January Jones Confirms No Emma Frost In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

January Jones Confirms No Emma Frost In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

After earlier speculation, January Jones confirms that Emma Frost will not be returning for X-Men: Days of Future Past. It seems Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is the lone returning member of Magneto's (Michael Fassbender) fledgling Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Emma Frost X-Men Days of Future Past

In an interview with Collider to promote the upcoming season of AMC's Mad Men, the lovely January Jones confirms that she will not be returning to the role of Emma Frost in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Back in January, the actress stated she was unsure if she'd be returning but now it seems she's certain. Emma Frost joins fellow Hellfire Club member Azazel (Jason Flemying) as non-returning mutants that were teased as joining up with Magneto at the end of First Class. No official word on Angel (Zoë Kravitz) or Riptide (Álex González) yet but it appears that Mystique will be the only companion of Fassbender's Magneto - unless the pair go on a recruitment drive. So far, Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) and Banshee (Caleb Jones) have also been confirmed as having 'off panel' adventures in Singer's return to the X-Men franchise.

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YeezusWept - 4/4/2013, 5:26 AM
Thank god. She was the worst part of First Class.
Bearjew - 4/4/2013, 5:27 AM
Wtf! The least you could do is stick with the [frick]ing continuity error! But I guess they still have mystique so whatever
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 5:27 AM
No Alan, no Caleb, no Marsden.... Singer, REALLY???
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 5:29 AM
I know how to get rid of the Hellfire Club... ALIEN TURTLES...
DaenerysTargaryen - 4/4/2013, 5:33 AM
jessepostal - 4/4/2013, 5:33 AM
At least he's getting rid of most of the lousy actors
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 5:41 AM
Anyone else notice January Jones blink 15 times in one scene?
RPD - 4/4/2013, 5:46 AM
Leave 'em all out, I say...
R888 - 4/4/2013, 5:51 AM
great news
RobGrizzly - 4/4/2013, 5:52 AM
I can't believe there are people that actually wanted her back.
thewonderer - 4/4/2013, 5:52 AM
I feel like DOFP will do a 5-10 year skip in time for the First Class gang. As such, these characters are not important at all, and we're bringing in great new actors like Peter Dinklage and Omar Sy. So good move Singer.

@MartinMarvel, most people agree these characters were insignificant enough, and you haven't even seen the scenario of the film.

Again, why are people who have absolutely no faith in this film clicking on these articles?
OrgasmicPotatoe - 4/4/2013, 5:53 AM
So I can't fap to DOFP ?
continuezero - 4/4/2013, 5:54 AM
Then what was the point in assembling them then if we never see them again? They made it such a plot point that they all team up.
goldwincs - 4/4/2013, 5:54 AM
good. she potrayed the character poorly.
ShadowOfTheWeb - 4/4/2013, 5:56 AM
Cast Alice Eve instead... just sayin...
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 5:57 AM
Fogs - 4/4/2013, 6:03 AM
Good, cast someone hotter this time. Preferrably without skinny legs.
Hodor - 4/4/2013, 6:08 AM
@OrgasmicPotatoe- You can. It just may seem weird. At first...
Shadowelfz - 4/4/2013, 6:09 AM
Good. She gave one of the most limp performances last time.
marcvader1 - 4/4/2013, 6:15 AM
She sucked, so good. See what I did there?
ElBicho - 4/4/2013, 6:19 AM
This movie finally got something right...
fortycals - 4/4/2013, 6:21 AM
Yeah good move. I wasnt to keen on having another brotherhood/hellfire heavy film. We need to make room for the sentienals and eventually sinister and Apoc. Mags is like a lex or a joker and should always be around, not always in a big way, but around. His lackeys not so much.
ParisSun - 4/4/2013, 6:28 AM
I can't wait to see the next X-movie but I also blame Singer for alot of the problems. He's to blame for making Wolverine the center of attention. He's to blame for the gimp suits. While I enjoyed First Class, I would have been happy with a total reboot and recast of the Xmen with no connection to Singer's X-Men movies. The story is so twisted that anything they do now will just keep twisting the knot. Just kill everyone (especially Wolverine, even though I love Hugh) at the end of DOFP and start over.
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 6:29 AM
@Nomis She's having a seizure?
CoulsonLives - 4/4/2013, 6:30 AM
How about a Butterfly effect ending?
BANE5000 - 4/4/2013, 6:40 AM
Re cast her... Alice Eve for Emma Frost :]
ATrueHero1987 - 4/4/2013, 6:46 AM
I'm not surprised. She was also one of the low points of X-Men: FC. Plus when she turned into diamond, her clothes turned into diamond too? wtf?smh
mrHJK - 4/4/2013, 6:47 AM
I really didn't particularly like her in the role, so they could recast. But Frost should be there along with Mystique and Magneto. The others I don't care about.
Donekin - 4/4/2013, 6:52 AM
January Jones ... whatever. Anybody else notice that Marsden is no longer listed as "rumored" to be in DOFP on IMDB? It may not be a sensitive indicator but I'm less than pleased with the change.
nordberg - 4/4/2013, 6:53 AM
She wouldn't have come off so bad if she didn't have that little girl voice of hers. I always imagined Emma Frost with a deeper, more sardonic voice. Jones is just physically incapable of pulling that off.
subzero1077 - 4/4/2013, 6:56 AM
Good news!
ralfinader - 4/4/2013, 7:00 AM
What a loss. Now if only they could get rid of every other actor and charactor, writer, director, and producer involved in this convoluted shitstorm of a mess, they might actually make a decent X-Movie.
dezdigi - 4/4/2013, 7:02 AM
She sucked in First Class. No loss.
Vence - 4/4/2013, 7:06 AM
I love Emma Frost, but not in First Class...
Paulina007 - 4/4/2013, 7:11 AM
We want to see recast Emma Frost for in X-men Days of Future Past 2014.

Fans Worldwide have been waiting very long time for ;

Jean as White Phoenix of the Crown and Cyclops

Charlize Theron as Emma Frost !!!

Vaportrail - 4/4/2013, 7:17 AM
That's fine, she was just awful.
TheRationalNerd - 4/4/2013, 7:23 AM
Speaking of X-Men, has anyone seen the international trailer for "The Wolverine"? There's a lot more new scenes and clips in the trailer. You guys should check it out.

Glacier - 4/4/2013, 7:39 AM
Love TriAngeL = Cyclops + Emma Frost + Phoenix

so we love Emma Frost MUST be in XDOFP
just would need to recast an actress. Charlize Theron. we agree with @Paulina007

jimoakley666 - 4/4/2013, 7:48 AM
Cyclops WILL be back. Singer likes the character and James Marsden too much.
nonserviam - 4/4/2013, 7:50 AM
January Jones is such a bland actress. All looks and very limited talent. The only thing she's done semi-decently is Mad Men, and she's not very good there either.
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