Contributors Wanted

HELP WANTED: Think You Have What It Takes To Write For Us?

CBM and its sibling sites are on the lookout for writers! Have experience writing features and lists? You could be the ideal candidate!

Best Little Sites and its network of sites (,, and are on the lookout for new writers. Can you contribute regularly with news, editorials, lists or reviews? Are you a student looking to earn money with your writing skills full-time or part-time? Maybe you're a graduate looking to earn some extra cash? Do you like movies, video games, Japanese anime, professional wrestling, pop-culture, or any of the other genres covered by our network of sites (,,, You could be just who we've been looking for!

Opportunities are available to anyone over the age 18, regardless of location. Candidates who are located near entertainment centers (Los Angeles, New York City, etc.) may have additional opportunities including screenings, interviews, press junkets, etc..

We are especially interested in candidates who can post during the evening and/or on weekends. We have a custom CMS (Content Management System) that's pretty straightforward and easy to use, but previous experience with CMS and online writing could be beneficial.

Previous writing experience, degrees (completed or in-progress) in writing or journalism are a plus, but not required.

There are content guidelines/requirements that you should reveiew and familiarize yourself with.

There is a minimum article count per month, based upon your desired shift (typically one per day), that you will be required to met to maintain editorship and payment eligibility.

Note that this is a paid-per-post contract position and that candidates/contributors are not considered employees of Best Little Sites, they are independant contractors and are responsible for any necessary income taxes, expenses, etc..

Payments are sent each month via PayPal for contributions made during the prior month. Bonuses and incentives are available after the initial trial period (typically 30 days).

MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS above and still interested in being a contributor? Please do the following:
  • Create a account (assuming you don't have one yet).
  • Head over to the Members "Articles" page and create an article to share (following the style guidelines linked to above).
  • Your sample article can be on any subject you like. It can be an opinion/editorial, a news item you found interesting, etc.. Reviews are discouraged due to the overabundance of them.
  • Once your article is complete, use the the form below to send us the URL for review. Also include a brief bio, why you would like to write for us, and which sites you're interested in.
  • DO NOT send fan fiction, short stories, or writing samples that aren't releated to the content and topics covered on our sites.
DON'T MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS, or don't include the information requested above when you contact us? The volume and quantity of emails we receive each day is enormous, so don't expect a response if you're missing any of the above.