RESULTS: Would You Like To See Time Travel In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

RESULTS: Would You Like To See Time Travel In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

A little under 2,500 of you voted when we asked whether or not you would like to see Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: Days of Future Past incorporate time travel into the highly anticipated sequel, and it's pretty clear what exactly you guys would like to see happen! Find out the results after the jump.

Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class sequel shares its name with the same beloved comic book arc that featured the X-Men of the present day failing to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. As you more than likely know, these events led to an alternate future timeline where Sentinels rule the United States and mutants live in internment camps. It's fair to assume that the X-Men: Days of Future Past will borrow elements from this storyline, but would you actually like to see the film take place in two timelines? (possibly bringing back the cast of the previous X-Men trilogy)

We asked you guys whether or not you want to see this happen, and despite how popular James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender's Charles Xavier and Magneto are, it's pretty clear that you definitely want to see some sort of time travel in the upcoming prequel...even if that means taking the spotlight off the younger cast! Check out the results below and sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.

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QuanZen - 10/1/2012, 6:32 AM
A "Days of future Past" without Wolverine in just doesn't make sense....just sayin
GodzillaKart - 10/1/2012, 6:33 AM
First class was fantastic. I would only like to see the older cast if it is the best choice for the story, not as a human Easter Egg.

Man...I will always mourn that we didn't get a full Magneto film starring Fastbender.
MovieTheaterLad - 10/1/2012, 6:38 AM
Laura Schuler Donner said that there are plans for an X4 movie. Yould actually probably film them back to back to save time and money!
marvel72 - 10/1/2012, 7:10 AM
i just want to see some sentinels,four f*ckin x-men films no f*ckin sentinels.
figuresmaniac - 10/1/2012, 7:17 AM
too fast.... save it for the third or fourth movie
Reo5150 - 10/1/2012, 7:19 AM
Someone may have already said this, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if they wanted to pull a Star Trek and reboot the whole universe that way. Start fresh.
Buddha29 - 10/1/2012, 7:22 AM
Don't do Days of Future Past if you're not doing Days of Future Past. I don't need another X-Men disc to add to the fire. It's burning just fine as it is.
BruceWayneNewton - 10/1/2012, 7:34 AM
Days of future past would be pretty cool and I'd like to see some more mutant on mutant action this time around.
DCjohnny - 10/1/2012, 7:46 AM
i wanted x men first class to be reboot....
greentag - 10/1/2012, 7:48 AM
Please no more X-Men movies. None of them are character, story, or time accurate. First class was bearable, but pretty inaccurate.
gambgel - 10/1/2012, 7:50 AM
I definetly want time travel, its part of the storyarc, so its a must.

But I want the focus on the 60's characters.

Some awesome cameos in the future would be perfect, no big roles, its time for 60's x-men to shine.
shadearts - 10/1/2012, 7:50 AM
if there's time travel I would like for someone go back when marvel gave the movie rights of xmen to fox change the damn contract and send the Xmen back to Marvel studios Now DAMMIT... In other words F*ck Fox
BruceWayneNewton - 10/1/2012, 7:54 AM
amen! @tea
BruceWayneNewton - 10/1/2012, 7:58 AM
MassNerder - 10/1/2012, 7:58 AM
Pull a star trek and start an alternate time line. Forget the old movies altogether.
novaprime - 10/1/2012, 8:04 AM
The Orginal 5 X Men Cyclops, Beast, Mgirl, Iceman, Angel.. then save the Sentinals For The End!!!.
Jer3miah - 10/1/2012, 8:11 AM
Without Storm and Wolverine, the film's plot would be pointless.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 10/1/2012, 8:27 AM
awwww grif has a crush!!!!!
Daken - 10/1/2012, 9:13 AM
I'd love to see the old and new X-Men universe mixed together. However,'s FOX..........
Bartman87 - 10/1/2012, 9:42 AM
Yeah because somehow at Marvel they would take the time to do an X-men movie we all know if it didn't fit into their "vision" then we won't get it. Keep the movies where they are now and get over it.
jimpinto24 - 10/1/2012, 10:14 AM
If done right, I would like to see Wolverine, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Storm, Magneto, and Professor Charles Xavier. Or the original 5 members of X-Men. Scott Summers, Jean Greay, Bobby Drake, Beast & Angel.
Tymminator - 10/1/2012, 10:20 AM
Not a fan of the Fox X-franchise, but to each their own.
Tankpjh - 10/1/2012, 10:46 AM
@tea, God bless you man, you make a 12hr shift bearable.

I think X-men should be left alone for a few years and rebooted with the true fist class.

Damm you Fox!
Luther - 10/1/2012, 10:46 AM
..with time travel and a little bit of creative control, and SMARTS, they can definitely erase LastStand and Origins:wolverine mishaps. It can actually be easy, to do so. But, the the issue. Of course simple minded viewers will NEVER let go of the two crap movies, as much as they scream they want to. They'll still see them as "THEY HAPPENED". Like a franchise can't go on, acting like 2 movies didn't happen, and use some of the same actors from them. To most, that's just impossible. Those viewers will still hold onto those films, just to throw the "continuity issues" judgement call, in the face of people who believe they (studio) CAN actually fix it.

Wish it was easy to send in screen-plays to studios though.
astromerc - 10/1/2012, 12:08 PM
I want to see a close if not direct translation of the Comic not BS or characters from other continuities. I can be done look at the AVENGERS!
ibravosp5 - 10/1/2012, 1:47 PM
I'm telling you, I still don't see how first class and the original movies were related. Xavier was paralyzed in first class but is walking in While at an older age in wolverine and x2 flashback. SOMEONE PLS UNDERSTAND THIS....
AC1 - 10/1/2012, 1:50 PM
They can erase Origins and Last Stand from continuity if they handle this well, but they still won't be able to explain away the differences between First Class and the info mentioned in X-Men and X2, because the time travel would have to occur before First Class.

Also, if they wanted, they could use the time travel to bring the First Class characters into the present day to pick up the main series (similar to their plans with the comics).

On the one hand, I wish First Class could've just been a reboot, but on the other hand, I liked X-Men and X2, and The Wolverine's looking good so far, and First Class does link to the previous films through references and continuity stuff, so if this is as good as (or better than) First Class, then I'm all for it. And if it's able to erase Origins and Last Stand from continuity, even better.
AC1 - 10/1/2012, 1:52 PM
@ibravosp5 a lot of people who worked on First Class said they were ignoring Origins: Wolverine and X3 (X3 is the one with the flashbacks of Xavier walking, not X2), so First Class would only be linked with X-Men and X2.
lokibane2012 - 10/1/2012, 2:14 PM
[frick] the original trilogy cast. They suck. Every single one of them.

Okay, maybe not Patrick Stewart and Rebbeca Romijn (but they [frick]ed her up with the shit makeup). But the rest were either unfit for the role, or just plain shit.


XMFC has a better cast, I'd prefer if we just keep going with the new ones and add on the CHARACTERS (not actors): cyclops, jean, storm, wolvie, rogue, gambit, nightcrawler etc.
lokibane2012 - 10/1/2012, 2:18 PM
^and yeah, I think Ian McKellan should stick to being Gandalf. Coz he's one shit Magneto.

I prefer Fassbender. But give him a less faggy helmet for [frick]'s sake. The fruityness was through the roof with the plastic red and purple version in the final scene of XMFC
laughterman26 - 10/1/2012, 3:03 PM
king forward to this. loved fassendber as magneto
Inhuman - 10/1/2012, 4:01 PM
singers movies have no continuity errors (first class, days of future past, x-men, x2). it would solve all the continuity errors if days of future past reveals to us that origins, the wolverine, and the last stand are from an alternate future and the logan from those 3 movies is the logan that time travels in days of future past. that way singer can do an accurate sequel to x2 with no continuity errors.
Inhuman - 10/1/2012, 4:07 PM
all they would have to do is have logan in days of future past explain his story and show a flashback of origins, the wolverine and the last stand and every problem in the x-men series is gone in a second. xavier walking and bald in last stand is erased, xavier walking and bald in origins is erased, emma frost in origins is erased, a non-fire phoenix in the last stand is erased, magneto being friends with xavier in the last stand is erased etc etc....
flannelmandude - 10/1/2012, 5:57 PM
I liked X2 but couldn't stand X-Men parts one and three. First class was ok but it's not consistant with the other 3 films. FOX blows. Just give the shit back to Marvel. They know what they're doing FOX obviously doesn't.
ComicBookGoth - 10/1/2012, 7:54 PM
as long as they use this to fix all of their Massive Continuity errors between movies.

And not bring back Halle berry.

Because that was some of the worst casting.
cwoods - 10/2/2012, 12:35 AM
"...starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Winston Wilson/Deadpool as Marty McFly and Kelsey Grammer as Henry McCoy/Beast as Doc Brown!" Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike X-Men. Really. But come on, how may more Wolverine/X-Men movies do we need to see to get the story. I'm in my forties. To see the WHOLE story, I'll have to watch X-Men movies until I'm 80. So, if we're going to go back in time, can we make it to where Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett or whoever he is to you, is never born or somehow left out or fogotten about? Enough, already.
cwoods - 10/2/2012, 12:48 AM
I'm by far an on what movie should be made in place of "X-Men: Days of Future Past", but I'm sure there HAS to be a better idea than this. Maybe something that will tie in current big screen bios, that have been already developed, with the X'ers and Spider-Man..and introduce a few new characters to spawn from. Am I the only one?...Gawd dang...I hope not.
PeterParker1991 - 10/7/2012, 7:30 AM
The thing about X3 despite it being my least favorite, I don't thing Scott is really gone cause we never saw his body. Just his shades. Anything is possible.

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