Sexy Ladies of Animation

Sexy Ladies of Animation

It's a slow news Saturday, so we've gone animation crazy at Earth's Mightiest with four videos devoted to the sexy ladies of animation, including the ladies of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Besides the music video devoted to those mutants, we've got a countdown of the 10 sexiest females in animation, a tribute to Jessica Rabbit and a music video called "Sexy, Naughty, Disney," which -- through editing -- puts a new spin on Walt's Angels.

To check out the videos, just click on the image below.

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fanboiii - 5/22/2010, 2:27 PM
why god why?
EdGross - 5/22/2010, 2:40 PM
Why not, fanboiii, why not? It's just for fun, and if people aren't interested, they can merely pass it by and move on to the next story. Such is the joy of democracy!
EdGross - 5/22/2010, 2:53 PM
Okay, I'm the gangster and Grif is Bugs Bunny after I've suggested he not read stories with my name on them.

SHHH - 5/22/2010, 3:04 PM
Greatstuff....or they can...

JoshWilding - 5/22/2010, 3:36 PM
Ha, awesome article Ed! :D There's nothing I love more than gratuitous babes...

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LEEE777 - 5/22/2010, 4:00 PM

: P

marvel72 - 5/22/2010, 4:00 PM
@ edgross my favorite sexy animated lady is either powergirl from superman/batman public enemies or jessica rabbit from who framed roger rabbit.
Betty - 5/22/2010, 4:12 PM
JoshW-- Heyyyy there's a hemroid cushion in the background, cooool.

So I click on this thinking that maybe, just maybe, there was going to be an article posted here, rather than a link to But no, I lose. -insert dying pacman sound here-
EdGross - 5/22/2010, 4:12 PM
deadpool72, well at least we've got Jessica Rabbit covered.

Erickz... Can't you lighten up a little? Like I've said to Grif, the subject and my name are right there in the teaser and headline. Just skip over it.
EdGross - 5/22/2010, 4:15 PM
Am I going crazy? I read the teaser to this article and it reads "It's a slow news Saturday, so we've gone animation crazy at Earth's Mightiest with four videos devoted to the sexy ladies of animation, including the ladies of Wolverine and the X-Men." What is NOT stated in that teaser? I'm really confused.
Betty - 5/22/2010, 4:18 PM
I just skip over most of your "articles".
cchriswake13 - 5/22/2010, 4:18 PM
CaptainAmerica - 5/22/2010, 4:33 PM
lol Ed, just delete their comments. You dont have to repeat yourself every time just cuz these dumbasses dont pay attention.
EdGross - 5/22/2010, 4:41 PM
Betty, just for the record, since the 19th I've posted seven stories to CBM that aren't links to Earth's Mightiest. Doing stories for the two sites requires a tremendous amount of work, which I'm happy to do. But I just can't wrap my head around the fact that there are a couple of people who have to give me crap over it with almost every post.

And for the few of you guys who are so dismissive of my efforts, since that link went up those articles have been viewed over 500 times -- obviously they must be appealing to someone.

As always I accept and respect that these stories aren't for everyone. At the same time, I ask that you and the others respect the fact that I am attempting to build, with the owners of CBM, an online portal that is offering a wide diversity of stories and that it would be foolish not to utilize the CBM community to bring attention to it.
CaptainAmerica - 5/22/2010, 4:43 PM
Dude, you have Galactus' permission lol Let their tears feed your powers :)
marvel72 - 5/22/2010, 4:51 PM
@ edgross i think this pretty cool article,its just a bit of fun.
now when are marvel & dc going to get their acts together & release either ms.marvel the movie,powergirl the movie or the ultimate ms.marvel vs powergirl xxx.
peterparker420 - 5/22/2010, 4:56 PM
NICE!! This yet one more reason why ED is....


but they still look better in COMIC form!

Uploaded with

EdGross - 5/22/2010, 4:59 PM
Thanks, guys. Appreciated.
LEEE777 - 5/22/2010, 6:16 PM

: P
fanboiii - 5/22/2010, 6:20 PM
animation "sexy"? eh, when in rome...

LEEE777 - 5/22/2010, 6:32 PM
fanboiii @ That you had that on ya computer is worrying LOL! : D

But arghhhhhh I'm animated b00bie blind!!! : P
ROMACK - 5/22/2010, 6:37 PM
Cool Ed. I looooove the ladies!!
THEMRTERRIFIC - 5/22/2010, 6:54 PM
Look at all the chesticles :P
fanboiii - 5/22/2010, 8:44 PM
@LEEE777 um i'm doing a report on the physics of animated boobs. thats right, it's research. lol
marvel72 - 5/23/2010, 3:41 AM
@ leee777 you must checkout probably the best animated boobs..... battle vixens anime (the manga is better.)
Betty - 5/23/2010, 8:40 PM
squash and stretch.
Jolt17 - 6/8/2010, 5:44 PM
eh hey @fanboiii, that are great! ;D

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