Zach Snyder On Xerxes And Superman!

Zach Snyder On <em>Xerxes</em> And <em>Superman</em>!

Latino Review have an exclusive interview with Snyder in which he gives BIG spoilers on his upcoming 300 prequel(which actually isn't a prequel at all!) and, he reveals that was in talks to direct the Superman reboot for WB..

We all assumed(because its what we were told!) that Zach Snyder's follow up to 300 would be a prequel called Xerxes and focus on the rise to power of that character leading up to the battle of Thermopalay(Spl!) as depicted in 300. Well, it won't. In fact from what Snyder tells Latino Reviews's George Roush, the film may not be called Xerxes anymore either.

He says that it won 't be a prequel, and instead be set over the same 3 days that 300 was. It will focus on the battle of Ard Museam(Spl!) and a character called Thermysticlese who was a real Greek leader, but not as ruthless as Leonidas. There is no mention of Xerxes in the interview, but if this is all taking place at the same time as the events of 300, I would doubt he will feature too heavily. He also say she is about half way through writing the script, and that he will most likely film guessed it..3D.

As for the Superman thing. Well, it appears that Guillermo Del Toro wasn't the only director to pass on directing the reboot! Snyder reveals that he had spoken about it with WB, that he was a fan, but that he just couldn't figure out how to do it.

Check out teh full video interview over at Latino Review for more on this as well as some very interesting stuff on Snyder's next movie, Legend Of The Guardians.

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