Did Wolverine vs The Hand Land Director Gary Shore On The Wolverine Short List?

Did  <i>Wolverine vs The Hand</i> Land Director Gary Shore  On <i>The Wolverine</i> Short List?

Has the trailer Wolverine vs The Hand placed little known director Gary Shore on the short list to direct The Wolverine? Follow the jump to give your thoughts.

Three days ago Josh Wilding reported here at CBM that FOX had eight directors on their "short list" to direct The Wolverine. As we all know, the gig was left vacant when Darren Aronofsky excused himself from the film. While there were some well known names on this "short list," Gary Shore seemed to catch peoples eye for the simple reason that they were unaware of just who he was. He was listed as primarily a commercial director.

Now, let's go all the way back to February of this year. Fellow CBM editor Comedian03 posted an article about a Wolverine trailer titled Wolverine VS The Hand that was directed by a fan/commercial director named Gary Shore. That's right, the very same Gary Shore who is now in the running for the directors gig on The Wolverine. The same Gary Shore that nobody seemed to know anything about. While this trailer/short film went relatively unnoticed back in February, I highly recommend you check it out.

Is this little film the reason Shore is being considered for the job? If so, do you think it could land him the gig? What is your opinion of the trailer?

Wolverine Vs The Hand from Gary Shore on Vimeo.

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Hawksblueyes - 5/28/2011, 7:51 AM
continuezero - 5/28/2011, 8:18 AM
Video was awesome, I thought it was pretty cool when I first saw it. Not sure it should earn a director shot but definitely in the design or artistic design side of things. Stylistically it's exactly what Wolverine needs. Although I don't know much else beyond this about the guy so tough to say.
kaka0002 - 5/28/2011, 8:20 AM
AC1 - 5/28/2011, 8:22 AM
That was actually pretty well made... hate to admit it, but I may have been wrong to bad-mouth this guy so soon on Josh's article...
Plus, the inclusion of the Hand is feasible, since FOX own the rights to them as well
YeaOkYea - 5/28/2011, 8:27 AM
Hey he took a chance & now he's in the top list to direct. Shows you that you never know unless you try. All the best of luck to Josh Wilding.
InfiniteMonkey - 5/28/2011, 8:29 AM
Visual style has potential but it all remains to be seen with the proper translation into a major motion picture.

Hope there's tonnes of Hot Asian Girls.
GUNSMITH - 5/28/2011, 8:29 AM
marckos - 5/28/2011, 8:35 AM
the video is pretty good
marvel72 - 5/28/2011, 8:35 AM
maybe,his done another martial art movie as well.

should of kept darren aronofsky,he may of made the only decent x-film to date.
Dynamo - 5/28/2011, 8:40 AM
Seems unfair to say that until you've seen First Class.
StrangerX - 5/28/2011, 8:46 AM
The video looked pretty sweet.
jazzman - 5/28/2011, 8:50 AM
Gary Shore video is great but dont u think they need someone who has directed a movie that was released in cinema.


darren aronofsky left Wolverine cause he did not want to leave his family cause he would of been filming in Japan for awhile.
jazzman - 5/28/2011, 8:57 AM

of cause they had creative differences also. darren aronofsky would of been great maybe he would of made the movie R-Rated but FOX Studio want every X-Men related movie to be PG-13.
Lert - 5/28/2011, 9:00 AM
there is a resemblance to Snyders work but to say that is also saying "ACCEPTANCE"! That last Wolverine origins was cut from the same cloth as X-3.. Change is good! I.e- Star Trek, perhaps First Class, which on Rott is getting really good reviews!!
jazzman - 5/28/2011, 9:02 AM

i did not hear anything about been made in 3D and to be honest Marvel Studio f**ked up by releaseing Thor and Cap in 3D also.
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/28/2011, 9:10 AM
David Croenenberg (A History Of Violence, Eatern Promises) or Takashi Miike (13 Assassins, Ichi The Killer) would be great choices! They have balls to do anything!:)
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/28/2011, 9:14 AM
Takashi Miike!!!:)
jazzman - 5/28/2011, 9:15 AM

god damn it hollywood needs to stop with the 3D


yeah they have the balls to do it but FOX Studio will force them to tone down violence
StrangerX - 5/28/2011, 9:18 AM
Aronofsky left because Hugh told him he was doing a cameo in First Class and Darren was like dude I'm trying to stray away from the X films if you do it I'm leaving. Hugh thought he was kidding and wanted the pay check. Well guess what Jackman your a jackass.

btw I have no clue if that's true I'm just not buying the staying away from my family for too long excuse.
marvel72 - 5/28/2011, 9:30 AM
@ jazzman

i believe aronofsky wanted to have more control of the product i.e following the source & making it r-rated.

but fox wouldn't be happy with just wolverine vs the silver samurai they want to flood movies with irrelvent characters & r-rated movies don't make as much money & are f*ckers to sell action figures.
RockNRollCC - 5/28/2011, 9:47 AM
@Intruder @Marvel72 did it ever come to your minds that Aronofsky left because of the earthquake in Japan, and I'd assume they would have been filming this year...? What @Jazzman first said makes sense.

Yes, I hate what FOX has done in the past too, but blaiming everything on them now is getting really old, especially after they've started to redeem themselves. Predators was a big step up from AVPR, and First Class looks like a huge step up from Borigins.

Anywho, its a loss, yes, he would have been perfect, but there are other directors out there.

My picks:

Duncan Jones or Edward Zwick
TheStranger - 5/28/2011, 10:15 AM
That was pretty BA not gonna lie! The world must be coming to an end when I can agree with Intruder, The Last Samurai was pretty frickin' amazing!
marvel72 - 5/28/2011, 10:17 AM
@ rocknrollcc

yes the earthquake could of been some of the reason,but if the film studio owns the rights to the characters & is financing the movie they want full control.

they have the final say what goes into the film.

but i do like your choices of director,duncan jones is great loved moon & the source code.

the last samurai was a good movie as well.

takashi miike would be my choice.
HaroldOfGalactus - 5/28/2011, 10:34 AM
Aronofsky himself said it was his wife that talked him out of doing it, because the Tsunamis had just hit Japan and there is a lot of damage done over there. It was even up in the air for a while if they were going to halt production due to the upheaval of Japanese society. FOX decided to move forward, the Aronofsky family did not. He added that the time frame involved with him being there (he does have kids, and I'm pretty sure he didnt want to put them in school in Japan) would have been too long and it wasnt worth any amount of money
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/28/2011, 10:42 AM
jazz@ true!

Edward Zwick would be interesting choice too!
Hawksblueyes - 5/28/2011, 10:44 AM
tea: That is actually me playing that music. I'm glad you liked it.
MovieTheaterLad - 5/28/2011, 10:50 AM

What about all the times that Darren said that the script was excellent?
Hawksblueyes - 5/28/2011, 10:51 AM
I actually spend most of my waking moments soloing all over the place. ;P
MovieTheaterLad - 5/28/2011, 10:52 AM

What proof do you have of this?

After making two critically acclaimed films for FOX, why would they "piss all over his vision"?
ecksmanfan - 5/28/2011, 10:52 AM
That trailer was pretty cool! If he could capture that same look and feeling on film, he'd have a hit. I'd loved to see what Aronofsky could've done with Wolverine, but oh well, that idea is gone.

For those saying they don't want a first time director on this project, I say let them have at it! For a first time director to land a gig like this would be a dream come true for them and they would make the best film they could and out their heart and soul in it to make a name for themselves. Do you think James Cameron, Stephen Speilberg, Darren Aronofsky and the like have always been huge names in directing? they had to start somewhere as well.

tea: agreed about the Fox thing
PoPcornDude - 5/28/2011, 11:17 AM
Quentin Tarantino should direct the movie, Wolverine is violent, aggressive and should not be a PG-13 movie, I was expecting a lot more from the previous movie...
Hawksblueyes - 5/28/2011, 11:30 AM
tea: I have seen it. Wasn't impressed. =D

I have to agree with tea and ecks on the FOX comments. While I hate what FOX has done to Marvels characters, it's not going to change. If I were FOX I would never come up off of a cash cow like X-Men when each one of the films are guaranteed financial success. Could they be better films? No doubt! BUT! The general public continues to flock to see them and it makes no difference to the executives at FOX how much the "comic fans" like you and me are continually disappointed by them.

So, knowing that it will never change makes it kind of redundant to continue beating that horse. It died a long time ago. I'm not saying opinions shouldn't be voiced but we (the fans) are the only ones paying attention to the FOX hate because almost all of us share the very same opinion.
MisterBabadook - 5/28/2011, 12:03 PM
This is my first comment post on this website.
I must say, not feeling this. When you have a name Aronofsky attached to the film, it raises expectations
epiccomicfan99 - 5/28/2011, 12:42 PM
this guys from ireland,so i hope he gets the job!!!
LEEE777 - 5/28/2011, 1:10 PM
Sweet better than the movie!

vermillion - 5/28/2011, 1:27 PM
Love that video of Wolverine vs The Hand, saw it a couple of days ago, good stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing what he would do with a Wolverine flick.
KryptonitePen - 5/28/2011, 2:12 PM
eh. Definitely not overly pumped up by that. I liked the visuals but the music (for me) didn't really fit the spirit of Wolverine. No problems with the Hand showing up at all and I would be SUPER pumped with a live action Silver Samurai as long as they stayed true and he wasn't just some asian dude with a sword :P Not a fan of the trailer but I can see the potential he has to bring something new visually and emotionally
SPACEDout - 5/28/2011, 2:39 PM
maybe what the franchise needs is some new blood. that video showed he definitely has a vision, so i say give the guy a shot.
SPACEDout - 5/28/2011, 2:39 PM
maybe what the franchise needs is some new blood. that video showed he definitely has a vision, so i say give the guy a shot.
MisterBabadook - 5/28/2011, 3:48 PM
You guys know how to make things interesting: I love boobs.
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