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Watch for a videogame linking X2: X-Men United with the upcoming X3. - mrcomicguy
Here are new reports from the X-Men 3 set, including some interesting plot details. - mrcomicguy
Check out the official Web site for the Red Nails cartoon movie. - mrcomicguy
You can get high-res pics of the X-Men 3 characters here. - mrcomicguy
Find out what motivates the mutant master of magnetism in the upcoming solo movie. - mrcomicguy
Check out these previously hidden pictures of two popular X-Men 3 cast members. - mrcomicguy
There's new cast shots of the X-Men now online as well as a possible title for the third film. - mrcomicguy
The teaser trailer for the third X-Men movie is now online, and it's pretty dang awesome, so click the link below and check out the first images from X3 for yourself! - ComicBookMovie
USA Today has given us our FIRST LOOK at the X3 Movie. These are probably right out of the trailer that we'll be seeing on the 12th. Check out what Beast and Angel will look like... - ComicBookMovie
Here's more tidbits about X-Men 3 and Superman Returns including a lunch date with Wolverine and Superman… - mrcomicguy
Look for the X-Men 3 trailer to debut this coming Monday! - mrcomicguy
With Juggernaut and Magneto stomping around in X-Men 3, what will befall Charles Xavier? - mrcomicguy
The Fantastic Four DVD contains an X3 preview and here's your chance to see some of those screenshots. - mrcomicguy
We'll see the Beast not only in action but also in-depth as X-Men 3 explores the psyche of mutants. - mrcomicguy
Spider-Man will soon frolic in the same sunny clime as Pirates of the Caribbean 2. - mrcomicguy
It's just a teaser site but it's still kinda cool! Check it out. - mrcomicguy
A pair of smoking hot starlets may join the cast of X3 as the White Queen and M. - mrcomicguy
Buyers could get an exclusive inside look at the making of X-Men 3. - mrcomicguy
Stan "The Man" talks about his controversial cameo in the upcoming X-Men 3. - mrcomicguy
With some wonderful news for Punisher 2, Deathlok, Namor, Blade TV Series, Fantastic Four 2, Ghost Rider and more... - Galactus
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