A new Universal Soldier is coming our way!

A new Universal Soldier is coming our way!

News on the next Universal Soldier movie including: cast, filming format, plot and much more!

In 1991 action stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren stared in "Universal Soldier" as reanimated soliders. After two mediocre tv movies and a disappointing theatrical sequel the series returned to form with "Universal Soldier: Regeneration".
Director John Hyams brought back Van Damme and Lundgren in this kick ass sequel/reboot and he will do so again in "Universal Soldier: a New Dimension". Joining them will be Scott Adkins and Andrei Arlovski (who played a UniSol baddie in Regeneration). Not much has been revealed about the plot thus far. Dolph Lundgren had this to say about the film:
“I’ve had two weeks off on the beach here in Marina Del Rey after finishing UNIVERSAL SOLDIER – 3D in Louisiana. I returned from the dead as SCOTT, who this time around is the spiritual leader of the a generation of universal soldiers, ready to conquer the world!"

Director John Hyams also had some interesting things to say about the 3d and the cast:
"Stylistically, I'm planning on staging some action that plays out in long takes, where things transpire without cuts. In many ways, it's not just an action film -- it has horror elements, and also plays like a psychological thriller. It has a very dark, menacing tone. I want it to be an extremely intense experience for the viewer -- one that literally beats the shit out of the audience. As far as 3D is concerned, I still feel like Avatar did it better than anyone else, and it's not just because of the big budget. I feel like Cameron used 3D to make the experience more visceral, but he did it without gimmickry. Instead of having things pop out at the viewer, he created an environment that you could look into. I plan on taking that approach -- no gimmicks, no arrows flying at the camera. I want it to be another element of the overall design -- something that enhances the experience but doesn't draw attention to itself and take away from the story."
"I've been extremely busy preparing for the shoot. But, yes, Scott Adkins is one of the stars of the film, and I feel we're incredibly lucky to have him at this stage of his career. Andrei is back as well in a role we wrote specifically for him, and I'm equally excited to have him. I loved what he did in Regeneration, and I wanted to work with him again. None of this diminishes JC or DL's contributions to the film -- I feel these guys will only enhance the product as a whole, which is all I care about. The story is of my own creation, and, as I've told you before, in no way was dictated by anyone's schedule. It's the story I want to tell and it's designed to move, terrify and thrill the audience in the most intense way possible. I think it's going to be great and I'm unbelievably excited to work with everyone involved. For the sake of accuracy, when I said "None of this diminishes JC or DL's contributions to the film -- I feel these guys will only enhance the product as a whole..." -- the "these guys" I was referring to was Scott and Andrei, not JC and DL. JC and DL don't enhance the product, they are the product. However, I think the point of a film series is to introduce new characters and new stories. As for whether or not this film has anything to do with Regeneration, I disagree with Sheldon's assertions, I think it absolutely has do do with Regeneration. It picks up where the mythology of that film left off. It just takes place years later and is told from a completely different perspective. It never directly references that film, or any of the other films for that matter, but it doesn't need to. If your familiar with the series than it will make sense. If you're not familiar it will still make sense. It's a stand alone movie as much as it is part of the series, but that's just my personal taste. I tried to do that with Regeneration and I'm trying to do that again. I think, with a few exceptions, that a movie should always be able to stand on its own. In trying to breathe new life into this franchise each time out, if I don't risk alienating some fans then I'm not doing my job. And this one certainly challenges many of the ideas and conventions that define the Universal Soldier series. And that's exactly what excites me about it. I always want to provide the viewer with the unexpected -- to knock them on their asses and blow their minds. That's the thrill of the filmgoing experience. A tall order, for sure, but that's the goal."

"Universal Soldier a New Dimension" is being filmed in 3d and is scheduled for a May 2012 release (whether that will be theatrical or limited is unknown).

So what do you think? Are we excited about the new Universal Soldier? Share your thoughts in the usual place!
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