X-MEN: DOFP: Hear Michael Fassbender's Ian McKellen Impersonation

X-MEN: DOFP: Hear Michael Fassbender's Ian McKellen Impersonation

There's nothing too movie-relevant here, but it's a bit of fun for a Tuesday morning. We know that Fassbender will be altering the younger Magneto's accent slightly to sound more like Ian McKellen's older version of the charter, and he gives us an exaggerated preview after the jump.

In the following Yahoo! vid, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman have some more fun while answering questions from fans. One relates to Fassbender changing up his accent from X-Men: First Class to sound a bit more like the older Magneto in Days Of Future Past, who is played by Sir Ian McKellen. After some promoting from Jackman he provides an example..using some dialogue from Lord Of The Rings. McAvoy then takes off Sir Patrick Stewart, and Jackman attempts his best Bryan Singer!

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The beloved characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class, in an epic battle that must change the past -- to save our future.

X-Men: Days of Future Past stars Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender,, Ian McKellen, Nicholas Hoult, Omar Sy, Peter Dinklage, Halle Berry, Adan Canto, Fan Bingbing, Anna Paquin, Evan Peters, Daniel Cudmore, Ellen Page & Booboo Stewart. The film hits theaters May 23, 2014.
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Pasto - 4/8/2014, 5:11 AM
Pasto - 4/8/2014, 5:15 AM
And to the user who has 'God' as his username, can you free that up so I can take it for a spin?
ManofSteel23 - 4/8/2014, 5:15 AM
lol brilliant
Kurne - 4/8/2014, 5:16 AM
LMFAO Hugh's Bryan Singer was spot on!
TheRationalNerd - 4/8/2014, 5:17 AM
Lol! Hugh's Singer impersonation was too funny man.
Doopie - 4/8/2014, 5:19 AM
these guys look like a right laugh
Vegeta - 4/8/2014, 5:21 AM
Hugh's Bryan Singer impersonation is spot on, haha!
TheRationalNerd - 4/8/2014, 5:25 AM
I'd really like to see Fassbender rock the long haired Magneto look in Apocalypse.
Kurne - 4/8/2014, 5:40 AM
For Apocalypse, I wouldn't mind if they rebooted Iceman and Angel. I'd especially like to see the young Bobby with Jean and Scott.
Tetrahedron - 4/8/2014, 5:44 AM
I'm calling it now, at the end of DoFP when Logan returns to his body this is where he'll find himself...

jimoakley666 - 4/8/2014, 5:49 AM
Ha. Brilliant. Theses three are cracking together.
KindredMac - 4/8/2014, 5:57 AM
AOA would be AWESOME
Marqy - 4/8/2014, 5:58 AM
hehe .. nooice
MexicanSexyman - 4/8/2014, 6:08 AM
Haha. XMDOFP will be cbm of the year.
Marqy - 4/8/2014, 6:13 AM
I have no doubt this Marvel movie will be great but Cap set the standrard very very very very high .....
Ineedrevelation - 4/8/2014, 6:17 AM
I'm going to be honest... I'm totally straight, but these guys are pretty handsome.
Tetrahedron - 4/8/2014, 6:23 AM
Zuriel - 4/8/2014, 6:28 AM
Just a bunch of hunks anyways.
TheAmazingMSV - 4/8/2014, 6:53 AM
@Tetrahedron we already knew that. The next X-Men film is Age of Apocalypse comes out 2016
Zuriel - 4/8/2014, 6:59 AM
Tetrahedron just means the movie will literally end that way, with Wolverine being in that reality. It doesn't have to for Apocalypse to be the next movie, they could do a happy ending then start the next film with McAvoys Xavier being assassinated... fast forward to now in alternate reality. It would be awesome if they killed Xavier in DOFP at the end but I feel they won't.
cipher - 4/8/2014, 7:19 AM
Heh, look like good guys to have a coupla drinks with.
ComicsBornAndBred - 4/8/2014, 7:20 AM
That Mckellen impression was hilarious. Mcavoy: ENGAGE! That was funny too
TheRationalNerd - 4/8/2014, 7:24 AM

So is that a spoiler that you just confirmed?? :(
cipher - 4/8/2014, 7:29 AM
I drive all of my friends crazy with my impersonations of 'em all the time. I mean, I know it annoys them.. but hey, they make it so easy sometimes. My friend David is all- "you keep doin' that f*cking annoying mumble-y thing, and I'm goin' to put my f*cking foot down your throat."

He gets angry when I tell 'im, "well, you ever listen to yourself, mate? You sound like a cross between Gambit, and a drunken Peter Falk".
Zuriel - 4/8/2014, 8:08 AM
@ TheBlackNerd

no it's a spoiler I just made up
SigmaCenturion - 4/8/2014, 8:15 AM
To the writer of the article what is a charter you have a typo.
MisterHolmes - 4/8/2014, 8:28 AM
those 3 together
adamcawa - 4/8/2014, 9:00 AM
When Fassbender's Magneto says "We were supposed to protect them", he actually sounds like a young Ian McKellen.
HachibiTheMC - 4/8/2014, 9:11 AM
"I can make a word out of a final consonannnnnnT" LMFAO
JoJo1982 - 4/8/2014, 10:38 AM
Lol at the Singer impersonation
Azazel1 - 4/8/2014, 11:32 AM
CBM of the Summer 2014!
blkchi - 4/8/2014, 1:22 PM
cant wai fassbender and the young xvaier should be grest keep jackmans quips and time on screen manageable and well be good
KryptoKNIGHT - 4/8/2014, 1:39 PM
I went to American public schools so i have no idea what a consonant is. Is that the land mass or the butt sex?

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