NYCC: Could Iceman Return For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

NYCC: Could Iceman Return For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

There has already been a lot of talking and nodding from the X-Men cast about whether or not we'll see them return, and now Shawn Ashmore (who played Bobby Drake/Iceman) is asked whether or not we will see him in Days of Future Past.

Since we've known that the next X-Men movie is called X-Men: Days of Future Past and it will be based off of the same storyline as the title, as lot of people have been wondering will the original X-Men return? We have heard from some of the cast but now we hear what Shawn Ashmore who played Bobby Drake AKA Iceman has to say about a return to the Xavier Mansion.

As you can see he while he says he would love to come back, he has no idea. Do you think Shawn was telling the truth or FOX has something up their sleeves? Comment below.
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BobGarlen - 10/14/2012, 7:14 PM
part of me wonders if they'll double up, maybe get Kelsy Grammer back and have him work side by side nick hoult.
theboywonder - 10/14/2012, 7:23 PM
Bobby Drake rules. It would be awesome if he played a part in this movie
mgeoff88 - 10/14/2012, 7:36 PM
That would be very cool if he came back.

If FOX brings Rogue back, she needs to be recast. Anna Paquin is a great actress, but she just wasn't Rogue to me.
DCjohnny - 10/14/2012, 7:41 PM
i hope gambit is also there in the movie.... he is the only X men i like...
TheSoulEater - 10/14/2012, 8:37 PM
TheGambitFreak - 10/14/2012, 9:17 PM
Please, don't put Gambit in it, as long as Fox is in association with X-Men, don't let Gambit be a part of it, not again.

@brazilianbatman Awww, Come On! Kelsey Grammer's Beast was one of the few greatest things about this deplorable franchise!
TokenNerd - 10/14/2012, 9:36 PM
Fox needs to tie up loose ends, and correct their time line issues!
im hoping we get some casting news soon.
CoolantTech - 10/14/2012, 10:35 PM
Could be cool but im sorry, Beast in X-men Last Stand was deplorable
loki668 - 10/15/2012, 12:33 AM
Fox needs to close up shop and let people who care about the franchises and characters take over. Just about everything Fox does is a desperate, blind, grab for cash. Even when they succeed, they fail.

Lord Loki has spoken
DukeAcureds - 10/15/2012, 11:04 AM
CoolantTek@ Deplorable? Really? I thought it was inspired casting. He even said "Oh my stars and garters".
XmutantX - 10/15/2012, 2:07 PM
nightcrawler was the sh!t in x2! best opening scene ever
StrangerX - 10/15/2012, 2:18 PM
NO wolverine,

A more Bad ass Cyclops

Iceman would be cool

and Angel so that he eventually joins Apocalypse

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