POLL: Which Classic Character Would You Like To See Join X-MEN: DOFP Next?

POLL: Which Classic Character Would You Like To See Join X-MEN: DOFP Next?

We know Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and (most likely) Hugh Jackman will be back, and Famke Jansen's Jean Grey is rumored - but which other Singer-era character would you most like to see join the cast next? Click on to cast your vote..

Bryan Singer has begun the process of bringing together the characters - and cast - from his previous X-Men films and Mathew Vaughn's First Class. It's not very surprising given the comic book arc the movie is adapting (however loosely), but we have no idea how many more old-school Mutants we will see join the ensemble. So far Magneto, Professor X and Wolverine are in, and there have been rumblings of Famke Jansen reprising the role of Jean Grey although there's nothing concrete there. So who would you guys like to see next? We have included all of the principal characters/cast from X-Men 1 and 2, a few from 3 also, and because he was so damn good as Victor Creed, Liev Schreiber from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now you may want to see a certain character return but not necessarily the same actor playing them, so if that's the case specify in the comments section. Get voting!

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XavierLehnsherr - 11/30/2012, 5:17 AM
Ellen Page
n1ghtw1ng2832 - 11/30/2012, 5:18 AM
CYCLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING MARSDEN BACK!!!!!
jimoakley666 - 11/30/2012, 5:21 AM
I would pay good money to see Wolverine and Cyclops fighting back to back like [frick]ing warriors in DOFP. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex like Morrison's Return To Weapon X. They make an epic team. And Marsden was brilliant.
RorMachine - 11/30/2012, 5:27 AM
Marsten was good, but - and I say this not even being a big Cyc fan - there is so much more that could have been done with the character. Every ensemble needs a lead, lets face it, that was ALWAYS going to be Wolverine whether you agree with it or not, but Cyc definitely should have shared the spotlight more.
Christuffer - 11/30/2012, 5:28 AM
Nightcrawler, and yes, Alan Cumming. This time, I want more sword action.

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gambgel - 11/30/2012, 5:30 AM
Just one vote option isnt enough.

I want to see the most:

Kitty - Ellen Page
Colossus - Daniel C.

but Id love to see again on the big screen most of the x-men, specially:

& Gambit
BANE5000 - 11/30/2012, 5:47 AM
Cyclops and Shadowcat for sure
DioFoRio - 11/30/2012, 6:00 AM
DioFoRio - 11/30/2012, 6:02 AM
Marsden is a good actor. They just butchered Cyke and made him a Caricature of his comic self.
souhunter - 11/30/2012, 6:10 AM
Daniel C & I want to see more of the girl that played jubali in X 2 sorry if I got her name wrong
TheDudeRises - 11/30/2012, 6:11 AM
Recast. All those actors blow nuts except for cyclops. Liev Schrieber is a good actor but let's just pretend the abortion that is wolverine origins never existed.
OrsonRandall - 11/30/2012, 6:17 AM
none they all sucked balls, would like to see a redeveloped Angel or Colossus, which are closer to there comic book counterparts.
SuperSpidey - 11/30/2012, 6:25 AM
This is to me a no brainer, though i would love to see ellen page back as shadowcat and kelsey grammar as beast it has to be cyclops, in the first movie he was sidelined for the sake of the narrative (though he didnt need to be) but he was still a big part at the climax but in 2 he was royally shafted and without good reason...and the less said about what they did to him in 3 the better....i would like james marsden to reprise the role....i do belive he could be an amazing cyclops if given the chance.
DCjohnny - 11/30/2012, 6:40 AM
gambit.... was the first x men i liked.... other than that cyclopes , rogue , jean grey ...
genesis609 - 11/30/2012, 6:45 AM
cyclops.... it would make sense that the pheonix sent scott and charles back in time and didnt kill them... i mean i guess with that messed up x3 movie and all lol
KNIGHT3000 - 11/30/2012, 6:59 AM
Tell Scotty to Holla at me
CoulsonLives - 11/30/2012, 7:36 AM
Nightcrawler... Because he didn't get enough screen time. Cyclops as well. Needs more leader factor.
Shadow Cat because she is is part of the story.
And Beast.
Hopefully they will make Cyclops the NEW Wolverine.
superotherside - 11/30/2012, 7:42 AM
I never want to see that Cyclops again. Period. Wouldn't mind if Iceman was in it though.
Jolt17 - 11/30/2012, 7:51 AM
What BattlinMurdock said.

I'd rather see us not getting Cyclops at all, than getting Cyclops but not getting him again.
gambgel - 11/30/2012, 7:52 AM
From all the x-men that have appeared on previous movies, I think Kitty and Colossus SHOULD appear on this one for two reasons.

1. They were part of the storyarc.
2. They havent had a good development on the franchise yet.

So these two reasons are more than enough to justify their presence. The other x-men appart from Wolverine deserve their moment to shine, and this is the perfect sequel for Kitty and Colossus.
marvel72 - 11/30/2012, 8:12 AM
cyclops,colossus & shadowcat.
Silentman - 11/30/2012, 8:17 AM
forget cyclops, they need to bring in nightcrawler. i was so pissed ratner didn't put him in the third one, although that's not the only thing i was pissed about for the third one.
OtakuPapi - 11/30/2012, 8:29 AM
People forgot James Marsden hauled arse on the Cyclops role to be in that God Awful Superman movie. Get off his jock! We need someone that actually cares about being Cyclops. You People are forgetful. Cyke needs new blood!
Preston - 11/30/2012, 8:31 AM
FOX botched up, not one, but two of my favorite characters in --- X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I want them to fix [fan favorites] ---

He is the Merc with a mouth, 'nuff said.


And, they should give us a hotter looking Rogue:

When your Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) is hotter than one of the sexiest X-Men, you know that you made a casting mistake:
Tymminator - 11/30/2012, 8:33 AM
Where did my post go?
JorLBola - 11/30/2012, 8:55 AM
Cyclops, he needs a reward for killing him in 'The last stand'
Kitty because Ellen is beautiful and sexy
And Storm because I remember a few scenes of her with punk hair after the 'apocalyps' ...Or am I wrong?
Pharaoh - 11/30/2012, 9:18 AM
where did my posts go? why bother taking the time to contribute to discussions if posts are arbitrarily deleted?
FirstAvenger - 11/30/2012, 9:19 AM
Ellen Page
silverdog - 11/30/2012, 9:24 AM
cyclops and shadowcat.. a new cameo by old mystique would be welcomed too...
JDUKE25 - 11/30/2012, 10:06 AM
Cyclops for sure, but I want them to do him right. He was ok in the original trilogy, but they really screwed him up at the end. Hopfully Cyclops will be in DOFP and whoever plays him with do to Cyclops what Fassbender did with Magneto.
continuezero - 11/30/2012, 10:07 AM
GAMBIT ALREADY!! Why is he not even on the list? It's like he just never existed.
shadearts - 11/30/2012, 10:26 AM
Cyclops and i hope singer is listen cause scott got f**k except in the first. Movie in which hw was the real hero that stopped magneto and his machine by taken the shot
KNIGHT3000 - 11/30/2012, 10:31 AM
KryptonitePen - 11/30/2012, 10:46 AM
Cyclops and Iceman would be my pics. Since iceman wasn't really iceman 'till Last Stand :P
shadearts - 11/30/2012, 11:17 AM
I would also love to see Gambit back and done right because that iceman and so called Rogue relationship sucks monkey balls
Minghagz - 11/30/2012, 11:29 AM

Reboot... under Marvel Studios.

You can keep some of the same cast but this shit just needs to be rebooted.
swarley11 - 11/30/2012, 12:47 PM
Totally Cyclops. But i want Nathan Fillion for the part :D
BrownandYellowWolvie - 11/30/2012, 12:57 PM
All the females in X-men could and should be hot. I say, get new actresses for them all! Except ellen paige...she is a perfect kitty pride. Bring in a hot asian as Jubilee, a hot southern accented model for Rogue (and give her the flight and strength please), a hot red head for Jean Grey and Storm...well i don't know if a hot character would fit her personality. Need someone strong willed with a semi-deep voice for Storm, but still hot...hmm...
Newbus - 11/30/2012, 1:07 PM
Looks like Wolverine is definately in DOFP. No suprise there but the A-list cast is looking overcrowded already.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/30/2012, 2:09 PM
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