UPDATE: Magneto, Blink & Storm Highlighted In Latest X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Stills

<span style="color:#FF0000">UPDATE:</span style="color:#FF0000"> Magneto, Blink & <span style="color:#FF0000">Storm</span style="color:#FF0000"> Highlighted In Latest X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Stills

Eight new stills from X-Men: Days of Future Past have been released focusing on Magneto, Blink, Mystique, Storm, Shadowcat & Colossus as he takes on a future sentinel! Check it out & don't miss the film when it hits U.S. theaters tomorrow at 10 PM!

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original "X-Men" film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from "X-Men: First Class," in an epic battle that must change the past -- to save our future.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past features:
Director: Bryan Singer
Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine
Patrick Stewart/James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X
Ian McKellen/Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkholme/Mystique
Halle Berry as Ororo Munroe/Storm
Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask
Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast
Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Anna Paquin as Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Daniel Cudmore as Peter Rasputin/Colossus
Lucas Till as Alex Summers/Havok
Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
Booboo Stewart as James Proudstar/Warpath
Omar Sy as Lucas Bishop
Fan Bingbing as Clarice Ferguson/Blink
Evan Jonigkeit as Mortimer Toynbee/Toad
Adan Canto as Roberto DaCosta/Sunspot
Josh Helman as William Stryker

X-Men: Days Of Future Past hits theaters on May 23, 2014.

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ThedamnBatman - 5/21/2014, 4:39 PM
seein this tomorrow very excited, I'm going in very fresh for this!
TheRationalNerd - 5/21/2014, 4:41 PM
Hoping I can see it tomorrow. I plan on seeing it at least twice once with my pops and twice with friends!
shamo - 5/21/2014, 4:43 PM
Blink's costume is amazing.
blade78 - 5/21/2014, 4:43 PM
Just can't wait!!!
EpitomeofAwesome - 5/21/2014, 4:44 PM
Can’t wait to see this, I’m hyped
Mitchster - 5/21/2014, 4:44 PM
Going to be at a wedding all weekend with no hope of seeing this for at least another week, brutal!
Itsbeenfun - 5/21/2014, 4:45 PM
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 4:45 PM
Fan BingBing is so so so beautiful.
Her costume looks great! Seriously, the costume department needs to win awards because everything I've seen from the past and future outfits look exquisite. Really genuine.
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 4:46 PM
I really hope Blink has a big role in Apocalypse.
shamo - 5/21/2014, 4:47 PM
@cherry, I agree. With the exception of Quicksilver.
MrBlackJack - 5/21/2014, 4:49 PM
Damn, Blink looks awesome!
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 4:49 PM

Nah! His outfit fits the typical 70's nerd style. If you asked me to style someone who should look like a nerdy teen from the 70's who likes silver then that's exactly how I'd do it. It looks ridiculous but not all style from the 70's was fabulous.
SuperCat - 5/21/2014, 4:53 PM
Magneto is a Mack.
Mrsinister - 5/21/2014, 4:59 PM
Y'all are trippin. Her costume sucks. She's wearing black pants. What is so special about black pants?
Null - 5/21/2014, 4:59 PM
This movie reminds me of Wolverine and. the X-Men cartoon. Hmmmmm
shamo - 5/21/2014, 5:02 PM
Maybe, but Pietro s'not really a nerd though. I honestly think they went to far with his look, the color, the hair, the goggles, the walkman it's just too much for me... I think they should of just kept the color scheme simple if they were gonna use the hair and everything else.

But with that said, love Blinks look. After her, I'd have to go with Mags, Wolverine, Iceman & Bishop as my other falvorites.
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 5:11 PM

You're seriously just looking at the pants? Can you not see the amazing detail that's gone into the jacket? It's exquisite.
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 5:13 PM
Blink is so cool

shamo - 5/21/2014, 5:30 PM
Her jacket is godly. Plus her hair and make up too. Man, Blink looks incredible. For anyone not familiar with Fan bingbing she's super talented , a great dramatic actress so I hope she gets to show off her ability.
CherryBomb - 5/21/2014, 5:44 PM
The jacket and hairstyling is just wow!

It just feels very regal and a lot lf beautiful Asian influences.
fedeferruzola - 5/21/2014, 5:50 PM
Hot mess.
Namor - 5/21/2014, 6:02 PM
Agreed about Blink looking cool..
RaleighAntrobus - 5/21/2014, 6:23 PM
A wonder what a real X-Men movie would look like...
shamo - 5/21/2014, 6:48 PM
No need to wonder, you're looking at it right now. Man, I 'd love to see Singer direct Daredevil though. He'd straight up kill it.
BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 7:18 PM
THIS is not a REAL X-Men movie... A REAL X-Men movie would have a story/screenplay written by Chris Claremont with Jim Lee and Stan Lee as Executive Producers/Consultants...and it's stories and characters wouldn't be bastardized like Singer and FOX enjoy doing to them.

But I guess this is about as close as we'll ever get in OUR lifetimes...Maybe our kids or grandkids will be luckier than us. Anyway, those going to see it enjoy. I'll check it out, but I'm certainly in no rush.

BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 7:22 PM
By the way, what's with Colossus here? His hair and skin look like they were sprayed with silver paint. Maybe a stunt double? It's a terrible mid-action shot for advertising in my opinion.

shamo - 5/21/2014, 7:34 PM
@Blind, lmao! Some shitty comic writer should pen the screenplay? The same shitty comic writer that got kicked off of the flagship x-men book for being shitty? No offense but GTFO. Your suggestions are ridiculous.
BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 8:05 PM
@Shamo - Shitty comic book writer? Chris Claremont? WTF... Ummm... He only single-handedly wrote some of the greatest X-Men stories of all time. Are you even a fan of the X-Men? If you were then you'd know this already.

Go and pick up the novelized adaptation of X-Men 2, then get back to me afterwards. Trust me, you will have changed your mind completely. Wolverine's fight scene against Stryker's men in the mansion alone is worth the read. The movie watered it down so bad it wasn't even funny. They could've at least used Claremont's version in the Director's cut.

shamo - 5/21/2014, 8:10 PM
Actually, he's not "the guy" but "a guy", which is a huge difference. If you were aware how screenwriting worked you'd know how foolish a statement that was. Unless you read every draft of the script you'd have no idea as to what he wrote vs what the other screenwriter penned. Hell, even if you'd been given every script up to the shooting draft you'd still have to take into consideration what the director chose to shoot and not to shoot, what the director chose to leave in the cutting room, what the editor chose to leave in the cutting room, improvised scenes & scenes written after the film began shooting.

And based off of the positive feedback his script is receiving this time around, I'd say it's safe to assume he's a hell of a writer & what went wrong with that film had little to do with him.
BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 8:11 PM
@shamo - Also, if you understood how business works then you would understand that businesses make moves all the time in order to find financial gain.

Anyway, here's a little bit of info on the guy you called a "shitty writer":

Excerpt from his Wikipedia page...

[During his tenure at Marvel, Claremont co-created numerous important X-Men characters, such as Rogue, Psylocke, Shadowcat, Phoenix, Mystique, Lady Mastermind, Emma Frost, Siryn, Jubilee, Rachel Summers, Madelyne Pryor, Sabretooth, Strong Guy, Mister Sinister, Captain Britain and Gambit. Claremont scripted many classic stories, including "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Days of Future Past", on which he collaborated with John Byrne.[7] He developed the character of Wolverine into a fan favorite. X-Men #1, the 1991 spinoff series premiere that Claremont co-wrote with Jim Lee, remains the best-selling comic book of all time, according to Guinness World Records.]

Yeah...shitty writer huh? No offense to you either, but GTFO! Hahahaha!!!
shamo - 5/21/2014, 8:17 PM
@Blind, been an X-fan since childhood. Read most of his work. Their isn't a single story of his that I would praise much less consider one of the greatest x-stories told. I still remember his last run on UXM. God it was terrible which is why he got shoed off to x-men forever. So he could write what he wanted without bringing down the canon x-books.

SuperCat - 5/21/2014, 8:22 PM
Never grow tired of seeing Storm. Ok, maybe I do.
shamo - 5/21/2014, 8:22 PM
@Blind, you seem to be confusing the words popular and talented. How many Eisners does he have? None? Well surely one of his many amazing x-stories was Atleast nominated right? No?

Claremont is trash.
BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 8:23 PM
@shamo - He wrote and co-created most of those "canon x-books" haha. But alas, time moves on for us and old age creeps in. I just find it funny that you called him a shitty writer, yet if not for him then your favorite X-Men wouldn't even be in the pages or on the big screen today.

So who is your favorite X-Men writer then? Who would you sing praises to the heavens about? I'm just curious.
BlindJustice - 5/21/2014, 8:26 PM
@shamo - Your opinion is yours, but calling him trash and shitty doesn't help your maturity level. Perhaps some writer could've written better X-Men stories in the 80s and 90s, but guess what? THEY DIDN'T. HE DID. END OF STORY.
shamo - 5/21/2014, 8:36 PM
Just stating my opinion. But to answer your question, favorite x-men writers to date have been: Joss Whedon (ASXM), Kyle & Yost (X-Force, New X-men), Peter David (X-factor), Chuck Austen (UXM) & Matt Fraction (UXM)
shamo - 5/21/2014, 8:38 PM
Rick Remender as well, a The Dark Angel Saga was easily the best marvel story I've ever read.
VISIONaryNPa - 5/21/2014, 9:41 PM
So.. who's playing INK... does anyone know...?
staypuffed - 5/21/2014, 10:41 PM
"A wonder what a real X-Men movie would look like..."

Pretty sure this is a real X-Men movie.
Oh wait, you're somebody who dislikes these movies because they're apparently unfaithful to the source. What an original comment! I applaud you for your common sense and creativity.
loki668 - 5/21/2014, 10:51 PM
Ah.......Fan BingBing..................me wanna bangbang.
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