Hugh Jackman Talks The Wolverine Workout Plan, Darren Aronofsky and More!

Hugh Jackman Talks <i> The Wolverine</i> Workout Plan, Darren Aronofsky and More!

The returning star speaks out on his advised muscle gain for The Wolverine movie, as well as praise for director Darren Aronofsky, and their recent meeting. Check it out!

Chatting with Entertainment Weekly's Sara Vilkomerson, actor Hugh Jackman rehashed on The Wolverine movie, discussing his advised muscle gain and praise from director Darren Aronofsky. And the actor also sheds light on his recent encounter with Aronofsky, where story ideas were shared.

Director Darren Aronofsky has already asked him to gain 25 lbs of muscle — “which is more than I ever have for the role” — before filming begins next spring. “It’s not easy for me,” Jacksman says. “Because I’m actually quite long and lean.”

“I had a chat with Dwayne Johnson who did 25 pounds for his movie, I rang him up and was like, Okay, tell me what’s going on.” The answer: six months, a pound a week, 6,000 calories a day which, Jackman points out, is an awful lot of chicken, steak, and brown rice.

On Darren Aronofsky, “I love every one of his movies,” he says. “He’s a visionary. I’ve been trying to get Darren since X-Men 3, really. We’ve been talking about this and Wolverine for so long.”

On the film's story Jackman says, “we had a meeting about three weeks ago, catching up as friends more than anything, and he just ran a few ideas by me and my eyes just lit up, because already I think this is like a whole new ballgame – just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity. I think he’s been waiting so long to do a movie in this genre. When he found the script, he said this is it. It’s really exciting.”

In an all new adventure, in The Wolverine, Logan will be lured to Japan destined to learn who he is and where he came from. An with no official release date, Aronofsky will begin shooting in April next year.
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LEEE777 - 12/7/2010, 2:03 PM
HUGE JACKMAN shouldn't have sold out with BORIGINS!!!

He owes us a good... no great Wolverine movie!
JoshWilding - 12/7/2010, 2:05 PM
Nuts. You just beat me to it. :P Great find though's hoping that this will be the first decent Fox CBM.
Ibz - 12/7/2010, 2:14 PM
@LEEE well it looks like hugh brought aronofsky on board, because fox would not make a decision like that by themselves, so its the begining of his redemption
marvel72 - 12/7/2010, 2:22 PM
as much as i want this to be great,i'm not expecting too much.
WolvieCBM - 12/7/2010, 2:27 PM
Awesome find bro! I can't wait to see what will Aronofsky do with this one.
BACKDOORCHIJAD - 12/7/2010, 3:00 PM
You have to applaud Hugh for his dedication and desire to please the fans. Here's hoping The Wolverine can deliver.
dahamma - 12/7/2010, 3:06 PM
You know, Hugh Jackman makes a good wolverine in my book, he's ok, its just FOX'S WRITING AND DIRECTING that makes it sucks!!!! oh jackman...ima need u to wear a black n yellow mask in this one
ThaMessenger07 - 12/7/2010, 3:06 PM
He is gonna be bigger then Ever! Arfonsky will probably go through the hoops to make him look shorter as well from the sounds of it....Can't Wait!
SFCamerica - 12/7/2010, 3:18 PM
Jackman is made for this role, love that he is sticking with it!! Finally, a decent director who has the clout that will ensure Fox will let him make the movie he wants to make!
SFCamerica - 12/7/2010, 3:19 PM
Also, I think Hugh is going to need the Super Soldier Serum know as Sestanon 250!!
RusstheLegend - 12/7/2010, 3:31 PM
Can Hugh PLEEEEASE show the mask, if only briefly this time!!!
HAQ - 12/7/2010, 3:42 PM
@Obi: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that looks so bad. lmao
80sFace - 12/7/2010, 4:47 PM
6000 calories a day? I'd gain 25 lbs in 2 weeks.

To the haters hating on Jackman for Origins...he didn't write the script, didn't direct it, didn't produce it. That's all on Fox and the director. Y'all love to whip on Fox...and I'm with you on that. HJ gives his all every time. Hard to hate on him.
wonderme - 12/7/2010, 4:48 PM
What the heck his hair is HUGE in that picture and the Claws look awful! Nice find!
kakinurmawth - 12/7/2010, 4:57 PM
I'd say good 25 is a lot, but Jackman has been pretty lean lately. I would say pack on 25lbs on top of what he was in the first film.

Jackman is getting me excited talking like that :o

@DCMF: awesome find man!
Ibz - 12/7/2010, 6:34 PM
the only wolverine costume i could see working in a movie would be his x-force costume, lets face if they did use the yellow or brown one the colours would be toned down
NerdyDarkPassenger - 12/7/2010, 6:39 PM
@80sFace Actually he did produce it, but he also gave his best Wolverine performance.
Ibz - 12/7/2010, 7:08 PM
when is the wolverine even meant to be released anyways
ComradeGrey - 12/7/2010, 9:12 PM
Darren Aronofsky is bringing new ideas, completely separate from any of the other continuity.

Hugh Jackman has a positive attitude after talking to him, and is willing to meet demands he wouldn't usually be meeting.

The first two steps of this movie are in the right direction.
GUNSMITH - 12/7/2010, 9:51 PM
AlexDeLarge87 - 12/7/2010, 11:38 PM
I really really hope this is great!
Dickel - 12/7/2010, 11:38 PM
On ya Hugh the huge!
Keep up the good work mate, aussie aussie aussie.
hunterelf - 12/8/2010, 12:30 AM matter how you [frick]ed up, i still love you
starwalker1977 - 12/8/2010, 1:45 AM
25lbs . wont that screw with continuity. his build is nowhere near that in x1. Its the finer things that make it worthwhile. I was really pissed when I watched origins.The jacket was even different albeit similar,but still different. they should have kept him the same weight and size for all the prequels. and dont get me started about his hairstyle and mutton chops. He looked proper scruffy in x1 like it should be

@Guason .I know what your saying man but doesnt that mean he would be even more huge by x1. he looks pretty slim in that film. and also i meant his hair is styled differently in origins. It looks like a regular dudes hairstyle but in x1 he has the distinctive wolverine type wing style
RyKnow - 12/8/2010, 2:19 AM
In an all new adventure, in The Wolverine, Logan will be lured to Japan destined to learn who he is and where he came from.

The thing is, it's a foregone conclusion, we already know all this from the previous Wolverine film.

@ Guason - So we're getting a random stand alone Wolverine film?? There's just no continuity left in this franchise anymore. "The Wolverine" can go to hell in a handbasket for all I care!
loganoneil - 12/8/2010, 4:30 AM
Screw the workout, he needs to FINALLY learn how to FIGHT! Get rid of all this 'HACK', 'SLASH' and 'THRUST' crap we've BEEN seeing and give us the uber-killer Woverine's SUPPOSED TO BE, for #@$!'s sake!!!!
f4rrel - 12/8/2010, 4:42 AM
so finally we'll be seeing wolverine "the beast" and not "the model".. sorry ladies, I think this movie is not for you anymore...
WeaponX - 12/8/2010, 5:44 AM
For those curious as to what Hugh Jackman would look like in the mask/costume. I direct those to images taken from XO: Wolverine video game. Since they used Hugh Jackman himself as the character model (more so his face) what better way to get the idea across?


Tiger Stripes (Blue and Yellow):

Stealth (X-Force):

soaponapope - 12/8/2010, 5:56 AM
i think it will be good. jackman seems to be very dedicated to the wolverine character, which is a refreshing thing to see these days
paulyd3 - 12/8/2010, 6:18 AM
WTF, why can we not get a coustume !! It's like , I don't want to see Clark Kent flying around in a business suit in metroplis saving people. Magneto got a coustume what the heck give wolverine his threads bitches. We need to damand a Wolvie costume this is based on the comics after all. God I hate hollywood.
ManThing - 12/8/2010, 6:27 AM
lol I'm not concerned about his build.

What concerns me is that here we have a book about a bunch of Ninjas.....

And the damn movie based on the book CONTAINS NO NINJAS

how about that?
Bigbywolf - 12/8/2010, 6:56 AM
Darren Aronofsky is going to direct a great Wolverine film. It suprises me that people care so much about the costume. It's great in the comics but if the public saw it in live action they'd laugh. I think character and story much more important than a costume.
ManThing - 12/8/2010, 7:04 AM
Gauson: I read somewhere that The Hand isn't in the movie.

And then Aronofsky said " "There's all the samurai elements that are really exciting, I'm a big fan of Japanese movies, we're going to try to have a good time."

Of course it could be that he was simply refering to Silver samurai. Or the sword play. Or the Martial Arts in general.
But if you add that statement to the fact that Ninjas or the Hand have not been mentioned anywhere at any time by anyone related to the project, it seems likely that that will be one of those interpretive changes we are just supposed to swallow like it's nothing. Like we don't care.

But the bulk of that book is pages and pages of combat with The Hand and yakuza punks. If that's not changin gthe essence of the book, then I don't know what is.
RyKnow - 12/8/2010, 9:13 AM
@ Guason - I suppose nobody wants a sequel to Origins eh, lol.
After a bit of thinking about the film, and from what you've put about the director wanting to do his own thing, I'm willing to roll with that. Ya reckon it'll start with the amnesia thing and use the film to explain prior events, doing away with the events (atrocities?) from Origins? Sounds good if they do ;)
GUNSMITH - 12/8/2010, 10:13 AM

Ripper - 12/8/2010, 2:54 PM
Sorry but, Hugh Jackman sucks as Wolverine. Other then him being 6 feet. He has not once done any iconic moves, sayings or poses. He had his chance in Origins. He got the body, but still was disappointing. To bad the guy originally cast for the part, was doing another flick. Forgot his name but he looks more like he could have rocked the part. Jackman isn’t good, the carter he plays is so sick, it would make any one a star.
icebergslick - 12/8/2010, 4:01 PM
I know Hugh will look the part, I just hope the movie is worth seeing. Origins was terrible and the only Marvel film I don't own. Jackman better have learned from mistakes.
TheJester187 - 12/8/2010, 4:17 PM
I hope He has the Mask on in this!!
Elayis - 12/8/2010, 8:21 PM
Don't know why, but I couldn't stop myself from getting a huge grin on my face when I read Jackman's quotes. Seriously cannot wait for this movie.
ThaMessenger07 - 12/9/2010, 11:23 AM
@ Juggernaut & Guason:

I feel The Director will show glimpses of the Weapon-X Facility Massacre. That will set this movie in it's own continuity. The Hand may be incorporated since Fox owns the rights, if they are not the Hand it's okay they will be some Ninja clan but I guarantee that there will be ninjas as long as there are Samurais.

I am hoping that he calls back Liev to do a Sabretooth Cameo at the End. I remember the Story arch where Wolverine was back in Japan and went on a hunt looking for a serial killer that was Murdering Prostitutes and Yakuza members. It turned out to be Cree.

It would be nice if Liev put on 25 lbs more then what he had for Origins and grew out his or wore a wig. That would be epic!
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