Simon Kinberg Confirms Plan For Original Cast Members To Return In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

Simon Kinberg Confirms Plan For Original Cast Members To Return In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

Perhaps Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer aren't finished with time travel just yet as the former confirms that the plan is to bring back some of the original cast members in X-Men: Apocalypse! Kinberg also addresses who will helm that movie and reveals more about plans for Gambit.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! At the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we see the creation of a new timeline where Cyclops and Jean Grey are still very much alive. Fans have since been wondering whether we'll get to see any more of those characters moving forwards (perhaps even in an X-Men 4 movie), but it now sounds as if some of them will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse. "It will focus primarily on the First Class cast," Kinberg told The Daily Beast, adding, "but it will certainly have some of the original cast involved, too." With a young Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm all likely to appear in that movie, it certainly seems possible that Apocalypse - along with Mr. Sinister - will set his sights on those two as he has so many times in the comic books. As for whether Bryan Singer will return to direct, the writer and producer said only: "That is the plan."

As for the planned appearance of Gambit in both X-Men: Apocalypse and his own solo movie starring Channing Tatum, Kinberg said: "Gambit is still in-motion and being figured out. Channing made it known that it was a character that he loved and would love to play, and all the people who work on the X-Men movies are huge fans of his, so the notion of him playing it is exciting. I’m more fascinated by anti-heroes, and Gambit is one of those. I don’t know why he wasn’t explored in the original X-Men movies. Maybe the reason why was because they wanted to focus on Rogue/Bobby or the platonic Rogue/Wolverine relationship, and maybe there were too many similarities between Wolverine and Gambit, so in order to make it a Wolverine-centric franchise they had to cut him loose." What do you guys think?
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Kurne - 5/25/2014, 3:59 PM
Kurne - 5/25/2014, 4:00 PM
As much as I loved DOFP, enough time travel.
Kurne - 5/25/2014, 4:00 PM
... Unless they're erasing the future Logan wakes up in in 2023 :/
MrFridayNights - 5/25/2014, 4:02 PM
Yeah maybe they will be the Horsemen.
Brainiac13 - 5/25/2014, 4:02 PM
Sounds Cool!

Kurne - 5/25/2014, 4:02 PM
Oh cool

Pasto - 5/25/2014, 4:06 PM

blackandyellow - 5/25/2014, 4:06 PM
Kinberg saved this franchise.
incepshawn - 5/25/2014, 4:10 PM
Maybe we'll see a short future sequence with Scott and Jean that leads to Cable.
Enphlieuwince - 5/25/2014, 4:11 PM
"...maybe there were too many similarities between Wolverine and Gambit, so in order to make it a Wolverine-centric franchise they had to cut him loose."

Lmao! So much wrong with this I don't even know where to start. At least this will should end the famous debate about whether these films are centered around Wolverine, huh? Heard it straight from the horse's mouth...
Enphlieuwince - 5/25/2014, 4:13 PM
Maybe they didn't originally use Gambit because Singer doesn't know who the hell he is.
MrBlackJack - 5/25/2014, 4:15 PM
BlackIceJoe - 5/25/2014, 4:15 PM
Well how would you bring the original cast back? Because I thought that Days of Future Past changed the future. Would they use a parallel universe? So have the ones that are still alive in the future go back to the past? As for the part about Channing I'm still not set on him. But hopefully he can pull it off. It is going to suck if he ends up doing a worse job then Taylor. Because if he does Fox should have just stayed with Taylor.
MrBlackJack - 5/25/2014, 4:16 PM
I'm almost certain that's my favorite CBM of all time. It's been a blessing to be able to say that twice in just a span of a couple of months.
JoJo1982 - 5/25/2014, 4:16 PM
Mr Sinister and Cable!!!

Bring it!!
MrBlackJack - 5/25/2014, 4:17 PM
While it doesn't make up for what he did, I admire Kinberg's honestly for coming out and saying "I [frick]ed up, you guys can hate me all you want.". All this makes me feel more at ease and excited for future films, as well as the Fantastic Four.
marvel72 - 5/25/2014, 4:21 PM
would love to see cable come from the future & meet up with young scott of the 80s & tell him that scott is his father.
MrBlackJack - 5/25/2014, 4:22 PM
It'd be [frick]ing amazing to see see the core members back. The thought of seeing Xavier, Erik, Scottie, Jean, Storm, Logan, Gambit, Raven, Nightcrawler, Apocalypse, Mr Sinister, Peter, Wanda, Beast, and many of the others (in the past) in one film (let alone a film coming off of DOFP) is gratifying to say the least. Not to mention the fact that we'll likely see more of the original cast.
TopCat89 - 5/25/2014, 4:23 PM
"Channing made it known that it was a character that he loved and would love to play, and all the people who work on the X-Men movies are huge fans of his..."

HA be honest....

I'm still ticked about his casting, but I do hope to be surprised....'Gambit' is a favourite of mine, so "fingers crossed" I hope he gives the character justice...

TheGambitFreak - 5/25/2014, 4:24 PM
Seen the film 3 times. Seen a few guys claiming to see a cameo of Cable... Any others see it?
MrBlackJack - 5/25/2014, 4:27 PM
I'll give Tatum a shot. And all the X-Men films are usually dead on with casting (minus Halle Berry, though she has gotten better as time progresses).
NeKroziFeRPrime - 5/25/2014, 4:27 PM
More time travel = Cable
Ineedrevelation - 5/25/2014, 4:27 PM
Gambit and Wolverine aren't the same or close to the same at all. Just goes to show Hollywood doesn't understand the characters one little bit
Marxman12 - 5/25/2014, 4:27 PM
Still waiting to see it.
WinterSoldier33 - 5/25/2014, 4:27 PM
nice, i think this will be the full character list

pro x
night crawler
quick silver
scarlet witch

i also think the 4 horse men will be
pro x
Space - 5/25/2014, 4:28 PM
wait what?
Enphlieuwince - 5/25/2014, 4:32 PM
MrBlackJack I'm with you on Tatum. I honestly don't have a problem with him playing Gambit. He might do well...
MrCBM56 - 5/25/2014, 4:32 PM
I don't get it, where does it say time travel will be involved?
WinterSoldier33 - 5/25/2014, 4:34 PM
and i think cable will be in the post credits for x force
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/25/2014, 4:34 PM
Just saw Days of Future Past. Wow, bring on Apocalypse
ALegendaryPanda - 5/25/2014, 4:36 PM
I'm so damn pumped for this movie but it is SO. FAR. AWAY!
foorishamewican - 5/25/2014, 4:36 PM
Doff is more than making up for the last stand. Joss whedon has a lot of work to do to come anywhere near
ALegendaryPanda - 5/25/2014, 4:37 PM
Hurry up 2016! Lol
Enphlieuwince - 5/25/2014, 4:38 PM
I thought DoFP was a sendoff for the original cast members. Soft reboot my ass...
AztecRainGod - 5/25/2014, 4:39 PM
DOFP is the TDKR of the X Men franchise.

Some good stuff mixed in with a convoluted plot, alot of stupid shit and too many boring parts.
0bstreperous - 5/25/2014, 4:40 PM
I hope it ages like wine and not...something that doesn't age very well white women there you go
MikeHawk - 5/25/2014, 4:41 PM

which parts do you think were boring?
MrCBM56 - 5/25/2014, 4:41 PM
If Apocoslypse is great (which seems so likely), first class-DOFP-Apocalypse will be one of the best CBM trilogies.
TopCat89 - 5/25/2014, 4:42 PM

DoubleDion - 5/25/2014, 4:45 PM
LOVED THIS MOVIE... I went two times and it was great, teared up both times when Xavier and Wolverine have that moment which leads to Xavier going to talk to old Xavier
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