Bryan Singer And Simon Kinberg Reveal More Details About X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

Bryan Singer And Simon Kinberg Reveal More Details About X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer and writer/producer Simon Kinberg talk more about 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, teasing "disaster movie imagery", links to the Age of Apocalypse comic book, and which mutants we should expect to see in the 1980s setting...

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Singer revealed that X-Men: Apocalypse (which is being developed by him, Simon Kinberg and X2 writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty) will be "somewhat" based on the classic Age of Apocalypse comic book from the 90s, but added that it won't be taking place in an alternate universe. "[The movie] won’t necessarily create an alternate universe, but there may be some swapping things that I’m playing with." Kinberg adds, "From a visual standpoint it actually may be a bigger movie than Days of Future Past because there’ll be disaster movie imagery, like the title would imply."

As for how X-Men: Days of Future Past will link to X-Men: Apocalypse, Singer revealed: "You won’t feel at the end of the movie that it set up Apocalypse. What it does is it sets up possibilities. But what we’ll discover in Apocalypse is that events in this movie made that happen. Apocalypse deals with ancient mutancy. What would humans have thought mutants were? What would mutants think humans were? You’re dealing with gods and things like that. And what if one survived and what if that found its way into our world?" The director went on to confirm that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult will all be back, but reiterated that he want to also introduce Gambit and Nightcrawler to the 80s set sequel. "I’m excited because I want to start introducing familiar characters at different ages and also explore the ‘80s." How do you guys feel about these comments? 
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JoeMomma29 - 4/11/2014, 6:33 AM
I hate Singer........
Doopie - 4/11/2014, 6:34 AM
fingers crossed it turns out awesome. i loved AoA
BruceLeroy - 4/11/2014, 6:35 AM
"Singer says that the film will be “somewhat” based on the 1990 comic storyline “Age of Apocalypse,"

Was there any doubt? Fox gonna Fox.
XelCorp - 4/11/2014, 6:35 AM
thanos83 - 4/11/2014, 6:37 AM
sounds like they dont know shit about aga of apocalypes.i cant belive thgis assholes gong to ruin this as well as days of future past,
XelCorp - 4/11/2014, 6:38 AM
Also... Gambit and Nightcrawler? How
Would they fit/get into this? If this movie
Is taking place with the first class group obviously Nightcrawler and Gambit will be younger.. But if Charles meets him
In this movie then he should have already knew who he was in X2? I'm confused
Kurne - 4/11/2014, 6:40 AM
Recast Colossus! Bring in the younger version and use him in the future.
MexicanSexyman - 4/11/2014, 6:40 AM
Great news.
Scarilian - 4/11/2014, 6:41 AM
Sounds like they have no idea what they are doing - and are just basing things slightly off the comics in order to get people to watch the film - such as 'Days Of Future Past' and 'Age Of Apocalypse' neither really seems to have the strength of the comics.
JoeMomma29 - 4/11/2014, 6:41 AM
@ Marvel

LOL! That is one of the many reasons why I hate Singer so much.
McNyagano - 4/11/2014, 6:42 AM
"Singer says that the film will be “somewhat” based on the 1990 comic storyline “Age of Apocalypse"

MrSotoMan - 4/11/2014, 6:42 AM
You guys are complaining that the movie isn't following specifically about Age of Apocalypse but no complaints following specifically about Age of Ultron.

Wow....[frick]ing hilarious.
BraxtonHicks - 4/11/2014, 6:42 AM
We better not get Nightcrawler with an 80s mohawk and Gambit better not be throwing music tapes instead of playing cards...
MexicanSexyman - 4/11/2014, 6:42 AM
@Marvel1997, it's not hard to comprehend. The time travel in Days of Futures Past will change events.
TheRealRemyLebeau - 4/11/2014, 6:43 AM
@Marvel1997 we all are. Watered down fox men garbage.
Kurne - 4/11/2014, 6:43 AM
At this point the roster should be:

Kurne - 4/11/2014, 6:43 AM
And Beast I assume.
JordanKing - 4/11/2014, 6:43 AM
GinjaNinja - 4/11/2014, 6:43 AM
"sigh" if only marvel had this team....
GinjaNinja - 4/11/2014, 6:44 AM
@MrSotoman. Big difference, age of apocalypse is top 5 best storylines ever. Age of Ultron was kinda of..... bad.
TheRealRemyLebeau - 4/11/2014, 6:45 AM
@soto whedon said they took the title of that futuristic comic not the storyline. Get it right.
Kurne - 4/11/2014, 6:45 AM
Reboot Angel while you're at it Singer.
ATrueHero1987 - 4/11/2014, 6:45 AM
What about Cyclops?!smh
MrSotoMan - 4/11/2014, 6:45 AM
You guys even read Age of Apocalypse? It's not just one X-Men comic, it spanned through several, even I can tell you when I read it there is no need to follow that storyline to the tee.
GadoTheLion - 4/11/2014, 6:45 AM
Yeah..I'm gonna wait for DOFP first before i have any kind of feels one way or the other
CoulsonLives - 4/11/2014, 6:47 AM
And that my friends, is how you create a paradox... Wait.
I have this crazy idea that if one of the Quicksilver's ran at lightspeed... They can travel to different dimensions. And that's how Civil War will be able to be a reality? I dunno... They'll never do that anyways...
MrSotoMan - 4/11/2014, 6:47 AM
@TheRealRemyLebeau- Exactly, so he is following "somewhat" of the story line where Whedon is not even following the story of Pym creating Ant-Man.

@dougieisrollingthejays- Yes, and was a great storyline that was a complete time-travel mess. So your idea to make this movie is to make a sequel with time travel even though the last movie, had time-travel?

@McNyagano- No, I am sure they read it.
McNyagano - 4/11/2014, 6:47 AM

No, it's because it seems like Singer and Kinberg don't have a clue as to what they're doing. Also Whedon said he's only using the title not adapting the storyline. Here Singer is "SOMEWHAT" trying to adapt the storyline. That's not hypocritical, just a bit head-scratching to say the least. We'll see.
XelCorp - 4/11/2014, 6:48 AM
@JoeMomma- Lool and people seem to want to praise and defend such messed up continuity. But when you point out things like this you are either labeled as a "Marvelite" or "Singer hater". They can stick to their Foxmen lol
thielraven - 4/11/2014, 6:48 AM
@wolfman Gambit will be throwing pogs or magic cards at enemies.

I dont think this movie will follow AOA at all but just as long Apocalypse is his own character I will be ok with it.
thanos83 - 4/11/2014, 6:48 AM
one of the greatist x-men crossovers ever writen, and he wants to piss all over it so we can better appreiciate his "vision" for the series.
MsDarkPhoenix - 4/11/2014, 6:50 AM
McNyagano - 4/11/2014, 6:50 AM
Also is Wolverine gonna be in this? It'd suck if he's not in it:/
thanos83 - 4/11/2014, 6:51 AM
Singer realy doesnt even understand what makes x-men great anyway.look at his aproach to the material thus far.
MexicanSexyman - 4/11/2014, 6:51 AM
You all are getting butt hurt that X-Men Apocalypse won't follow the original story to exact word to word but yet you don't get mad when Marvel Studios, Sony, and WB changes their stories to fit their movies? You guys are hypocrites.
XelCorp - 4/11/2014, 6:51 AM
I don't mind these movies but Fox really needs to step it up in my opinion.
MrSotoMan - 4/11/2014, 6:53 AM
@McNyagano- Yes, exactly. SOMEWHAT is better than just using the title and changing the origin of a specific Marvel villain and hero who will now be over 60 and would never have created Ultron. I think that is just as worse as to what the complaints.

If you read Age of Apocalypse, it is such a confusing story-line that it is still being written as of today cause nobody in Marvel never knew how to finish it.

It's a crazy damn story yes, but elongated to the point where a movie of it entirely based on that story is pointless since it's always retconned.
Kurne - 4/11/2014, 6:54 AM
"From a visual standpoint it actually may be a bigger movie than Days of Future Past because there’ll be disaster movie imagery, like the title would imply."

thewonderer - 4/11/2014, 6:54 AM
It's been said but this thread has been taken over by the people who shove anything marvel studios up their asses.
MexicanSexyman - 4/11/2014, 6:54 AM
*story exact word for word
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