POLL: Who was your favorite character in X-Men: First Class?

POLL: Who was your favorite character in <i>X-Men: First Class</i>?

Numerous characters from the X-Men mythos were featured in the newly released X-Men: First Class, but which was your favorite?

Many characters have appeared in the X-Men comics over the years, but only a handful have managed to make it to the silver screen. When audiences first saw the X-Men debut on screen in 2000, many enjoyed the well crafted film, although it was not quite as comic faithful as most wanted. Eleven years later, audiences did not expect an any more faithful comic adaptation from the prequel, due to its ties to the previous films.

X-Men: First Class opened to financial and critical success, but fans are divided over deviations the film made from the comics books. Most still agree though that despite the story differences from the comic books, the portrayal of the characters was generally well done. Many enjoyed Nicholas Hoult's Beast and James McAvoy's Charles Xavier, and fans raved over Michael Fassbender's performance as the to-be mutant leader Magneto.

Alright, CBMers, now that many of you have seen Matthew Vaughn's First Class, which character did you feel got the best portrayal? Who did you want to see more of? Did one character just stand out as exceptional to you? Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments with the rest of the community!

Thanks for voting! Have a great day, CBMers!
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