Three More X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Featurettes

Three More X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Featurettes

Through cross-promotion with Norton, X-Men: Days of Future Past has released three new featurettes, dubbed Join the team, We're in this together, and Time to make a choice, revealing more footage!

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The beloved characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class, in an epic battle that must change the past to save our future. X-Men: Days of Future Past has wrapped filming, and stars Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender,, Ian McKellen, Nicholas Hoult, Omar Sy, Peter Dinklage, Halle Berry, Adan Canto, Fan Bingbing, Anna Paquin, Evan Peters, Daniel Cudmore, Ellen Page & Booboo Stewart. Bryan Singer directs the film in theaters May 23, 2014
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Mike89 - 4/16/2014, 6:12 PM
Cant Wait for this! :)
Kurne - 4/16/2014, 6:19 PM
Logan and Magneto's dialogue will be interesting.

Also, I assume young Charles communicates with his older self through Logan's mind?
Berserker187 - 4/16/2014, 6:31 PM
Am no. Doesn't add up. Not sure about this. Here's hoping is decent
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 6:34 PM
Oh yeah days of the present past. Great
zippiesdrainage - 4/16/2014, 6:37 PM
All of this back and forth plot holing and patching and garbage is really making me not want to see this movie because it already feels like a stress headache.
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 6:41 PM
How is that a future if everyone from last stand is still alive
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 6:42 PM
They just added future mutants to the present timeline and added futeristic sentinels?
Greengo - 4/16/2014, 6:45 PM
This is looking good.

Maybe Singer can redeem himself after all.
Greengo - 4/16/2014, 6:47 PM
Looking forward to Josh's review of this.
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 6:48 PM
@martinmarvel after they explain how present Xavier is alive and how past Xavier can walk and how beast can now transform and how Erik got imprisoned and how Wolverine gets his claws back they will tell you.
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 6:48 PM
I think the giant vent in the middle of the Sentinel's chest makes more sense now after seeing them in action as it is there to aid in flight. Something that big is going to need more propulsion than just from its extremities a la Iron Man in order to make it fly right.
KallarkKent - 4/16/2014, 6:48 PM
This is shaping up to be the x-men movie I always wanted to see.
KnobGoblin - 4/16/2014, 6:48 PM
I think Richard Nixon has appeared in more superhero movies than Wolverine at this point.
BubSnikt - 4/16/2014, 6:51 PM
Bone claws!
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 6:52 PM
""Kitty Pryde can send a person's mind back in time to their younger body."

Or she can walk through walls. Either way."

Haha, true! But how exactly does she send her own consciousness back to her younger body in the comics?
LaserKing - 4/16/2014, 6:56 PM
Spidey first....can't get ahead of myself......golden age of CBM is here.....fill your plate.
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 6:56 PM
can someone please explain to me where the future is?
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 7:07 PM
is that really real?
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 7:10 PM
Ezio, that shit sounds serious!
Bearjew - 4/16/2014, 7:11 PM
Oh shit I hope Singer's not a pedophile. Last time this happened I had to sell my Woody Allen collection.
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 7:11 PM
dickmaster, 2023, 50 years after the 'past' events.
Bearjew - 4/16/2014, 7:14 PM
Blink should have been the one to send Logan back in time, it would make way more sense
dickmastaflex - 4/16/2014, 7:19 PM
@ryguy yuck that stinks so im supposed to believe magneto and charles are what 80 years old
Azazel1 - 4/16/2014, 7:23 PM
Why are people so worried about why Xavier is walking?

There is precident for this in the comics themselves

Xavier was in and out of this chair quite a bit...
TheRationalNerd - 4/16/2014, 7:26 PM

Wolverine: Alive
Professor X: Alive
Storm: Alive
Rogue: Alive
Bobby: Alive
Colossus: Alive
Angel: Deceased

2011 March on X-Mansion
Mutants protest, claiming that they don’t need a cure.

To protest the billion dollar “mutant cure” arms race led by Trask industries, Yashida Corp and other multinational pharmaceutical companies, Occupy Wall Street marches from the X-Mansion to Zuccotti Park. Sentinels attack the peaceful mutant demonstration. In the ensuing chaos, Warren Worthington III, the mutant known as “Angel,” is killed.

Beast: Deceased

2015 Death of Hank McCoy
Mutant most famous for successfully integrating with human population is murdered.

Hank McCoy is dragged from his home and murdered by an angry mob of Human Majority protesters outside his home in upstate New York

Jean: Deceased
Cyclops: Deceased
Nightcrawler: Deeased

Magneto: Alive
Mystique: Deceased
Pyro: Deceased

JoJo1982 - 4/16/2014, 7:27 PM

That Damn Singer
Ocelot - 4/16/2014, 7:50 PM
There's a big spoiler in the first video, pretty much confirms a suspicion I've had about The Future Sentinels design.
MercwithMouth - 4/16/2014, 7:59 PM
This all looks incredible...
TheGreenBastard - 4/16/2014, 8:03 PM
Hey ezio: why not stop trolling with the same comment, until that's proven to be true.
Humperdink - 4/16/2014, 8:27 PM
Singer has been accused of improper behavior with young boys back when he filmed Apt Pupil.

I suspect he does this sort of thing a lot (there have been a few posts online from young men who have been with him and his party tours) but I've never heard of him raping teens.

I know he abuses his position to sleep with young male actors though.
When he started going on and on about Nicholas Hoult then started putting him in films I knew he'd gotten his claws in him.

Like I said, he does sleep around with young men who aspire to be something in Hollywood and has be accused of inappropriate behavior when he filmed young boys showering naked years ago...but this is just the nail in the coffin for me.

I actually believe it too.

Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 8:40 PM
Humperdink, if you're to make bold statements like that you really should provide some proof.
TheGreenBastard - 4/16/2014, 8:45 PM
Humperdink: You know this things, or you're acting like a sheep, and regurgitating what you read?
TheGreenBastard - 4/16/2014, 8:46 PM
Breadpitt; of course you believe it, you've been trolling all over this news.
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 8:51 PM
These are incredibly serious accusations to be throwing around without any proof. If he is indeed guilty I hope he pays his dues but until then I don't think its right to be teeing off on him.
Enphlieuwince - 4/16/2014, 8:52 PM
Wow @ what ezio posted. That shit is stupid crazy...
soup3161 - 4/16/2014, 8:57 PM
Ooooh, I get it. Trask needs Mystique so he can take her DNA and use it to create Sentinels that can adapt to their surroundings. That's pretty sucky.
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 9:04 PM
soup3161, did you just think of that shit or are you being a dick and spoiling a major plot point?
soup3161 - 4/16/2014, 9:12 PM
@Ryguy88, I have no idea if that is actually true. It's just kind of what I'm assuming based on that first video. They say the Sentinels are a mix of mutant and machine and that they need Mystique... two and two together?
Ryguy88 - 4/16/2014, 9:12 PM
BreadPitt, those gossip articles do not count as proof.
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