Hugh Jackman: "X-MEN: DOFP Is The Biggest Movie Fox Has Made Outside Of AVATAR"

Hugh Jackman: "X-MEN: DOFP Is The Biggest Movie Fox Has Made Outside Of AVATAR"

Hugh Jackman shares his thoughts on the scope of X-Men: Days of Future Past and playing Wolverine in both the past and future, while director Bryan Singer reveals a very cool sounding scene which takes place between Logan and Michael Fassbender's Magneto. Check it out!

"I thought that was it," Hugh Jackman told Empire Magazine when asked about how he felt to - seemingly - leave the X-Men franchise behind with Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. "There was already talk about doing a younger version, and I was certainly talking about Wolverine and trying to drum up interest in that. I thought the idea of another X-Men movie was done, so this was a surprise. And a welcome one." As for his thoughts on once again working with Bryan Singer and the scope of the movie, the Australian actor added, "Bryan has such an incredible brain. This is certainly the biggest movie Fox has made outside of Avatar, so there's pressure from all angles. But he's buzzing, and he's confident. He's gone deeper emotionally, and it's a great ensemble piece."

Asked to comment on where we pick up with Logan in X-Men: Days of Future Past and how he feels to be sent back in time, Jackman said, "He's a warrior and he can't hide from that anymore, even if the consequences are going to be messy and painful. If there's an era for Wolverine, its the 70s. The hair, the mutton chops, you can smoke cigars everywhere...everything about Wolverine seems more at home in the 70s." Finally, director Bryan Singer offered up some details on a scene which may or may not make it into the movie, but if it doesn't, here's hoping that it's a deleted scene on the Blu-ray! " There's a line that Fassbender says that may make it. He says to Wolverine, 'You spend the next 50 years trying to bring me down?' Wolverine says, 'Pretty much.' Magneto says, 'How did that go for you...'"
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NovaCorpsFan - 1/2/2014, 2:56 PM
It won't earn half of Avatar's money though.
NovaCorpsFan - 1/2/2014, 2:56 PM
I keed. It'll make at least 700 million.
QuestiontheAnswer - 1/2/2014, 2:59 PM
Which is not even half of Avatar's money lol.
MrCBM56 - 1/2/2014, 3:00 PM
Man I can't wait!!!

Might be CBM of 2014.

I estimate 600-700 or maybe 800 at the BO.
ForeverPowerful - 1/2/2014, 3:02 PM
I don't think I'll fall asleep while watching this like I did with Avatar.
JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:03 PM
Avatar was Freakin Furry Porn!!!!!!! That movie was aweful!
NovaCorpsFan - 1/2/2014, 3:06 PM
Well, Avatar didn't deserve the money. This does.
Kurne - 1/2/2014, 3:06 PM
I dare Singer or Jackman to say it's as big as Avengers. I do.

I love seeing hack's like Singer (not Jackman) talk down on successful movies after what he did to Returns (a topic he always avoids...).
JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:07 PM
I wonder how Singer is going to address all the different timeslines?!?!?!?! Because right now this is how the time line looks?

Kurne - 1/2/2014, 3:08 PM
Does Wolverine have that yellow costume from that pic in the 70's? I'm already getting confused with this time-travel stuff XD
giannis - 1/2/2014, 3:09 PM
The more I hear about this movie the more excited I get!
CaptShipwreck - 1/2/2014, 3:16 PM
I heard the script is about Stephen amell ..
JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:18 PM
ALegendaryPanda - 1/2/2014, 3:20 PM
I have such a good feeling about this movie!!
pointman - 1/2/2014, 3:20 PM
So hugh; logan's a warrior huh? So why haven't we seen logan being a warrior for the last 14 years?
FOOM - 1/2/2014, 3:20 PM
Singer's biggest films X-Men2 and Superman Returns both made about $400million each at the box office. Fox and him have a along way to go to expect Avatar numbers.
Hawksblueyes - 1/2/2014, 3:21 PM
Does Prof X walk in this movie? Cuz...the 70's stuff is supposedly after First Class happened.
JordanKing - 1/2/2014, 3:22 PM
ManDeth - 1/2/2014, 3:22 PM
1st Class was better than any Marvel/Disney film. But it didn't have Wolverine.
This one is going to be like X 1-3. Wolverine and friends. First Class was the 1st real X-Men film. And the best.
mctrinket - 1/2/2014, 3:24 PM
"How did that go for you?"

"Not well. My bones are all metal."

"I see."

lvcl - 1/2/2014, 3:25 PM

FoXverine 7 = Avatar

Sunnyd - 1/2/2014, 3:25 PM
The more I hear about this the more worried I am.
If they sink that kind of money they are going to expect and need the movie to at least have a 7-800 million BO and no x Men movie has come anywhere near that yet.
The reality is Singer has yet to show he is a capable director with a big budget.
All the big budget films he has made have tanked.

ManDeth - 1/2/2014, 3:26 PM
@Kurne I dare them to say it will be as funny as Avengers! I dare them!!!
deamon - 1/2/2014, 3:28 PM
X2 > First Class
ralfinader - 1/2/2014, 3:28 PM
"1st Class was better than any Marvel/Disney film."

Bwahahaha. Oh well, to each their own. I though 1st Class was a poorly slapped together piece of shit, and didn't enjoy it as much as any Marvel Studio's film. I lump it in with Ang Lee's Hulk and Blade 3 as far as quality and entertainment. The only thing that did not suck balls in 1st Class was Fassenbender. Period.
mctrinket - 1/2/2014, 3:29 PM
GodzillaKart - 1/2/2014, 3:31 PM
Hope this is good. X2 is still one of the best CBM IMO.
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 3:32 PM
avatar was great. this looks really good as well
imaginejim - 1/2/2014, 3:32 PM
This is just a guess, but Jackman might be referring to the budget of this film and that it is the biggest budgeted film since Avatar and that is why there is a lot riding on it.
ManDeth - 1/2/2014, 3:33 PM
@ralfinader I think you really destroyed any amount of credibility you might have had with that.
1st Class was a great film. Only a scant few, like you would prefer kiddie Pre-school films like Marvel makes compared to the serious grown up films like 1st Class.
DEVLIN712 - 1/2/2014, 3:34 PM
2014 is going to be an amazing CBM year, this looks amazing, can't wait.
Scorpion8125 - 1/2/2014, 3:35 PM
I am very afraid.

This might be good or great, but it could be very bad.

And don't curse it by bringing up Avaturd.

If we want fantastic visuals and horrible writing, we can just remove our brains and watch a Transformer movie.

Vegeta - 1/2/2014, 3:36 PM
I can't wait to see this!
TelaVizion - 1/2/2014, 3:38 PM
Next step for "X-Men" after Apocalypse is a teen movie in the present. This prequel group has to end with the Apocalypse movie.

They need to do Wolverine and the X-Men style of movie. Or New Mutants/Hellion style of movie for the next trilogy. Unless they can succeed with a good X-Force franchise and a X-Factor franchise.
McNyagano - 1/2/2014, 3:46 PM
"Havn't you seen X Men 1-3?"

That's true.
TheRationalNerd - 1/2/2014, 3:48 PM
It'll make at least a billion!

Yeah I said it, cry two tears in a bucket! lol
thewonderer - 1/2/2014, 3:50 PM
It's funny seeing people insult X1, X2, First Class and say with confidence that any marvel studios film, aside from maybe the first Iron Man, is good
TheOneAboveAll - 1/2/2014, 3:50 PM
HUGH! I LOVE YOU BUT [frick] NO!!!!!!!
InfinityGauntlet - 1/2/2014, 3:51 PM
Looking foward to this, hope it makes enough so that everyone is happy, and they produce more CBM'S. (with a different director)
Namor - 1/2/2014, 3:52 PM
Can't wait for this movie! I'm so excited for the 2014 slate of comic book flicks! Xmen DOFP, Cap2, Guardians..etc They are all looking bad ass!
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