COMICS: The War With S.H.I.E.L.D. Continues In First Look At UNCANNY X-MEN #22

COMICS: The War With S.H.I.E.L.D. Continues In First Look At UNCANNY X-MEN #22

The X-Men are ready to go to war with S.H.I.E.L.D. over the rogue Sentinel attacks, but first, Magneto returns to the Uncanny X-Men after freeing her her from Mystique's grasp. Hit the jump for a first look at issue #22 from Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo...

• The war between the Uncanny X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. heats up!
• Can Cyclops and his team track down the source of this new brand of sentinels? And is S.H.I.E.L.D. really behind these attacks?

Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
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marvel72 - 6/15/2014, 4:12 PM
loving this series,currently my favorite x-title.
TheBuoyWonder - 6/15/2014, 4:35 PM
Meanwhile in deadpool...
MileHighRonin - 6/15/2014, 4:44 PM
Wow, I need to get back to the marvel universe, haven't really been able to do much with kids. I loved where Cylops was headed. I faded out just before the Siege. Messiah Complex was great, they should use that for the xforce film. Cable must stop Hope. Epic fail on my part.
dethpillow - 6/15/2014, 4:46 PM
@Marvel72 - me too, this is totally the "real" X-Men book right now. like in my feel for X-Men. All-New is cool, but it's not pure X-Men vibe. and X-Factor feels exactly right for what it is...a secondary x-title.

i really thought that i was gonna be most excited about just pure X-Men. especially cuz it's sort of marketed as the all female slant on things. but man, what a not fun book to read. for me. and i haven't read ever issue, but ever time i check in, it's not bad, it just doesn't ever seem to add up to anything. they need to trim the X-tree. make it tight and just leave the good ones.
dethpillow - 6/15/2014, 4:52 PM
like they should have

Uncanny the way it is now
X-Factor way it is now
All-New the way it is now

and then they should do one almost like the tone of last year's Young Avengers,
but have it be some small core group of younger X-Men. but have it be real trippy, totally like how weird Young Avengers got towards the end. i think the one of Wolverine and the little X-Men is supposed to be like this, but i've never liked it much.

and they should just quit it with having separate Cyclops camp and Storm camp books, they just end up running into each other like every issue. just cover it in Uncanny.

and then make a couple solo titles that run for about a year each. and don't call them things like Amazing X-Men, just call them the characters name. like they should do right now, maybe Rogue and Magik.

they need to make it more clear exactly what each title is when they have multiple titles called X-Men or x-related.
MakluIV - 6/15/2014, 5:25 PM
I wanna see Dazzler on the big screen...
SugarYumYum - 6/15/2014, 5:55 PM
Dazzler on the big screen as a mutant pop star/celebrity would bring a bit more depth to the FoX-men films.

Uncanny and All New are the only X-men team books I bother with because they're the only ones that seem to have a point to them. Some consolidation wouldn't bother me a bit. The solo titles are fine, wouldn't mind more of them.
dethpillow - 6/15/2014, 5:59 PM
@MakluIV - Apocalypse is happening supposedly in 1983 it's said now.
so good chance at least for a cameo i think.
i'd be kinda pissed if they didn't do that, u know?

they were trying to get Oh, You Pretty Things in DOFP i think, i remember this old interview with someone who was like, yeah... totally, we are totally have that song in there, we've already been talking about exactly that.

and i don't know what happened.
Bl00dwerK - 6/15/2014, 7:39 PM
So Dazzler is joining Cyke's team? Awesome! Bad days are coming for Mystique...
MrBlackJack - 6/15/2014, 7:50 PM
storyteller - 6/15/2014, 8:01 PM
Once upon a time we would have all laughed at Dazzler.

Now we wouldn't dare speaker a word around her.
SimpleeComplex - 6/16/2014, 3:02 AM
I'm glad Magneto is still associated with the X-men. Like him better this way instead of as a mutant terrorist.
redrobin5554 - 6/16/2014, 7:41 AM
Need to start on this again, recently caught up with the last 3 or so chapters of All New X-Men which has been awesome.

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