James Marsden Would Like to Flesh Out CYCLOPS in His Own Spin-Off Movie

James Marsden Would Like to Flesh Out CYCLOPS in His Own Spin-Off Movie

James Marsden starred in Bryan Singer's two X-Men films and only had a small role in Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand says Cyclops is the only character he'd really like to re-visit.

Hugh Jackman got his own spin-off with Wolverine, and now Marsden would like his chance to do the same with Cyclops. Even though it might be a tad harder to pull off since the last movie killed off Cyclops. His girlfriend Dr. Jean Gray had become the Dark Phoenix and presumably disintegrated him like she did with her other victims. But, we never do see his dead body at any moment, so it's not out of the realm to bring him back.

I don't think a spin-off movie for Cyclops is far-fetched. Marsden was quite young when he took on the role initially and could still play a superhero at age 38. Even though Marsden never had a lot of screen time in the franchise, he did the best that he could do with it. And since X-Men: First Class proved to FOX that you can have a successful X-Men film without Wolverine as the lead there is now hope that other members of the team could get the attention they deserve.

ETonline: You've mentioned a few of your other roles -- if you had the chance to revisit a character from your past and play the next chapter in their story, who would it be?

Marsden: Cyclops [from the X-Men movies]. It was great to be a part of those movies, people loved them – it's still the thing I get recognized for the most -- but I feel like because there were so many cast members in this 90 minute movie, there was never enough time to give him the depth that other characters had. The first movie was really Wolverine's saga – and the second and third as well. If I had a dollar for every time someone came up to me on the street and said, "I would have loved to see more Cyclops.."

ETonline: You could finance your own spin-off?

Marsden: [laughs] Exactly. Yes. I don't think his character was ever fleshed out as much as I would have liked. I may have also been a bit on the young side for those films. If I could go back and put on the glasses and suit again where we do a film to learn more about the character, that's the one I would pick. He's ripe for that.

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geoff - 12/21/2011, 6:29 PM
too late for that now don't ya think..
geoff - 12/21/2011, 6:30 PM
ohhh and first!
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/21/2011, 6:30 PM
Ummm, he's died in one of the worst super hero movies ever made. He's about 8 years too late.
PsyGuy - 12/21/2011, 6:31 PM
Yea, that'd be awesome!
whatshisnameMD - 12/21/2011, 6:31 PM
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/21/2011, 6:31 PM
I always thought Cyclops got the shaft in the Singer movies. He is a great character in the comics but nobody was fleshed out save for Wolverine. They basically made 3 movies about Wolverine and one movie about Jean.
whatshisnameMD - 12/21/2011, 6:32 PM
damn should've read the article after I posted lol
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/21/2011, 6:33 PM
I wonder if his death in the script had anything to do with taking a pretty prominent role in a rival movie/comic studio film. What pissed me off so much about X3 is that it had so much potential, but they "played it safe", and in the process created a incoherent mess.
jjmeylar - 12/21/2011, 6:34 PM
ManofSteel23 - 12/21/2011, 6:37 PM
Its stupid that they made an XMEN! film based around wolverine,then gave wolverine his own film anyways that still obviously centered around him blegh
Superman8 - 12/21/2011, 6:39 PM
Only way this could make sense is if they act like XMen 3 never happened,(which nobody would object to i would imagine).

i wouldnt mind seeing a Cyclops film. As long as it didnt go the same direction as that mess of a Wolverine Origins movie.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/21/2011, 6:41 PM
I just realized the problem with Cyclops is he is synonymous with the X-Men. When I think Cyclops the first thing I think of is X-Men. I mean I guess if Jean died and the team split up you could make a movie following him. Other than that, I just think giving him a more prominent role in a new X-Men movie will suffice.
TheAmazingSpidey63 - 12/21/2011, 6:46 PM
Hahahahahaha, no! -_-

Stay EPIC, my friends!
redleaf - 12/21/2011, 6:46 PM
Not a Cyclops solo movie!

They should do a movie that focuses on Cyclops' team and separate movie that focuses on Storm's team.

The setting could be the same event but each movie would be a different perspective from each team as they execute different missions.

X-Men: Codename Blue
X-Men: Codename Gold

Make it happen!
Mrcool210 - 12/21/2011, 6:47 PM
then maybe u shouldnt have left for superman returns
shadearts - 12/21/2011, 6:53 PM
Loved him as Cyclops. Cyclops is my favorite X-Men the reason i dont care for those movies is the same alot of other people do to much Wolverine hell even Professor X became a supporting character i think they can pull it off and give Gambit with the Real Rogue not that weakling they called Rogue in the movies
GreyChaos13Zero - 12/21/2011, 6:55 PM
i wouldn't mind, but Fox needs to keep up with their own timeline
CaptainTall - 12/21/2011, 7:00 PM
Too bad no one else wants to see it.
RaleighAntrobus - 12/21/2011, 7:05 PM
"then maybe u shouldnt have left for superman returns"

Maybe SInger shouldn't have made "Superman Returns" and instead finished the X-Men franchise off properly, because apparently, Cyclops was supposed to have a bigger role in the third film.

Oh, well... life goes on.
BlindLemonShemp - 12/21/2011, 7:07 PM
i would pay to see this movie in a heartbeat...
i'd even work sound or do fx for free just to be a part of it... hit me up marsden
Bread - 12/21/2011, 7:09 PM
xXkryptoniteXx - 12/21/2011, 7:09 PM
I would pay to see cyclops back and his own movie, give cyclops justice
WellDrawn - 12/21/2011, 7:15 PM
Talk about getting the short end of the stick in all the movies he's appeared:

X1 - His characters only purpose is to act as an obstacle between Logan and Jean.
X2 - Barely in the film, and his only notable scene was him as a brainwashed bad guy.
X3 - Killed off almost immediately.

We've yet to see the true leader from the comics/cartoon.
Moakynubs - 12/21/2011, 7:16 PM
If not in a proper "First Class" (Preferably done by Marvel), then absolutely.
Gnyah123 - 12/21/2011, 7:18 PM
i wouldnt mind...maybe a origin movie! of how he became cyclops...i mean thats the only option since he died in the last stand...
but it HAS TO BE GOOD...not no BS huge jackman origin movie..but better! alot of action n all...
comicoverlord - 12/21/2011, 7:18 PM
Since Havoc has to hoola hoop to use his power, Cyclops should have to cabbage patch.
Ghostt - 12/21/2011, 7:21 PM
sad what happened to Cyclops in the film. spinoff?...nah.
Marsden was probably the wrong guy for Cyclops anyway, not really a fearless leader type of guy; could never measure up to Jackman's Wolverine.

I like that he likes the character though, gets credit for that
Bodwulf - 12/21/2011, 7:27 PM
What??? He could not even be bothered to do more than a cameo in the 3rd one!
SCURVYDOG619 - 12/21/2011, 7:28 PM
If nuck financed a Cyclops movie...maybe.lol
xizorkatarn - 12/21/2011, 7:36 PM
I completely support this idea! Marsden did a fine job as a supporting character Cyclops, and I'm sure he could really shine as a leading man, the way Cyclops was meant to be!
longbowhunter - 12/21/2011, 7:39 PM
For me James Marsden's portrayal of Cyclops was the most spot on in the whole franchise. Yeah I did this idea!
cyclopstb - 12/21/2011, 7:40 PM
X4, yes. Spin-off, surprise me(in a good way).

I would personally like to see him alive and fight Sinister.
SpiderBat209 - 12/21/2011, 7:46 PM
Dear Lord! He looks INSANE in that second pic! I don't even wanna THINK of where his OTHER HAND IS?! :O

He was good at playing a douchebag cock blocker in the X trilogy. But yeah, too late. That ship has sailed. :P

Reboot and put Cyclops at the forefront of the new X films!
JackRussoff - 12/21/2011, 7:52 PM
Of course he'd wants to be a part of the x-men franchise again. His career is pretty much over. Cyclops doesn't deserve a solo movie. He's the worst x-man. Soooo boring. I've been hoping for years he would die. Schism had me hopeful wolvie would put us out of our misery. But he's so synonomous with the X-men he will never leave. Out of the original 5 he was the nobody. Bobby is the funny one, hanks the smart one, jean was the sex appeal, and warren was the ladies man. Scott is a robot. He never smiles and he can't hold a storyline on his own. Plus his powers are silly. Ice pun Stan Lee...haha
continuezero - 12/21/2011, 7:56 PM
We didn't see him die, so what IF Cable jumped right to that point where Dark Phoenix is raging out to save Cyclops and then lead that into a Solo Cyclops Film and restoring the X franchise for sequels??

odie00 - 12/21/2011, 7:58 PM
Umm yeah. Few reasons this wouldn't work. Lets see. The first reason would be because you are older now (still looks fairly young though.) But the only way it would work was if they did some sort of prequal and even then it wouldn't make sense because he looks older during an earlier timeline. Also NO ONE CARES to see a Cyclops movie. The only ones that would want to see a solo Cyclops film are Cyclops fans (obviously), but thats worse than having a Deadpool moive. Its like saying, hey lets have a Jean Grey solo film or lets have a Storm solo film. Hes the leader of the X-Men there for won't see him in an X-Men movie unless there are other X-Men in it. I personally never liked Cyclops, his personality was dull and I found him uninteresting for the most part. I kind of only like him in X-Force and Astonishing X-Men, oh and the animated cartoon from the 90's. Thats why X-Men was always one of my favorite comics because there are sooo many characters in just the X-Men "Universe", so we have way better characters than Cyclops.
Howlett - 12/21/2011, 8:19 PM
I'll only watch a Cyclops spin-off if it has a little sex scene with Jean on it.
OtakuPapi - 12/21/2011, 8:21 PM
With His As Cyke... NO
DividedIStand80 - 12/21/2011, 8:27 PM
I can act like XMen 3 never happened the same way I act like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation never happened.
BlindLemonShemp - 12/21/2011, 8:28 PM
i love how all the douchebags claiming to speak for everybody in saying this is retarded...
are always surrounded by people calmly stating their personal opinions as to why they would love it...
yea, your clearly speaking for all of us... douchebags

*by the way you can transpose this statement onto any article... ever
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