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Comic Book Movie

We'd figured Ben Hardy would be playing the Archangel incarnation of Warren Worthington (he's aligned with Apocalypse after all), but this is the first time he's actually been referred to by that name, and not simply Angel. He doesn't feature in this pic, but a part of his wing does! - RorMachine
A batch of hi-res images from X-Men: Apocalypse are featured in the latest edition of Empire Magazine, & they focus on Apocalypse, Psylocke, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Magneto, & more! Meanwhile, director Bryan Singer drops more intriguing clues about the 2016 film.. - JoshWilding
Just weeks after appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con to build up hype around the 2016 X-Men spinoff, it looks like Gambit is in serious trouble as star Channing Tatum is planning on exiting the project because his deal with Fox has fallen apart. Is this the beginning of the end? - JoshWilding
Hugh Jackman asked fans what they wanted to see in his last outing as 'The Wolverine' and the response was overwhelming. "Sixteen years on, you are the greatest fans in the world." Will the film be based on Old Man Logan? - MarkJulian
Reminding us that he's putting on the claws "one last time," actor Hugh Jackman has taken to Twitter to share the unofficial promo pic for The Wolverine sequel, while also asking us to share what we want to see in his last run as the title mutant. Check it out after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
Bryan Singer has posted another behind-the-scenes X-Men: Apocalypse image, and this time we get a new glimpse of the incredibly detailed practical set that will, presumably, double for the Egyptian tomb of Oscar Isaac's titular villain. Take a look... - RorMachine
In an interview with Indiewire, the young actor discusses his role in the upcoming X-Men film. Hit the jump for more details! - StormLoganSummers
Hit the jump and check out some of first filming details for Fox's Channing Tatum-led Gambit adaptation, as well as some potential supporting character descriptions from an open casting call which might indicate the studio's future plans for the Cajun mutant. - DCMarvelFreshman
At Comic-Con, Hugh Jackman appeared to confirm that the next Wolverine movie will be an adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's critically acclaimed Old Man Logan. However, what if rights weren't an issue and they could faithfully adapt the series? Well... - JoshWilding
Bryan Singer has resumed shooting his next X-Men movie in Vancouver, and a few set snaps of Jennifer Lawrence in her blue Mystique make-up have found their way online. They're not the clearest pics, but click on to take a look and we'll update if possible... - RorMachine