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The rumors of what X-Men 3 plot will entail are false, says screenwriter Zak Penn.
The 'Punisher' star has been cast as the mutant known as Angel in X-Men 3.
Halle Berry (Storm) talks about her character flying, a new cape, and X3 being the "end"?
Marvel CEO Avi Arad talks about X3 director Brett Ratner and how he feels about fans judging him too quickly.
Is the Terminator 3 star up for the role of Angel in X-Men 3?
Find out what the X-Mansion will look like in X3!
Simon Kinberg, who is writing X3 talks about the movie's tone, characters, and much more.
Joss Whedon lets out the details on actress Summer Glau possibly playing Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3.
Are Maggie Grace and Nightcrawler really out? Who is playing Colossus, Gambit, and Angel? Another X-Men spinoff? Plus more...
According to the latest rumors actress Maggie Grace maybe no longer be playing Shadowcat in X-Men 3.
Why is Nightcrawler not coming back? Will Marsden be back as Cyclops? Who is playing Gambit and Cypher? This and more....
Actor Ian McKellen confirms his returns as Magneto in X-Men 3 for a September shooting date.
A new cinematographer has been hired to work on X-Men 3.
KNB's Greg Nicotero reveals the company's next big project X-Men 3 in a new video interview.
Actor Alan Cumming has announced he will not be returning to play Nightcrawler in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie.
Actor Aaron Stanford will reprise his role as Pyro in X-Men 3.
Take a look at the new X3 teaser poster!
Enter the new contest sponsored by the Fantastic Four movie and win a walk on role in X3.
Who is dying? Is Phoenix back? Who has their powers taken away? Are Gambit, Angel, and Juggernaut featured in the film? This and much, much more.
Entertainment Weekly has more news on the cast, director switch, and script of X-Men 3 plus more.
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