X-Men: First Class

Release Date: 2010 - 20th Century Fox

Summary: Debuting in 2006, Marvel’s “X-Men: First Class” comics began as an all-ages series that focused on the first years of the original X-Men members: Cyclops, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Iceman, Beast and Angel. The series was an unexpected success and has since spawned several volumes. It isn’t clear at this point, what sort of story — or characters — the studio is envisioning for the film. Whether the studio’s plans for an “X-Men: First Class” film involve some of the younger mutants already introduced in previous films or a look at younger versions of the existing team leaders in the film has yet to be announced, but that’s likely to be the topic of much debate between now and when the decision goes public.
X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out next year, and I have the blueprint for a perfect adaptation that will please hardcore comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike. What is it? Read on to find out.
The co-writer of the follow up up to Mathew Vaughn's Mutant prequel calls the project "extraordinarily ambitious", and gives us an idea of how the screenplay is coming together..
Elysium Producer Simon Kinberg - who is also writing the sequel to X-Men: First Class - drops a few hints as to the direction the follow up to Mathew Vaughn's very well received CBM will go..
AICN have received some info regarding the now officially announced follow up to Mathew Vaughn's brilliant X-Men requel, and if it is accurate, we may see some kind of adaptation of the classic multiple timeline tale..
One of last years comic book movies "X-Men First Class" will premiere on Cinemax this week! Hit the jump to find out more information!
Finally, answers to many of my questions were revealed in this excellent prequel film, X-Men: First Class. Another great offering from Matthew Vaughn who also brought us Kickass, this film takes us back to the early 1960s and the origins of the mutant colony of X-Men
In a new interview the Golden Globe nominated actor speaks about what he finds most interesting about Magneto and Xavier's relationship, and that the "want to keep that alive" in the sequel..
Mathew Vaughn's frequent collaborator tells MTV that she is more than happy to work on the script for the second First Class movie, but that will depend on whether the director returns himself..
Here are the top five best CBM of this year by me, Wolverinesfury.
Speaking exclusively to Total Film the actor reiterates his desire to return for a follow up to Mathew Vaughn's first X flick, saying he has ideas for Magneto and his purple helmet..
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Hugh Jackman recently sat down to talk about his cameo in X-Men First Class where he reveals that he thought that they had passed on the idea, but eventually got the call from the film crew to come do it as well as Fox wanting to use him to promote the movie.
X-Men: First Class is working it's mutant magic on the DVD & Bluray sales, as well! And get the latest update on the XFC BO!
My reason for questioning Darwins death...
It's reign on the US Box Office may be over, but it still continues to rake in the moolah overseas!
It IS week 5 for the movie but it still holds on to a No. 11 spot...
Another weekend, another $6 mil for X-Men First Class!
The X-Men movie franchise has officially been upgraded to First Class.
Spoiler Alert!
An extensive look at X-Men First Class, CBM Assassin Style!
Finally a movie that us X-fans have truly deserved!
I apologize that this is a few days behind all of the other reviews; however, I’ve had to collect my thoughts overall and avoid being a prisoner of the moment after seeing the film. This is my first review ever, and I must disclaim that, by no means do I consider myself a professional at this. I’m just an avid fan of movies, this site, and comic book movies in general and I religiously follow this website on a daily basis. That being said, on to the review…