An Open Letter CBM Members: The Hunger Games

An Open Letter CBM Members: The Hunger Games

What many of you may think as a girl book may be the book/ movie you may be missing out on

Im sure many of you out there have at least heard of the hunger games, whether in book or movie form. While im sure some of you have read this book, i feel like by the comments on some of the Hunger Games related articles that the majority of you guys think this book is essentially Twilight 2.0. Im hear to tell you that, at least in my opinion, not only is this book not Twishite but is as brutal and thrilling as any of Stephen King's most thrilling books, which, also in my opinion, is saying something.

The basic summery of the book is that every year a boy and girl between the ages of 12- 18 are chosen from each of the twelve districts that now make up what used to be The United States. These kids must face each other and fight to the death with the winning child getting fame, enough money to live in luxury for the the remainder of there lives, and also food for every person in their district. Yes, Hunger Games may be similar to the Japanese story, Battle Royal, but I think that while Battle Royal may have been bloodier and maybe more brutal, The Hunger Games has a way better story and delves deeper into the issue of a all powerful government that starves and in slaves the many districts.

Without getting into spoiler type information, I would like to say something about the government which in this book and the scary future of our own governments. The government in The Hunger Games has complete control and absolute rule over the twelve districts, using the Hunger Games as both entertainment and punishment. Punishment for past rebellion and entertainment for the people in the Capitol, a place untouched by the hardships of the districts, filled with luxury and indulgences. The people of the Capitol are blinded by the government into thinking they are living in luxury when in reality are nothing more than pawns. I know it is a slight stretch to say internet censorship is a far cry from the future this book predicts, but is it really? How much of our lives are monitored daily by a faceless government that had complete control of us (whether you like it or not, they do). In this way, even if the book may not be as bloody as Battle Royal, the story it tells of an all powerful government speaks to people on a whole different level.

Think 1984 meets the Running Man mixed with Battle Royal.

My only complaint about this book, which really isn't a complaint but more of an annoyance throughout certain parts of the book, is the love story. Without going into detail the love story is the driving point of the novel, pushing the story forward and in many ways making the book even better by giving heart to the story. Without the love part, the decisions the characters make wouldnt have happened if there wasnt that love factor, and without these decisions the book would not have been near as good is.

While many people wont be motivated to read the book I can only hope they didnt screw up the movie. The hype from the movie, if it is anywhere near as good as the book, would potentially get a few of you guys to go out and get the book. Thats assuming the movie was adapted well enough and the director didnt screw up another great book in the process of making it into a movie. But, whether or not this movie is any good, I know this book is good and I recommend it to each and every one of the people that have read this article. Please believe this book is extremely thrilling, very brutal, and best of all a great read even if it may be too lovey in some spots through out the book.
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