Could We See A Fully CG Character In X-MEN: DOFP?

Could We See A Fully CG Character In X-MEN: DOFP?

In an interview with MTV about his upcoming fantasy flick Jack The Giant Slayer, X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer says that he may use the same technology for that movie, implying that we might see a fully computer generated character in the X sequel..

While speaking to MTV about the motion capture technology used to bring the giants to life in Jack The Giant Slayer, Bryan Singer says he's thinking of using some of the same techniques for his follow up to Mathew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class..

I definitely want to use this technology again, and I might even be using some of it in a different way in "X-Men." I don't wanna say how, yet, but I'm definitely using some of this technology on "X-Men" which I never used in any of the other "X-Men" films.

MTV: Are you talking about creating a fully CGI character in "Days of Future Past"?

Singer: That's the thing I don't want to talk about. I'm not sure. I'm doing research on it now.

Now although he doesn't say he's definitely going to use it, obviously the fact that he's even considering it means that a character (or characters) will be involved that will warrant a CG makeover. The most obvious guess is The Sentinels of course, who would most mirror the giants from Jack The Giant Slayer in terms of size at least, but I think they'd be a given. Are there any other possibilities? Sound off below.

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SeaSerpentine - 2/8/2013, 1:15 PM
I hope it's Apocalypse.
DanteSparda - 2/8/2013, 1:15 PM
Sentinels obviously, you don't think they would construct real gigant robots for the movie do you?
Hellsing - 2/8/2013, 1:16 PM
can we get hoult to motion capture for beast please, I mean damn the make up was distracting especially the eyes, it looked like he was [frick]ing cross eyed.
MarkJulian - 2/8/2013, 1:17 PM
Thing, Colossus, Beast, Mystique
SeaSerpentine - 2/8/2013, 1:17 PM
I was talking about just one chracter, not multiple ones.
SuperSpidey - 2/8/2013, 1:20 PM
Iceman springs to mind but mabye thats too small scale.
typicalfanboy - 2/8/2013, 1:23 PM
SuperDude001 - 2/8/2013, 1:23 PM
Colossus, Beast, Iceman.
BANEofExistence - 2/8/2013, 1:24 PM
Nightcrawler! The guy who played the part said he loved the part but the makeup took to long and he didn't like it! Give him the voice acting for the cg Nightctawler! Only other I can think of are Apocolypse, The Blob, Juggernaut,
Paragon79 - 2/8/2013, 1:27 PM
Sentinels would be awesome!
Hellsing - 2/8/2013, 1:30 PM
a cgi storm would be cool it would prevent Halle Berry from [frick]ing up the character even more.
punkstealingluggage - 2/8/2013, 1:38 PM
Iceman would be wicked in full CGI... His powers have yet to look good on screen
Illuminaughty - 2/8/2013, 1:39 PM
MutantEquality - 2/8/2013, 1:40 PM
Colossus, Sentinels and Apocolpse. and if CGI is the only way we are going to see Wolverine in a cowl then do that too.
TheBeard - 2/8/2013, 1:40 PM
MutantEquality - 2/8/2013, 1:40 PM
Juggs as well
CCB1984 - 2/8/2013, 1:40 PM
sounds like Warlock from New Mutants could be in the cards.. how else are they going to be able to take down Sentinels?
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/8/2013, 1:44 PM
Damn i would love to see Sentinels on the big screen.

Apocalypse is my guess also. I hope he is the main villain. Shadow King could be another one.
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/8/2013, 1:45 PM
another cgi character i mean.
MutantEquality - 2/8/2013, 1:50 PM
@CCB1984 Are you serious? The Xmen can take down the Sentinels without Warlock. I mean they are professional at it.
lostrojo - 2/8/2013, 1:51 PM
I hope its the Sentinels, i really do
lostrojo - 2/8/2013, 1:52 PM
ooh or maybe kaiser soze.......oh wait
gambgel - 2/8/2013, 1:54 PM
Sentinels would be an obvious answer. We already know they will appear, so I doubt he's talking about them.

Beast would be a great option, but since we saw Nicholas version on First Class, it doesnt seem likely that Bryan would get rid of the actor or to use him just for motion capture.

Blob would be cool, but we saw him on Origins, so...

who knows? maybe its a different character from the comics to include him on the brotherhood or in the scenes from the future
FirstAvenger - 2/8/2013, 1:55 PM
A shorter Wolverine.
shamo - 2/8/2013, 1:55 PM
TMW1987ProudProWrestlingFan - 2/8/2013, 1:56 PM
LOL! jCameron talking like a Douche yet again!

Somebody hurry up with the Ban Hammer already for the love of CBM.

Sentinels we know are going to be a part of the film already, so I doubt it's them, so, potential characters for CGI could be...........

Mr. Sinister

Massive characters like that really shuld be CGI than actors in make up or Prosthetics in my opinion.

I for one am hoping it's Apocalypse or Sinister because I've been wanting to see these characters on screen for a long time.

Still reserving judgment though & not getting my hopes up high with it being Singer & Fox still.

Marvel Studios > Fox & Sony when it comes to Marvel properties.
OrgasmicPotatoe - 2/8/2013, 1:57 PM
Am I the only one who thinks a Wolverine trailer is way overdue ?
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 2/8/2013, 1:58 PM
JatevinM - 2/8/2013, 1:59 PM
So I guess I'm the only person who thinks the only practical answer to this is Lockheed?
Wallymelon - 2/8/2013, 2:00 PM
anyone who ever feels wolverine should be in his wack little yellow suit and stuipd cowl need to disappear
Ocelot - 2/8/2013, 2:04 PM
Nimrod!!!, who comes back from the future to stop the time travellers from achieving their goal
Parker2017 - 2/8/2013, 2:05 PM
I Think it's safe to say it would be sentinels :D thats the msot obvious choice. Maybe we get a deadpool cameo? :D
deamon - 2/8/2013, 2:09 PM
NIMROD definitely.
Osirisno6 - 2/8/2013, 2:09 PM
silverdog - 2/8/2013, 2:10 PM
sentinels and a well done iceman...
thorhulk77 - 2/8/2013, 2:19 PM
I think wolverine should wear his x-force suit in any of his movies.
Spectre94 - 2/8/2013, 2:21 PM
It's probably sentinels, since they will be CGI and the same size as the giants
DanteSparda - 2/8/2013, 2:23 PM
Yeah!! Nimrod FTW!!
neonhero - 2/8/2013, 2:24 PM
No yellow cowled wolverine. Just accept that would look ridiculous on film, and even worse if, as someone suggested above, it was CG'd onto his head. The claws from Wolverine Origins bathroom scene, anyone?
I hope this doesn't pan out. Full-on nothing but CG characters take away from the movie for me. I still wish Gollum had been done differently for LOTR...
Jollem - 2/8/2013, 2:34 PM
christian bale?
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