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nikgrid - 8/25/2012, 2:49 AM
The atom took down Darkseid, he's also a genius. Cyclops is gone.
AlSimmons - 8/25/2012, 6:27 AM
Seriously, people? Atom could just shrink down to an undetectable size then expand in Scott's brain.
weaponX2 - 8/25/2012, 7:48 AM
this fight could go either way, but if you want to apply logic to this...Cyke's powers are vision based and it's all line of sight for him..in other words...if he can see it...he can hit it. also theoretically if he were to take off his visor and just open his eyes....anything in his field of view, is getting hit with the blast and there'd be no way Atom would be able to avoid it because the beams are traveling at the speed of light...now if Cyke is using his visor, Atom has a chance of avoiding it because Scott would have to aim, but if he just says screw it and takes of the visor and opens his eyes...literally everything he sees would get hit simultaneously with the full force of his power...so back to my original point...if he "sees" Atom..Atom is done
weaponX2 - 8/25/2012, 8:13 AM
to further illustrate my point...have you ever tried to avoid being hit by the beam of a flashlight? You couldn't do it, could you? It would be even more difficult to avoid Scott, because he wouldn't have to aim his hand...no hand/eye coordination problem..just a straight shot from his eye that would be just as accurate as a laser scope
KingG - 8/25/2012, 9:39 AM
Why in the world are people saying CYCLOPS will win when all ATOM has to do is shrink and slip inside his ear or something. ALSO he's a GENIUS.
weaponX2 - 8/25/2012, 9:43 AM
Cool, I like it when someone actually thinks about it and weighs the possibilities to make an informed decision, rather than just voting based on popularity..kudos Magnus
weaponX2 - 8/25/2012, 9:52 AM
yes KingG, you're right. Atom has a definite advantage because he could sneak up on Cyke...but based on what I've already said in my earlier posts...this not a cut and dry win for either hero...it would totally depend on the circumstances...if Cyke sees Atom...he loses...if not...Atom can get in close enough to win...remember, the point of this forum is to make your case for or against the combatants in the match up...I've stated my case and my logic is sound, and you stated your case and your logic is also sound, but make no mistake...your contention that Cyke has no chance is flawed...there is definitely an overwhelming chance in Cyke's favor
cyked - 8/25/2012, 11:07 AM
Wait. Cyclops knows that he's in a fight, correct? He is aware of the fact that he's going 1-on-1 with Atom?

Meaning.... he's not just sitting around at the office, unsuspecting of a sneak-attack about to be launched on him. Right?

That being the case, him knowing that he is in a battlefield situation.... I think WeaponX2 makes a valid point. Take off the visor, blast in 360 degree arcs, spinning around in hula-hoop rotations, all angles --- even knocking himself off the ground to blast the ground in fast motion...... how would Atom be able to dodge that.

Einstein vs Muhammad Ali..... Sure, Einstein is a genius. How does Atom being a genius even factor into this. One solid hit & it's all over.

If Atom has super-speed and can fly, then the battle would be a lot trickier for Cyke. Flash could out-run speed-of-light optic blasts, I'm not sure that Atom can.
GodzillaKart - 8/25/2012, 11:58 AM
Atom would destroy Cyclops.
andyrey2380 - 8/25/2012, 2:19 PM
Cyclops doesn't have a chance in the first encounter.
BuckyCap - 8/25/2012, 4:34 PM
One Google search is all it took to find overwhelming evidence that Atom vastly outmatches Cyclops. He flies, can shift his body mass, shrink others AND shift his molecules into another dimension. He can also shrink himself small enough to travel on photons - exactly what Cyclops is going to be shooting at him. Oh, yeah. The ability to ride photons also means he has "super speed" and can travel at the speed of light.

Palmer's genius factors into this because his advanced degrees allow him to think of all of these applications of his power.

Everyone arguing for Cyclops has put absolutely no thought into this past "herp derp eye laser."

"The Atom/Ray Palmer possesses the power to alter his size down to the subatomic level while retaining his natural strength level. This is accomplished by using the remnants of a white-dwarf star made into a belt buckle worn with his costume. Originally, he had to manipulate his abilities via the belt and later with hand movements before eventually syncing with his brainwaves itself. The Atom is one of the only heroes in the DC Universe that has 100% control over his body on the molecular level (Plastic Man and The Flash being examples of others), thus making him exponentially more powerful than he is often portrayed; he is only limited by his application of his powers. Some of the applications he's demonstrated include reducing his mass to glide through the air (simulating flight, like Wonder Woman) and increasing his mass to punch through concrete. He's also demonstrated the ability to make his costume appear and disappear at will by shifting its atoms between this dimension and another.

He has been shown to be able to ride phone lines to his destination by dialing a number and traveling through the handset (his signature use of his power), and recently shrinking small enough to travel on photon signals through fiber optic cable (Blackest Night #4).

Some of The Atom's more impressive feats include shrinking into Superman's bloodstream and manually rearranging his molecules to create Kryptonite and defusing Black Lantern Al Pratt's Atomic Punch and resizing within him, ripping his body apart in the process (Blackest Night #4).

Following the events of Zero Hour, the Atom gained the ability to also grow in size and internalizes his other abilities without the use of his white dwarf star-based apparatus. However, when returned to his natural age, these abilities were lost.

He was a member of the Indigo Tribe, Ray possessed an indigo power ring powered by compassion, which provided him with flight, energy projection, and a protective force field. He also utilised a staff capable of duplicating the abilities of other wielders of the Emotional spectrum within range.

He has also shown the ability to allow others to shrink down with him if the situation requires it, such as when he shrunk himself, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man to repair the links between seven shattered subatomic particles, or shrinking Steel, Supergirl and Superboy to directly treat a kryptonite tumor in Superman's body. However, this ability is relatively limited; initially anyone other than himself who was shrunk would explode after two minutes, although he was later able to extend this time to around an hour."
Mentok - 8/25/2012, 8:53 PM
Cyclops wins.

I agree with @weaponX2 and @Cyked arguments.
LoudLon - 8/26/2012, 2:10 AM
Say Atom's standing five feet in front of Cyke, and shrinks to molecular size before Cyke can blast him. Now a molecular sized Atom has to travel fight feet to attack. Like I said on the main vote page, that would be like a normal sized man having to travel the length of the universe. In the meantime, all Cyke has to do is look in Atom's general direction and let loose with his widest blast just to be sure. Even at the size of a molecule, Atom's in the line of fire of an optic blast that could level a skycraper. And I don't see Atom "riding" the energy wave of Cyke's blast. It's a concussive blast, pure force. It'd be like trying to swim up a waterfall.

Atom's toast.
weaponX2 - 8/26/2012, 12:21 PM
totally agree with you LoudLon
BuckyCap - 8/26/2012, 7:14 PM
His "concussive blast" is light. Light is made of photons. The atom can ride on photons. The photons coming from Cyclops aren't the only ones in the area unless they are in total darkness. Photons are traveling in many different directions from different light sources. How would Atom not be able to make it to Cyclops? How would Atom not be able to shrink Cyclops as well?

@LoudLon - Your estimations of ability to travel at molecular size (assuming he isn't riding a photon or using some other means of travel) are inaccurate. If traveling a distance of 5 feet was the equivalent of a human traveling across the universe, then it would be exceedingly difficult for us to perform chemical reactions in a solvent.

Molecules are capable of moving quite fast. I bet you wouldn't light a match 5 feet from a ruptured gas line.

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