Is Apocalypse The Villain In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

Is Apocalypse The Villain In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

While it is by no means confirmation, a new report claims that a recent interview with Bryan Singer led to the director becoming more than a little cagey when quizzed on the possibility that we will see Apocalypse as the main villain in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Bleeding Cool caught up with Bryan Singer recently to talk about Jack the Giant Slayer, and the subject of X-Men: Days of Future Past inevitably came up. Rather than ask him the same old questions, the site instead quizzed him on whether or not the villainous Apocalypse will appear in the movie. As it turns out, it sounds like he might do just that if Singer's body language was anything to go by! Now bare in mind that this is pure speculation and the site has jumped to conclusions like this many times in the past (only to be proved wrong not too long later). However, there's a good chance they might just be on to something this time! What do you guys think? Check out the excerpt below and be sure to sound off with your thoughts on this in the usual place.

On hearing the name Apocalypse, Singer’s face changed immediately but there was no point being timid. Might as well plough ahead with the question. Would he even consider using Apocalypse in the movies? How about in Days of Future Past?

His nervous answer:

I can’t tell you…

That was most interesting. So I leapt forward and asked if realising the character of Apocalypse would require performance capture.

And now Singer looked even more nervous.

This is how it gets started, when somebody starts piecing the little bits together…

The non-verbal communication was even more compelling than what Singer was saying. If I had to bet on it, I would – we’ll be seeing Apocalypse in Days of Future Past, and he’s probably going to be a performance capture character.


James McAvoy as Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender as Magneto
Nicholas Hoult as Beast
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
Ian McKellen as Magneto
Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
Anna Paquin as Rogue
Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde

RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2014.

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TYLERWINN - 3/10/2013, 5:38 PM
marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 5:42 PM
if true,well done fox apocalypse has nothing to with days of future past.

x-men first class (not the original five)

x-men days of future past (apocalypse nothing to do with the story)

could you f*ck the x-universe any more.
masterhater - 3/10/2013, 5:44 PM
I don't think Fox has the rights to use Apocalypse.
technodrome518 - 3/10/2013, 5:52 PM
Show Apocalypse at the end of the movie!
jlabatman0511 - 3/10/2013, 5:53 PM
Bring on Apocalypse!
duncboy - 3/10/2013, 5:56 PM
The only thing Fox got right with the X-Men was Cyclops and Professor X, and then they managed to [frick] up both of them anyway.
Dragonpiece - 3/10/2013, 5:57 PM
Isn't he in Uncanny Avengers? The recent comics have been doing a lot of teasing for upcoming events in the MCU. Like Iron Man in GOTG, highlighting Thanos and they showed just how drastic and driven Marvel 616 Nick Fury can be in Secret Avengers
BruceLeroy - 3/10/2013, 5:57 PM
Terrible. Let the butchering of the X-Men universe continue.
NeoBaggins - 3/10/2013, 5:58 PM
Thanos, Apocalypse and Darkseid walk into a bar... then laugh at this thread so hard they shatter the windows.
thorhulk77 - 3/10/2013, 6:00 PM
Hell yeah!
UltimateTypeface - 3/10/2013, 6:03 PM
he said nothing...

"And now Singer looked even more nervous."

maybe he remembered he hasnt made a good movie in 10 years!
NoMore - 3/10/2013, 6:03 PM

marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 6:04 PM
@ Marvelgeek219

i haven't got a problem with apocalypse starring in an x-men movie but why does he have to feature in a film that is based on a storyline that features one of the best x-men villains the sentinels.

come to think about it the sentinels haven't even been confirmed yet,apocalypse may end up being the main villain.

way to go fox.
thewolfx - 3/10/2013, 6:07 PM
Please be true
marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 6:09 PM
@ jCameron

(YAWN!) yeah we all know how you feel,i agree x-men 2 is better than thor & captain america but that leaves four other x-movies that aren't.
NeoBaggins - 3/10/2013, 6:11 PM
It makes more sense for him to appear in the timeline following X3. They should have been building up to the whole time but they chose the Phoenix story instead.
ahhmynuts - 3/10/2013, 6:14 PM
wow hes putting all his chips into this movie and i like it!
Ocelot - 3/10/2013, 6:18 PM
it will be a post credits reference at most if true, I do think that the new x mens movies after days of future past will center around an apocalypse storyline and villians will be apocalypse and mr sinister as they've already used everyone else apart from the two. perhaps after the time travellers go back to the future at the end of the movie, they see discover that its now the age of apocalypse
ComicFan1134 - 3/10/2013, 6:19 PM
As Much As I'd Love To See Him, It Would Make NO sense...
LucasMend - 3/10/2013, 6:19 PM
But Michael Clarke Duncan is not among us anymore, and he was perfect for the role ):
thorhulk77 - 3/10/2013, 6:19 PM

I actually do believe the Sentinels were confirmed.


YAWN. Same old same old with you, huh?
LucasMend - 3/10/2013, 6:21 PM
gotta agree with jCameron, X2 is indeed better than thor and cap, I love X2, one of best cbms ever along with tdk, spider-man 2, watchmen, v for vendetta and avengers, oh and anything is better than that piece of shit called THOR!
LucasMend - 3/10/2013, 6:21 PM
oh and sentinels have been confirmed if I'm not wrong.
thorhulk77 - 3/10/2013, 6:23 PM

Thor wasnt bad. Wasnt great, but wasnt bad lol
ThePowerCosmic - 3/10/2013, 6:23 PM
Like Ive been saying, reveal him at the end. Setup for the next film.
Ocelot - 3/10/2013, 6:23 PM
@LucasMend they have, the plot heavily involves them so they'll been in the movie cant see apocalyspe even being a villian in this movie, but I can see a reference to him being alluded to
marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 6:25 PM
@ jcameron

hahahahahahaha can i have some of what you are smoking or drinking hahahahahahaha

good bits of x-men first class

-charles & erik (very close to brokeback mutant)
-the opening scene with young erik
-the siege of the c.i.a building

can't really think of anything else,it was a good movie but a crap x-men movie.
DioFoRio - 3/10/2013, 6:25 PM
in before Purdue...Routh for Apox
Bread - 3/10/2013, 6:26 PM
They said that Fox's Marvel properties are going to be in a shared universe from now on, so maybe with a big baddie like Apocalypse, they'd need to call in the Fantastic Four? Eh, I don't know just thinking out loud.
Dynamo - 3/10/2013, 6:27 PM
And Mandarin was never in the Extremis Storyline either. So what?
LucasMend - 3/10/2013, 6:27 PM
Thor was god damn awful, the plot and acting from chris, natalie and the natalie friend were really forced. All that shit on earth was awful. The romance between thor and jane was really bad developed and not convincing, chessy jokes and acting. Chris was a bad thor, only proved himself as a good thor on avengers. Bad cgi on asgard. could list all but I'd have to watch it again to remember. lol.
MyInnerDork - 3/10/2013, 6:28 PM
If true and not a coincidence then ... "Boom goes the dynamite."
LucasMend - 3/10/2013, 6:28 PM
even iron man 2 is better than thor.
Dynamo - 3/10/2013, 6:28 PM
For the record I think X-Men: First Class was the best X-Men film of the lot and honestly better than Thor or Captain America.
marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 6:28 PM
@ thorhulk77
@ LucasMend

at least they got something right then.
TheFascinatingMan - 3/10/2013, 6:29 PM
JCameron don't you have some other website to troll?
BruceLeroy - 3/10/2013, 6:31 PM
I'm not seeing the benefit of combining two classic story lines of the X-Men universe into one film. We already saw the disastrous results with X3 trying to combine the Dark Phoenix Saga and the cure storyline together. Nothing about this sounds like a good idea. Hopefully this isn't true.
ThePowerCosmic - 3/10/2013, 6:31 PM
I thought the Thor film was near perfect. Never cared about the character too much until the film. Destroyer looked awesome, loved the comedy, shield facility scene was amazing, Frost Giants planet was awesome, great action, Loki, Hiemdal, and Odin were perfect.
TheSoulEater - 3/10/2013, 6:31 PM
Tony Todd as Apocolypse plz!!!

 photo TonyTodd2528301_zpsa7341a26.jpg
marvel72 - 3/10/2013, 6:33 PM
@ Dynamo

but iron man 3 isn't called extremis,unlike x-men first class that didn't feature any of the original five apart from beast & its sequel x-men days of future past that could now feature apocalypse.

if you title a film after a comic book or its storyline shouldn't it really feature what is in the book.
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