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In a rather usual partnership, 20th Century Fox has just announced that it will be joining forces with the tasteful M&M's in anticipation of the next installment to the X-Men franchise, and they've also revealed Apocalypse's motivation with the official synopsis. Check it out! - DCMarvelFreshman
After months and months of delays, the oversized Uncanny X-Men #600 will finally hit shelves this coming November. Some of the industry's best artists have contributed covers for the book, including Olivier Coipel, Adam Hughes, Leinil Yu, Art Adams and more... - staypuffed
Writer and director Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) has been hard at work adapting New Mutants for a while now, and the filmmaker has taken to Twitter today to offer an update on where the project currently stands. Hit the jump for all the latest details on this one... - JoshWilding
Most of us on this website love Marvel movies. However we are all aware that they aren’t perfect. Therefore here is a five part miniseries of a comedic look on the many problems of the marvel movies. - AvatarTarSauce
A new report claims to be able to shed some light on the reason Rupert Wyatt walked away from Fox's planned X-Men spin-off, Gambit. We were initially told it was because of a "scheduling conflict", but that wasn't the case if the following is on the level... - RorMachine
Sad news for X-Men fans! Netflix has finally decided to drop the fan-favorite animated series from it's queue starting at the beginning of October. If you haven't seen it yet, now's the time! - TheLemsterPju
Because of their romantic history in the Marvel comics, many fans assumed we might see Rogue pop up alongside Channing Tatum's Remy LeBeau in Fox's Gambit flick. Well, if the character is set to appear, she won't be played by Anna Paquin... - RorMachine
From Black Bolt to Hulk and Spider-Bitch, Old Man Logan was crammed full of characters who aren't allowed to appear in Fox's X-Men Universe. So, what does that mean for the 2017 Wolverine movie which is thought to be a loose adaptation of the hit story? Well... - JoshWilding
We already knew that Patrick Stewart would be making an appearance as Charles Xavier in the follow up to James Mangold's The Wolverine, but from the sounds of things he's going to have a much bigger role than we thought. Find out what Hugh Jackman had to say on that and more... - RorMachine
While he'll likely make an appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse (AND Deadpool if we're lucky), Hugh Jackman has only one Wolverine movie left before he hangs up the claws for good. So, who does he think should take over from him? Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy... - JoshWilding
My chosen cast and crew for what would have become 2000's 'X-MEN' - BobGarlen
With some actors set to move on and the future of the franchise unclear as Bryan Singer sets his sights on 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea, what exactly is X-Men: Apocalypse going to be? Well, according to Simon Kinberg, it's definitely the "culmination" of this trilogy... - JoshWilding
In a recent interview with GQ, Ryan Reynolds took a few minutes to share his thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from his upcoming film Deadpool, his return to superhero movies, his misstep with Green Lantern, the future of the Fantastic Four cast, and more! Come check it out! - KingPatel
With Old Man Logan being the consensus pick, I'm making my case for another option... - ferg815
20th Century Fox's upcoming X-Men spin-off Gambit has run into another big problem as due to reported script & budget complications, director Rupert Wyatt has decided to leave the Channing Tatum-led project. Come check it out and read his official statement now! - KingPatel
Things will be altered when we enter the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe next month, with Terrigen Mist spreading the globe, killing and sterilising mutants... but what does this mean for the X-Men? Check out a preview of Charles Soule and Humberto Ramos' first issue. - staypuffed
While we've seen signs of Fox's intention to "cross-pollinate" their X-Men properties in the past, we've finally received some pretty definite confirmation of that happening from writer/producer Simon Kinberg. Hit the jump to see how he plans to bring these characters together! - Minty
Apocalypse's look in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse has been a divisive subject these past few months, and while a recently leaked image eased the minds of some, many still aren't convinced. Now, producer and writer Simon Kinberg explains why they've chosen that costume... - JoshWilding
Proving once again that she's turned herself into the ultimate badass to play Betsy "Psylocke" Braddock in Bryan Singer's new X-flick, Olivia Munn has posted what she claims is one last training vid to Instagram. Check it out after the jump... - RorMachine
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