity?

- Alex Summers is a part of the X-Men 15/20 years before his brother.

- Sebastian Shaw would be an old man/dead by the time of the X1, 2 and 3.

- Emma Frost is an adult member of the Hellfire Club here, yet she was a teenager in Wolverine.

- If Beast is a teenager here, that must make him about 50/60 in X-Men 3.

There's just a few examples of how this movie shows zero repect for the comic books and make no sense in terms of staying withing the continuity of the other Fox X-Men films. Who the [frick] thought this whole idiotic concept would be a good idea!?!

In the words of my good friend LEE...

[frick] THE REBOOT!!!

'Nuff said. Although it's not so much a reboot as it is a huge mess of a movie. [frick] you very much Bryan Singer.
Protonite - 8/20/2010, 6:30 PM
@P862010 - Oh, so it's not okay to have Cyclops in the 60s because he would not have been born, but somehow his younger brother's in it? LAME!!
InTylerWeTrust - 8/20/2010, 6:34 PM
Well, um, yeah, cool, maybe? I wasn't very interested in another X-film to begin with, so yeah. Maybe it'll turn out better than it sounds.
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 6:39 PM
Sounds ok. I'm imagining the Star Trek thing they are talking about will involve Havok going back in time.

@Josh-I can answer all of those with two words,Time Travel?
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 6:42 PM
This movies gonna be odd.

I'm intrigued by the......."WWAT THE F***?" factor.
P862010 - 8/20/2010, 6:47 PM
@Protonite Havoc has not been in any x films so even tho is comics he is younger he is basically fair game

KeithM - 8/20/2010, 6:53 PM
Xavier has hair? :facepalm:

"By the time he graduated high school, Charles was completely bald as a side effect of his mutant nature."

Next thing you know, they'll seal up Deadpool's mouth... oh wait!

Singer you have no respect. I fart in your general direction.
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 6:53 PM
Cyclops,THE best X-Man IMO gets shafted for Darwin. WTF.

Possible titles=
-"X-Men:C grade"
-"Time traveling Mutants."
-"X-Men:Anything but the "First Class"
MovieTheaterLad - 8/20/2010, 6:57 PM

Just because we know who is going to be in this movie, doesn't mean we don't know WHEN things will happen or when people will appear in this movie.

For all we know, they could skip ahead every couple of years or back in forth.

Remember how they did that in LOST? It could be just like that.
Creature - 8/20/2010, 6:59 PM
Oh god no..
Creature - 8/20/2010, 7:02 PM
I'm calling it now..
[frick] the prequel
Protonite - 8/20/2010, 7:03 PM
@P862010 - Fair game? So what, they're gonna make him Scott's daddy now? Or perhaps his much much much older brother? And that sounds appealing to an X-Men comic-book fan, how? Wait a probably think the Wolverine movie was a masterpiece, don't you?
LucasMend - 8/20/2010, 7:03 PM
This is shit NO JEAN OR SCOTT?

That movie will fail and I hope they give up of the rights for GOD [frick]ING SAKE
ezio619 - 8/20/2010, 7:04 PM
horrible just horrible
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 7:06 PM
Poni- Cheers mate! "X-Men:Bryan Singers First Class of unrelated mutants in a [frick]ed up universe that constantly fluxes.
LucasMend - 8/20/2010, 7:07 PM
BTW Singer you are a piece of shit.
MovieTheaterLad - 8/20/2010, 7:07 PM

"And that sounds appealing to an X-Men comic-book fan, how?"

It'll potentially make Havok alot more popular.

And who wouldn't want that? Havok's awesome and deserves the spotlight.
jazzman - 8/20/2010, 7:08 PM
what is Bryan Singer problem with Cyclops they f@%ked him over again tried to defend this movie but damn this is fricking poor

X-Men: No Class At All
RockNRollCC - 8/20/2010, 7:08 PM
Marvel, i am at your knees. PLEASE GET THE X-MEN RIGHTS BACK!!!!!!!
Protonite - 8/20/2010, 7:12 PM
@MovieTheaterLad - See Poni's last post.
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 7:14 PM
@MTL-Havok gets the spot light but Cyclops doesn't.

MovieTheaterLad - 8/20/2010, 7:15 PM

Okay. And?
jazzman - 8/20/2010, 7:17 PM
im going to use my ninja skill and slice and dice Bryan Singer
InTylerWeTrust - 8/20/2010, 7:19 PM
X-Men: They've Obviously Never Taken Their First Class On Film Continuity
Dynamo - 8/20/2010, 7:20 PM
I thought with Wolverine gone Cyclops would get the chance to shine. Obviously Singer doesn't agree. You [frick]ed us with Superman Returns and now you [frick] us again.
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/20/2010, 7:20 PM
Zarina is not pleased by this movie. Instead I will see Thor, Captain america and Green lantern and ignore this first class movie.
Dynamo - 8/20/2010, 7:21 PM
@Starsapphire, You said it. This doesn't even register in my superhero movies of 2011.
AshleyWilliams - 8/20/2010, 7:22 PM
^Good one Tyler.
X-Men:Let's ruin Matthew Vaughn's otherwise awesome career.
jazzman - 8/20/2010, 7:25 PM
X-Men: We Shafted Cyclops Once Again
X-Men: Thomas Rothman we dont care its all about the money
X-Men: Hi all i'm Bryan Singer the same guy who screw Cyclops and Superman please watch carry on watching my movies cause im a comic book fan like you :)
P862010 - 8/20/2010, 7:25 PM
the chance of getting sentinels is very high

i like
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