YOUNGBLOOD Live-Action Movie Apparently Moving Forward According To Rob Liefeld

YOUNGBLOOD Live-Action Movie Apparently Moving Forward According To Rob Liefeld

Creator Rob Liefeld has revealed that development of a live-action Youngblood movie is moving forward, once again.

The last bit of news to emerge on the project had Bret Ratner still attached to produce the film and Liefeld reportedly directing the adaptation of his comic. No word on whether this remains the same.

Youngblood is a superhero team that starred in their self-titled comic book, created by writer/artist Rob Liefeld. The team made its debut as a backup feature in the 1987 one-shot Megaton: Explosion before later appearing in its own ongoing series in 1992 as the flagship publication for Image Comics. Youngblood was originally published by Image Comics, and later by Awesome Entertainment.
Youngblood was a high-profile superteam sanctioned and overseen by the United States government. The members of Youngblood include Shaft, a former FBI agent and archer whose bow uses magnets to propel its arrow instead of a string; Badrock, a teenager transformed into a living block of stone;[1] Vogue, a Russian fashion model with purple-and-chalk-white skin; and Chapel, a government assassin.

In February 2009, according to Variety, Reliance Big Entertainment has acquired the feature film rights to the comic book, reportedly for a mid-six figures, and has attached Brett Ratner to direct. "Most of the great graphic novels are gone, and 'Youngblood' is one of the few comic books left with tentpole potential," Ratner was quoted telling the trade. "It was a real personal passion project for me, and a lot of people wanted ('Youngblood'), but the amazing thing about the guys at Reliance is the speed with which they're able to move." The film will be fast-tracked, although no decision has been made on whether it will eventually land at Paramount, where Ratner has a first look deal. No cast or release date has yet been announced. The film's script was last tackled by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani.

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dellamorte1872 - 2/10/2012, 6:08 AM
is RATNER still directing? if so i wont even give it a chance
imnotwearinghockeypants - 2/10/2012, 6:25 AM
Jesus Humphrey Christ. Garbage.
GodzillaKart - 2/10/2012, 6:26 AM
Never read it...seemed kind of unoriginal. Is it any good?
Simonsonrules - 2/10/2012, 6:29 AM
Can't wait. Everyone in this film will wear giant shoulder pads, button-fly jeans, and have no feet.
StuckInPanels - 2/10/2012, 6:30 AM
there aren't enough facepalm pictures on the internet for this abomination of an idea. Comic book writers haven't proven to be effective directors. I'm looking at crazy Frank Miller. Liefeld directing this and saying he saw footage of Deadpool, he is clearly being a total tool, trying to remain relevant in a day and age where 90s Extremism in comics has been taken behind the barn and having two blasts to the back of the head.
kingkrikkit - 2/10/2012, 6:32 AM
@dellamorte1872 No its says Ratner will be prodcing and Liefield is directign himself...
The thing is most of the first generation Image comics werent that great... in a lot of ways they were just the artists way of breaking from Marvel, so thier creations were in a lot of ways simply modeled of either the X-Men, Avengers, etc.
Look at Bloodpool, Bridage, Gen13, they were all tema sthat were very similar to each other and to Marvel properties, there even a character that looked EXACTLY like Wolverine, but his costume was red instead of yellow, and he had two claws instead of three.
I would much rather see a movie based off of the more original work from Image like Maxx or at least the more popular WildCats.
nordberg - 2/10/2012, 6:33 AM
I just want to know where they're going to find the tiny-headed thespians to fill out the roles.
Buddha29 - 2/10/2012, 6:33 AM
I would be curious to see how they approach the look of the characters and the costumes. I liked this book when it came out back when. I don't trust it in Ratner's hand though.
batmanrises - 2/10/2012, 6:40 AM
Because no one demanded it?
alexi52 - 2/10/2012, 6:42 AM
no matter how bad this movie will look, it still won't look worse then the comic did
loki668 - 2/10/2012, 6:43 AM
RATNER!?!?? Even producing, Brett Ratner is a cbm albatross. He needs to go gargle drain cleaner.

Rob Liefeld: If there was any justice in the world, someone would shove a pork chop down his throat and a pitbull up his ass and let them meet in the middle. No-talent, unoriginal, hack that he is. Learn to draw some feet, you boil on the ass of humanity.

Lord Loki has spoken
Fogs - 2/10/2012, 6:44 AM
loki668 - 2/10/2012, 6:46 AM
Ooooooooh! It's the Avengers-lite!! All of the aspirations, none of the talent.

Lord Loki has spoken
Skerringer - 2/10/2012, 6:52 AM
In an odd way, I actually want to see how awful a Liefeld-directed adaptation of a Liefeld comic would be.
Hawksblueyes - 2/10/2012, 7:03 AM
Are there enough actors with tiny little feet to fill out the cast?

Godzillafart: I never liked the comic. It was basically The Avengers taking their orders from the Government. However, Marvel must have liked the idea because they took the idea and used it for their new title The Ultimates (which is basically Youngblood with Avenger names attached.)
Gmoney84 - 2/10/2012, 7:10 AM
Liefeld thinks anything he touches or creates is the shit because he had something to do with it. Dude is in love with himself. If this gets made it will be a SyFy movie...mark my words!
ThaMessenger07 - 2/10/2012, 7:11 AM
Lets not forget the budget! Will they be able to afford steroids for that many male leads?
GrayFox1025 - 2/10/2012, 7:16 AM
All those pouches and tiny ankles one the big screen
AvatarIII - 2/10/2012, 7:31 AM
you can say one thing about a live action movie of a Liefeld book, at least the art will be better. just please, no mullets.
loki668 - 2/10/2012, 7:41 AM

Lord Loki has spoken
SpiderBat209 - 2/10/2012, 7:44 AM
Liefeld's Artwork STILL creeps me out to this very day! His Dudes always look like chicks, and his chicks look like dudes!!! And every woman has Cable's head! What's up with THAT?!! :(
Cerebro - 2/10/2012, 7:53 AM
Worst art ever.
loki668 - 2/10/2012, 7:59 AM
Anything Ratner did that was even REMOTELY passable has been far overshadowed by his uber-douche behavior.

Rob Liefeld would have to be promoted ten times to achieve the dizzying heights of an asshat.

Lord Loki has spoken
DrStrangeFan - 2/10/2012, 8:01 AM
Linkara will not be happy
OtakuPapi - 2/10/2012, 8:05 AM
It'll be interesting to see who gets cast as these characters... people arent so deeply involved in Youngblood as say ..X-men or Avengers so it wont be as many fanboy gripes and they can make a excellent movie if they have the right script and dont try to make it look like a live action cartoon
McGribble - 2/10/2012, 8:07 AM
HAHAHAHA, I saw this and laughed a little, then I say Ratner's name and laughed A LOT!!!

Come On!?! This has bad movie written all over it!
126thst - 2/10/2012, 8:12 AM
This is a picture and a stolen quote from wikipedia, not an article.
ZombieOverEasy - 2/10/2012, 8:13 AM
Straight to DVD...

...In Mexico...
DarthTesla - 2/10/2012, 8:17 AM
Jesus christ, I WAS excited about this, until I scrolled down and saw Brett Ratner....

Cap82 - 2/10/2012, 8:50 AM
Anybody else want to see Tommy Wiseau play Shaft? This will be the worst movie ever and I hope it dose get made because watching it will be hilarious! They might use CG to eliminate people's nose and eyes, and also to make their feet into triagles!
Geeksiah - 2/10/2012, 8:54 AM
this is going to suck so much......
No one can make this comic into a goodt movie.
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 2/10/2012, 8:57 AM
Liefeld and Ratner!!!
Someone check and see if the title "Double Douches" has been spoken for. If so, I'll believe this got the green light.
DioFoRio - 2/10/2012, 8:59 AM
I think Liefeilds acid washed 501's are on too tight.
HelaGood - 2/10/2012, 9:02 AM
yeah not a fan...
Spidey91 - 2/10/2012, 9:03 AM
this comic sucks! :P

SotNatt - 2/10/2012, 9:08 AM

Ew ew ew ew ew.

You know what? Ratner and Liefeld are a match made in heaven. So...good luck with that. I hope they fail.
thewolfx - 2/10/2012, 10:12 AM
never was a big fan of youngblood but wit retner directing im sure it will be a huge steaming pile of shit.

also id rather see wildkats instead of this
ThaMessenger07 - 2/10/2012, 10:12 AM
This is gonna Suck Harder then Glory Hole Tuesdays at Gusto's!
Optimus83 - 2/10/2012, 10:13 AM
hopefully make it with real actors, like Witchblade, Darkchylde, Fathom, TMNT and many others. Like ... in 3D jajaajjajajajajajajjajajaja
starsofwar - 2/10/2012, 10:14 AM
Rob Leifeld isn't one of my favorite artists by any means, but he is way better than a lot of the cartoony crap that we get nowadays. I feel like a lot of you guys that are complaining aren't even that familiar with his work. Some of it is over the top and ridiculous but most of it isn't. Lets not forget we wouldn't have Deadpool or Cable if it weren't for Rob.
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