UPDATE: Wolverine's X-Men: First Class Cameo Revealed!

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Wolverine's <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Cameo Revealed!

Sunday Mirror Celebrity and Entertainment columnist Dean Piper has shared his thoughts on X-Men: First Class via his Twitter account, seemingly revealing the surprise cameo in the process...

Well, looks like the rumors were true! While the cameo sounds like a fairly small, light hearted one, it should be interesting to see exactly what role Hugh Jackman's Wolverine plays in the movie and whether there are any hints of him being the one mutant Matthew Vaughn is planning on introducing in the sequel!

UPDATE: Now that the story has been leaked, we know what the scene is, and Hugh definitely IS playing Wolverine. Here's the cameo as described by the guys at Bleeding Cool...

Half way through X-Men: First Class, as Professor X and Magneto are travelling the world looking for mutants, they come across Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, in a bar. Before they can get a sentence out, Wolverine, without looking at them tells them to "Go fuck yourselves." They leave.

The character’s appearance gets a laugh, his attitude and language gets a double laugh, repeating on itself, through the audience. It’s a superb scene, well played, well staged, well placed. And it’s the only moment such language is used in the entire film. We loved it.

X-Men: First Class is set to be released in the UK on June 1st and in the US on June 2nd.

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Hellsing - 5/24/2011, 6:24 PM
well who else is going to have cameo, long as isn't distracting so far review suggest that its a decent cameo.
DaenerysTargaryen - 5/24/2011, 6:27 PM
This is me not being suprised: -_-
RorMachine - 5/24/2011, 6:28 PM
haha, I think it's great, Sound like a small cameo played for laughs, what the hell is everyone getting their fan pants in a bunch for?
PaulRom - 5/24/2011, 6:31 PM
As much as I'd rather have the film focus entirely on the other characters, a cameo from my favorite X-man is more than welcome.
Hellsing - 5/24/2011, 6:36 PM
they might aswell call it a [frick]ing reboot if wolvies going to be new character in the sequel if it ever happens
vermillion - 5/24/2011, 6:43 PM
Hah, that's awesome! No love for Jackman in these parts?
superdog - 5/24/2011, 6:44 PM
I'm not surprised they seem incapable of making an x-men film without him.
ArcticMonkeys - 5/24/2011, 6:49 PM
i have a feeling his cameo might be when Xavier first puts on Cerebro
ArcticMonkeys - 5/24/2011, 6:50 PM
damn it @arminies you beat me by like a second
RorMachine - 5/24/2011, 6:52 PM
nah, apparently Mr Logan will say a very naughty word in the movie!:)
Xandera - 5/24/2011, 6:53 PM
Really? Is it really necessary?
The other movies were all about Wolverine and now he pops up in the one he shouldn't be in...
oh well...
looks like Fox has done it again...
vermillion - 5/24/2011, 7:02 PM
Intruder- Good question. The first one was very "meh" to me. I'm hoping to get more excited for it before I go see it. Hopefully they'll show some more war scenes or something awesome.
DEATHbyEXILE - 5/24/2011, 7:02 PM
axiouz - 5/24/2011, 7:07 PM
This just got better!
jjmeylar - 5/24/2011, 7:10 PM
Funny? Too bad. I was hoping to see he and Victor rescue Erik. *sigh*
blueorangeny - 5/24/2011, 7:14 PM
So i guess this answers my question. This film is a prelude to the previous 3 films
JatevinM - 5/24/2011, 7:17 PM
I think it would be epic if the cameo is of him as one of the soldiers who is about to fight. It doesnt have to be a speaking cameo just the camera getting a shot of his face for a few seconds and then moving off.
Mrcool210 - 5/24/2011, 7:23 PM
wait but hugh said he didnt have a cameo. i smell bullshit
DrCKasady - 5/24/2011, 7:26 PM


blueorangeny - 5/24/2011, 7:30 PM
[frick] this, I think Marvel should have just grown balls...walk into Mickey's office and said....I want my properties back at no cost!!!

Then perhaps a decent X film could have been made and be some type of continuation of the last mess of a 3rd that was unfortunately presented to us.

Let me get an Amen if you're with me.
YeaOkYea - 5/24/2011, 7:31 PM
Great. Just great. Can FOX just call these films "Wolverine and The X-Men" already?
MGS - 5/24/2011, 7:32 PM

They can't seem to make one damn movie without him! Cameo or no Cameo!
Peteyparker - 5/24/2011, 7:32 PM
LOL so much for that no Wolverine thing.......oh well it was too good to be true huh?
kingmonkeyman - 5/24/2011, 7:33 PM
Does this mean his "brother" Sabertooth has a cameo as well. I thought i saw him fall out of the submarine Magneto is lifting.I was hoping it was Xavier's step brother and Banshee's cousin.
RockNRollCC - 5/24/2011, 7:35 PM
god damnit

they just had to squeeze in their money maker. Didn't expect anything less from Fox...corporate fat cats...
yankeemanf - 5/24/2011, 7:37 PM
who said wolverine is gonna be in the movie? it jus says jackman is gonna cameo that can mean anythin he could jus be an extra that has a one-liner similar to what stan lee does in his cameos
RockNRollCC - 5/24/2011, 7:43 PM
Wait...funny Hugh Jackman cameo?...THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE DEADPOOL MOVIE!

After Wade Wilson gets all scarred up from the procedure (the RIGHT way), he walks around with a magazine cut out of Hugh Jackman's face over his face.
marvel72 - 5/24/2011, 7:47 PM
wolverine is the centre of the x-universe & everything revolves around him.

sad,i just knew they couldn't make an x-men film without him.
ThePrince - 5/24/2011, 7:55 PM
this may not be all that bad really. its probably just gonna be Hugh sitting in a bar that X and Mags are at, or theyll show his face as one of the soldiers going to battle.
thesymbiote - 5/24/2011, 7:56 PM
All you guys care about is how many people come on this site because it boosts your advertising income.

Don't [frick]ing sit there and tell me that isn't cooler to be SURPRISED by this cameo in the theatre.

CBM is run by a bunch of self-centred assholes who then condescend and talk down to anyone who complains about GENUINE SPOILERS.

How hard is it to simply post a spoiler warning with a question mark about a CAMEO!
ManThing - 5/24/2011, 7:57 PM
I knew it

StingrayX - 5/24/2011, 8:15 PM
Wow...now this Xmen deal got more confusing...they should have just left the original trilogy and that's it.
GoddamnBatman - 5/24/2011, 8:28 PM
Wow it's a cameo appearance (probably two seconds) people are bad-mouthing a movie cuz of that?
There was some awkward silence when Magneto took Wolverine's dogtags away from Sabretooth, so I always assumed he met Wolverine before X1
Btw it's funny to watch it, you can see the string pulling the tags for that magnatism effect
SHHH - 5/24/2011, 8:32 PM
whats the big deal? wolverine cameo? no cameo folks will complain.. they give him a cameo and folks complain? there is no pleasing anyone.. just enjoy it...:)
luckylu - 5/24/2011, 8:39 PM
my hatred grows...
CaptainAmerica - 5/24/2011, 8:40 PM
@Intruder, kinda like Nick Fury in all the Marvel films?
vermillion - 5/24/2011, 8:52 PM
Yeah, Nick Fury has more of a purpose in appearing in the films than Wolverine does in this.

I don't see why it's such a big deal though. The GA loves Hugh Jackman as Wolvie. He's been playing him for a good 10 or so years. Plus if the new Wolverine movie doesn't happen, I can see them putting him in future X-Men movies. Maybe they'll bring in the original team at some point, who knows.

I pretty much thought this was going to be a terrible film since they first gave details about it, but it seems to be making a turn around. I'm not hyped for it, but I'll check it out. Charles & Magneto are the main draw for me.
HULK2099 - 5/24/2011, 9:24 PM
Hopefully involves japan
Ranger14 - 5/24/2011, 9:27 PM
I guess it depends on the purpose of the cameo. Is he in the film as a bystander who has nothing to do with the actual storyline, or is he appearing as James Howlett/Logan?If is the latter, than chalk up another continuity discrepancy. I guess it could give relevance to Bishop being in the sequel to explain why an older Logan is in this film.
jaybear - 5/24/2011, 9:38 PM
Not to tread on the feelings of Wolverine fans but, really? c'mon.. I know he's what sells in the X-Men franchise but couldn't they just for once not include him? I mean he's already got his solo movie and a sequel is coming.. Isn't that enough?
double facepalm epic fail disappointment
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