EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jman Has a Sit Down With '300' and 'Sherlock Holmes' Star Robert Maillet

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jman Has a Sit Down With '300' and 'Sherlock Holmes' Star Robert Maillet

In this EXCLUSIVE interview Robert lets us in on what he knows of the '300' prequel and also talks of a 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel.

My favorite scene in 300 was the fight scene between King Leonidas and the chained Uber Immortal. Now it's twice as cool because I was fortunate to land an interview with the man behind the makeup and chains, Robert Maillet. Robert is also the main villain's muscle in Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes' staring Robert Downey Jr.

Jman: Hi Robert, thanks for taking the time to talk to all of us ComicBookMovie fans.
RM: No problem, happy to.

Jman: Watching 300 a couple years ago, I have to say, your scene fighting Leonidas as The Uber Immortal was my favorite fight scene of the movie.
RM: Thank you

Jman: How long did the makeup sessions take to prepare for The Uber Immortal role everyday?
RM: They took between 6 to 7 hours a day. The makeup crew put prosthetics all over my body.

Jman: Sounds like a lengthy process, but hey, it defiantly worked, that scene rocked.
RM: Thank you very much.

Jman: Would you happen to have any information on the 300 prequel in the works?
RM: Not really no. I am very curious to see how it will all play out. I know that a prequel is coming but do not know anything else regarding the storyline. I know Frank Miller is writing the Graphic Novel now and that it will center on The Battle of Marathon. If they called me to come back and play a future role in the realm of 300, I would defiantly go back.

Jman: If it’s a 300 prequel and the Persians are attacking, I could see you being cast to reprise The Uber Immortal for a few cool fight scenes. Robert you have gone toe to toe with a couple of Hollywood's biggest heroes. RDJ took your fist to the face while filming Sherlock Homes, was there any such instance with Gerard Butler while filming 300?
RM: Actually there was. I drooled on Gerald’s cheek while filming our fight scene; the funny part is that it made the final cut in the film. Go back and check it out. Drooling on his face was a total mishap but it made the scene better, more dramatic. After we were finished shooting we all got a laugh out of it.

RM: I wanted to clear something up regarding filming the scene with RDJ were I reportedly knocked RDJ out. That was not what happened. I did hit him in his mouth but did not knock him out. RDJ was conscious. We finished shooting the scene and then he went to the doctor were he got a couple of stitches. I felt like sh&t afterwards but it is something that happens. The next day RDJ sent me a bottle of Champaign. We talked about our scenes and everything was cool. I was worried about the swelling mostly but we were able to finish shooting and get the job done.

Jman: Classic, even after taking a punch to the chops RDJ finished filming the scene and then left the set. Funny how the media blows things up and gets the real story twisted. Tell us about your experience working on the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ set?
RM: It was great! Guy Ritchie is a very cool guy. While we were filming he was going through his divorce but no one could tell. Guy played an acoustic guitar on the set to lighten the mood and had a nick name for a couple of us, I was Big Rob, RDJ was little rob, but RDJ called me Rob Senior, he said that’s what he used to call his dad.

Jman: I can see how that nick name fits you. Tell us about your experience working with Robert Downey Jr.?
RM: Absolutely, Working with Robert Downey Jr, was very cool, it was almost surreal. Robert was always there to discuss our scenes he’s a very cool guy. What you see is what you get.

Jman: Are you signed on to a two or three ‘Sherlock Holmes’ picture deal?
RM: We will have to wait and see what happens. I thought I died.

Jman: I thought you were just restrained by Watson? When I saw the scene I thought “There is no way Watson could hold Robert down and restrain him.” Then the scene ended.
RM: Anything could happen, this is Hollywood. They left it wide open for my character to come back. That last fight scene was extended and we had to do a couple reshoots but I thought it worked and looked pretty good.

Jman: It was refreshing to see an actor as big as you are deliver the dialog as good as you did. Andre the Giant did not sound that great in ‘Princess Bride”, his performance was cool but you could barely understand him.
RM: Thank you. Actually, at the last minute, Guy Ritchie changed Dredger’s origins a bit, making him French to match my language.

Jman: Well it definitely worked. Where are you from originally?
RM: Ste-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

Jman: Very Cool. You are use to cold weather just like us people in the Midwest. Any confirmation from your inside sources that Brad Pitt is set to star as the villain in the second installment of Guy Ritchie’s 'Sherlock Holmes'?
RM: The Brad Pitt rumor was talked about on the set, but not confirmed. I tried to ask production and find out but everyone was hush hush about it. There is a possibility of the next installment being a prequel. I would definitely return if called back.

Jman: If the sequel will really be a prequel then you should definitely be in it. They would be crazy not to have you reprise the role of Dredger.
RM: Thanks. You never know, this is Hollywood were talking about here.

Jman: Do you have more fun wrestling or acting?
RM: To be honest, if I had the choice I would act full time if I could. I have a lot of fun wrestling but making movies puts you in a more expansive world, different options, things change, and there is more opportunity in movie making.

Jman: What’s your next gig in Hollywood?
RM: I just finished filming ‘The Big Bang’ with Antonio Banderas, Sam Elliot and Snoop Dogg.

Jman: Those are some big names. I have always been a fan of Sam Elliot since seeing ‘Tombstone.’
RM: Sam is an awesome guy, pretty cool dude, he plays a Hippy Scientist. Snoop is playing a Porn Director, and I am playing the central character of a Russian Boxer helping the detective, Antonio Banderas, find a missing stripper.

Jman: Cool sounds interesting, Ill check that out. When will it hit theaters?
RM: The movie is in post-production and will hit theaters probably in the summer or fall of 2010.

Jman: Robert it has been awesome to talk to Dredger from ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and The Uber Immortal from ‘300.’ Thanks again for talking to all of us ComicBookMovie fans.
RM: U bet, it has been my pleasure.
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